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I'm very new to the furry community and commissioned an artist on FA for the first time at the end of December. The commission was for a traditional badge, which the artist on their original post said would be mailed out between December 26th - 28th. I purchased a slot on Dec 22nd, and told them it might take me a day to make a more detailed ref sheet, and because of this "wouldn't mind if it went out a little late." However, I ended up giving them my ref the same night (I just wasn't sure at first if they'd need more than I'd already drawn. Anyway...)
When I hadn't heard from them again on January 3rd, I left a comment asking for an update. They said they'd just finished and sent me a photo. They asked if I wanted a background, I said yes, and they asked for my address. I assumed it would be going out shortly after that.
Well, I didn't hear back from them. On January 25th, I commented on the post again, asking if they'd finished it with the background and everything. They said they were sorry and thought they'd already sent me a pic; so they sent me one and said it'd be sent out soon.
Unfortunately, when I still hadn't recieved the badge or heard back by Feb 6th, I noted them again; when I didn't get a response back within a few days but saw that they'd faved things on FA, I sent an email with their paypal address. They did finally reply back on FA, said they were sorry, that snow and school had just postponed their post office run, and that they'd get it out by that weekend. Again, nothing, so on the 16th I was a little more firm and asked them for a solid ship date, commenting that it had been over a month and that i felt it was a reasonable request. They replied that they would get it out on Thursday and that they'd note me when they did so. I never recieved a note, nor anything in the mail.
This has taken quite a long time, and on top of this, the artist has never once reached out to me first - they've only replied to messages that I've sent them.

I'm used to buying/selling online, so my automatic thought here is to file a paypal claim if they don't send it out... However, I've never before commissioned art, and my impression is that this would be extremely rude, especially since a photo of the finished badge was sent (no scans, though; and it matters a lot to me that the piece ends up being physical - I'm not really interested in owning art that is purely digital). I understand that things get busy, and I've been very kind and understanding to the artist, but my patience for them is wearing thin.
Is it reasonable to ask for a refund or a partial refund at this point? Reasonable to report them here? I know two months is nothing compared to what many of the people I've read here have waited. But I'm still pretty unhappy with this whole thing nonetheless.
Sorry for how long this turned out being - I appreciate any advice!
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Hello all! I have a bit of a situation that I'm not sure how to deal with!

I'm currently working on a two-part commission where I finished the first half quite some time ago. Since it had been so long since I finished the first half of the commission, I sent a note to the commissioner asking if they a.) still wanted the second half of the commission, and b.) if they wanted it of the same character they originally asked for. They responded to my first note, saying that yes, they still wanted it, but when I pressed further for what character they wanted, I didn't recieve a response! After about a month of waiting, I checked and found that my second note had never been read, despite the person being active on FA. A sent a second note a few days ago, yet this one has also not been read, again, while the person is still active on their FA page.

So I'm...not sure how to proceed here? Should I forcibly refund the person if they continue not to respond? That's what I would default to doing, but I wanted to get some advice first just in case!
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In January I attended my first furcon with some friends and in the spirit of things, I went and treated myself to a traditional badge commission. I paid via credit card, and I was told by the artist that my badge would be done by the end of the following day.
I wasn't attending the convention for the full weekend and let them know, the artist assured me it would be done by the deadline they gave me.

By the end of the day I was leaving the convention, I checked in with the artist, and all they had to show me was a sketch of my badge. It turns out they took on more commissions than they had anticipated, it happens! I approved it and they told me to leave my address so they could mail it to me, they also offered to text me to keep in touch with the progress of the work.

(Note: My character reference was not a physical one, but digital and they asked me to send it to them via text message)

In the weeks following the convention, trying to communicate with them was hassle. They didn't have any cards with their page info, I had to go through the convention's table page to find them, their website listed there is unfinished and when I finally find their art pages & social media, they're all largely abandoned and infrequently updated. While I did have their phone number, having that bit of information makes me a bit uncomfortable? So I sought out alternative means to keep in touch after an initial update request via text. I was told to note them on FA, which I did, and they told me they would send me a WIP when they got home that day.
I never recieved a follow-up text with a WIP and my note remains unread as of the typing of this post.

Last night (the 16th) , after seeing their twitter page is becoming active, while other sites are ignored, I go ahead and send a message expressing my exasperation with the lack of communication and request progress yet again. Today (the 17th), I see they have responded, they are apologizing and state my badge has been finished and ask where I would like to see the finished product.

