Mar. 16th, 2016

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WHO: Puppygas/AmyToes

WHERE: (FA), (DA) -> Has adult content

WHAT: 7-version plus bonus mystery art YCH (8 images in total)

WHEN: 9/19/2014 (Autobuy) -> 9/22/2014 (Payment) -> Present Day

PROOF: (Identifiers and explicit adult details have been redacted to the best of my abilities)

The YCH I autobought:
Details of YCH:
Paypal payment:
Last interaction with Puppygas:
Last journal entry of Puppygas:
A note I sent 4 days after that journal was posted:

EXPLAIN: On 9/19/2014, I autobought a YCH piece from Puppygas and sent over the details for it. On 9/22/2014, after reviewing the details, Puppygas gave me a Paypal address to send payment to. I waited a while, but heard nothing back. On 12/10/2015, I got Puppygas' DA name and sent her a note through that site, to which she showed me a few pics and asked me to be patient. Eventually, on 12/14/2015, she gave her last response after I asked her to fix a few things about the pic. After that, no responses to my other notes on DA and FA since then.

I really did not want to make this entry, but for a pic series that was to be completed by the end of December 2014 with constant progress updates, only to have to fish out her from the progress sketch showed to me followed by finding out only one sketch (not even a complete picture) was completed in the year and 3 months after I first bought it, I can't stay quiet about it anymore. I do not want my money back at this time, but I do want what I paid for to be completed.

Her last entry on DA was on 2/1/2016 and I sent her a DA note a few days after that. Perhaps it was bad luck that I missed her, but it would be even worse luck if this YCH remains unfinished.

She should've had at least told me other ways to contact her other than FA and DA. I tried those, the email address I sent my Paypal payment to and I got no response as of today.

I want to point out that she's not a bad artist, but her lack of communication with me is the reason why I'm posting this.


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