In being shown the finished product I'm honestly very unsatisfied? And I feel as if the work may have been rushed. My reference sheet for my character has their species listed and on multiple occasions I reiterated the species because, well, they're a distinct canine species, so features of theirs tend to be exaggerated a bit. But the finished work does not read the species of my character, and it feels a bit... generic? Many of their examples show a variety of different muzzled characters and its easy to tell 'oh, that's a crux!' or 'that's a cute goat!', but my domesticated dog ends up looking like more of a wolf. To my knowledge, with the initial sketch I was shown, the badge was shaping up to look a lot different? However I did not take a snapshot of the WIP out of courtesy to the artist so I cannot say with certainty that it was redone.

To add to this, a friend of mine who attended the convention with me also commissioned this artist, and have been in the same boat as me in trying to talk to them. When they finally got shown their badge, they noticed some character details for theirs were depicted incorrectly, and also feel as if they were rushed to get them out of the way.

Overall, my experience with this artist was negative, and I have yet to respond to the image of the finished product because I really don't know how to proceed. The artist HAS been courteous, but they're really lacking some sort of means of consistent communication and keeping a solitary art page updated.

Since the work was done, I don't think I should be entitled to a refund, but I do not know if I'm within my rights to ask for a do-over or some sort of compensation?

The artists portfolio/'professional' website is unfinished and they don't have any form of TOS listed for me to reference for this predicament.

Should I chalk this up as a loss? Or is there a tactful way to relay my dissatisfaction for an amicable resolution? I'd rather not post them up here if I have to, so I'd like to be able to give them a good chance in resolving this before resorting to a full-on beware.

Edit: The artist in question became aware of this post and contacted me not long after it went up. We hashed things out and everything is essentially square between us. I don't believe I'll be commissioning them again, but they were willing to talk it out at least.
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Recently, an artist who I support and I'm somewhat friendly with drew me gift art. Unfortunately, it's a kink I'm really not in to at all ( cock vore, if you must know...) and it's left me really uncomfortable and upset.

I left a nice but stern comment, telling him while I appreciated the thought but I wasn't into the subject matter and asked that mention of me be removed from the Artists Comment ( he'd put a little " this is for ... " in it). He's since removed that, but the amount of people jacking off to it in the comments, especially as they seem to be rather gleeful that I'm the one in the submissive role, is very displeasing and I want to be distanced as much as possible from the artwork.

He seemed upset that I wasn't into his kink and mistook a joke I made about a gif he posted as an  " I really like cock vore" from me.

I am not sure if the woman in the picture is meant to be me, or just a random woman. I'm going with the former, as he rarely draws girl characters in these situations. I therefore want him to edit the picture ( he's already offered to send me an edit so it's just a pin up drawing) so the character has substantial changed such as skin colour, hair or they are changed to a guy instead of a girl.

Is this a reasonable request? I'm trying to be friendly with the guy, but he's awkward to work with and seems really annoyed that I didn't like his gift.

Will not name names or link to the image here. But if you stumble upon it, congrats to you. 
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Not quite a beware just yet, more me looking for some advice.

I'm a suitmaker, and generally I tend to be quite lax with payments, saying to the customer that "So long as it's paid off before I ship it out, that's fine!" And I feel this attitude may have come back to hit me in the backside a little bit.

I have a customer who owes me just over half of their suit payment - having only paid their deposit and an extra 200 pounds since. They paid me the deposit back in June 2015, but then they had massive problems with their money, having bills and ex-landlord issues.

They assured me they'd be able to pay "soon" but when it got to October I sent them a message to say if they were still struggling to get money sorted, I would be more than willing to refund everything, including the deposit and the materials I'd bought for their suit to help them out. They insisted they wanted to keep the slot, and managed to pay me  the 200 on November 27th 2015. Since then I've had almost radio silence from them regarding money, until they sent me a message a couple of weeks ago to say they'd be able to pay another chunk of money towards me.

I sent them an email over the weekend, to ask if they would be able to pay the money, which as far as I am aware, has not been read yet. Certainly there's been no reply yet. I'm seriously just considering refunding them everything, and cancelling the slot, despite it leaving me out of pocket because it has been over seven months and their suit is not fully paid off.

When I next open for commissions, I'll be enforcing a more strict "once a month" payment plan to prevent this from happening again.

TL; DR: Customer taking ages to pay off their suit, thinking of just cancelling and refunding completely. Or do I give them one more chance?

EDIT: RESOLVED. I emailed the customer saying "Refund or strict payment plan" - they opted to go with the refund with the materials I bought posted to them. Thank you all for your advice!

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Who: thegalen/philistinefruits/2-Devils

Where: Current Deviantart, abandoned Deviantart, current twitter.

What: A single character full colored commish

When: The exact payment date

Proof: The payment show the exact date for asking commish

I've lost the chat for the proof, but maybe he forgot, so I re-ask again via email, but so far he didn't finish my commish, I ask again, but this time say will refund but didn't do so.

Then I saw his new Deviantart account, but as he already knew I was coming to ask the progression, he block me at DA & Skype, and I'm also ask for refund, but rejected.

EDIT: Seems that he's active at twitter, have money to buy some games but didn't refund or finish my commish.

EDIT 2: After he saw this post, he's immediately finish my commish.
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WHO: Nayel-ie/Nayel/NayelFox/Nayelie Fox


http://www.furaffinity.net/nayelfox (defunct)

WHAT: Digital artwork, fully shaded.

Transaction was done in a single part, I traded $130 worth of Manga, all of it discontinued and rare TokyoPop manga for the commission.

WHEN: Initial Comission agreement/Payment Early May 2015 with repeatededly ignored/late replied ETA requests from June 1 2015 to 5th of January 2016

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WHO: Shakespeare @ WHF | http://klngandy.deviantart.com/

WHERE: Originally occured on WHF (Wolfhome forums), but contact eventually had to be moved to their DA since they'd been banned.

WHAT: Two minis (a type of commission of mine), and an adopt they purchased.

WHEN: Minis were ordered Dec. 3rd, and finished Dec. 6th, adopt was purchased Dec. 7th.

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inquiry about purchases, as well as finished product;

messages regarding chargeback;
http://sta.sh/0weoyrifv9e - their only response
http://sta.sh/01nf98k45ajc - was a little more blunt here, because I thought maybe if I mentioned making an A_B they might finally talk to me, and we could start working things out.

proof that WHF account & DA are linked;



They first messaged me on-forum asking for two minis which I happily agreed to, they sent refs and payment and I finished the commission three days later. They seemed very satisfied with the commission, and never asked for any changes to be made or showed any dissatisfaction with the work, I thanked them for commissioning me, life went on. They posted in a thread of mine some days later asking to buy an adopt for an off-site friend of theirs, I said that'd be fine, and they promptly sent the payment with a note attached.

Things were great until come January 27th I woke up to two chargebacks issued by them under the reason of "unauthorized payment." I immediately messaged them on-forum to ask why they'd issued the chargebacks, to which they simply responded it was their bank and that it'd be resolved within 48hrs. I said alright, and asked to be kept updated. I was going to wait until Friday (exactly two days later) before I messaged them again but decided to give them until Monday, just in case. In those days, nothing changed and I heard no news from them.

I messaged them on Feb. 1st asking for an update since nothing had been solved, and the message is still sitting in my unread folder. I found out a little later they'd been banned from the forum, so I moved to their DA to keep in contact and sent the same message to them there, asking for an update to see if they'd heard anything from their bank. The message had been read but wasn't responded to. I sent them another two days later warning them if they proceeded to ignore my messages that I'd have no choice but to assume everything was intentional and make an A_B on them, but that I didn't want to and would much rather try and work things out between each other if they'd just let me know what was going on.

The message sat unread for three days before I sent another, but having checked on their account, they'd logged in since it had been sent. I sent them one final message two days ago, hoping that maybe if I was blunt and they saw the "A_B" warning in the first sentence before DA cuts off the text and you have to click on it to read more, they might want to finally talk to me.

They didn't, I guess. The message is still unread, but they've logged on since.

As of 2/9/2016, the chargeback issue hasn't been resolved and I've heard nothing further from them.


The same day I posted this (2/9/2016) later in the day, the chargebacks disappeared. Shortly after I was negative $40 for the chargeback fee, $20 per chargeback. The dispute had ended in their favor. I contacted paypal and let them know what was going on to try and, at the very least, reverse the $40 charge. They did do it once I explained that the person even said that it was their bank/accidental.

They encouraged me to send them all the proof I have, but that it could take up to 80 days to be resolved. The good thing is, it sounded hopeful that this time it'll end in my favor. The bad thing is, of course, I have to wait awhile.


http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kingandy/ - their fa has been located thanks to thekingtheory & exo_formicidae!

proof is that the same character is linked to both galleries;
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I never thought I'd find myself posting to a group like this. I like to think of myself as sympathetic ... I understand when an artist burns out, they break down ... and in times past, I have just written it off when I've fully prepaid for a commission, its never materialized and the artist has gone completely incommunicado.

I'm going through this once again, unfortunately, and I'd like to know what sort of etiquette there is here. What steps should I take and how long should I wait before reporting an artist?

The money was prepaid as a combination of buying textbooks for a class they were taking on their Amazon wishlist (~US$135) and Paypal (+US$300 for a total of US$435) back around July of 2014 (a year and a half ago). Its high detail "realism" style art, and I knew they had a backlog, so I understood it might be a few months. The artist said they would have a sketch to me by January 2015, but its been more than a year since that date and it hasn't materialized. I poked them once in awhile (I think maybe two or three times over the whole course of the year 2015) and kept getting told it was coming ... but toward the end of the year, around November or so, the artist suddenly disabled their account on FA. A couple months later, they un-disabled and posted a journal apologizing, saying they know they weren't completing commissions, that they were depressed, hadn't completed the course they were taking (the one I bought textbooks for them for as part of the commission price) and they offered refunds.

I didn't immediately jump on that ... I thought they'd get back to it with a shorter commission list (from the other commissioners who would request a refund) ... but a few weeks later, they disabled their account again.

I don't like flogging a downed horse, and I really feel like that's what's happening when I ask for money back from a burned-out artist ... but at the same time, I'm in a tough spot myself right now. I don't have the art I paid for, and have no reasonable expectation I ever will ... and right now that's a chunk of change I could really use.

I sent them an e-mail this past Friday ... how long should I give them before posting to the community? Are there any other steps I should take?

Thanks all. I know artists work hard. And I know artists get burned out. And I feel bad trying to draw blood from someone feeling down. But without even a sketch more than a year after one was promised, I feel I should get my money back.
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Hello, I'd like to have my Terms of Service contract looked over. I want to make sure it's clear, easy to read and well organized so I have a few questions for you guys if this is alright.

  • Are my terms fair ?

  • Are they easy to read and understand ?

  • Does any part of it contradict it self ?

  • Do I need to rewrite or organize any parts of it ?

  • Any thing else I should know ?

I really appreciate any one who goes over this and gives me proper advice. I want a fair and easy to read TOS. I'm worried I could have missed something important so I need extra pairs of eyes to go over this. I've seen other artists do this before so I hope this is ok to do. I just need some advice is all. Thanks again and feel free to tear it apart if you have to.

Also does any one know of a better site to host them on or is Google Docs just fine ? I'll be updating it as I'm given advice by the way.

Edit: Thank you every one for the great advice. I didn't even realize my TOS was such a mess. I'm going to be completely rewriting, Making an F-list for adult work, and making a seperate TOS for Crafts/Fursuits. I'm so thankful i've had you guys check it out for me. My replys may be delayed since i'm without a laptop right now, but as soon as i've redone the entire thing i'll have another update up here so every one can look over the new one. I can't thank you guys and this whole community enough.

Edit 2: I've completely rewritten my TOS ! It's a lot shorter and to the point. I'd like some further critique on it as well. The link should be the same but just in case it's https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S5Wb6ZL7XzJ5ac_oWtzF0lUYu1PparX9vRN76XqQRXc/edit?pref=2&pli=1#

After reading Kayla-La's TOS I added a few snippits from their TOS into mine for the sole fact i didn't know how to word it any better than they had. .I also fixed a lot of the wording in mine to look a lot more professional. I'm not sure if credit is needed for that sort of thing ? But I wanted to put that out there just in case. Thank you for the ones who suggested that to me.

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A few days into January I asked someone about trading a pre-designed fursuit partial in exchange for a resin base. The persons agreed and at that point, before anything was sent out, I asked if it would be okay to have them buy me more supplies to make the trade equal (as the partial is worth $800 and it was brand new). They agreed to it, I made a list of things I'd like and they agreed to that as well. They said they'd ship their half that following Saturday and I agreed to do the same.

Saturday comes, I ship out my half and give them the tracking number. No response, messages aren't seen. I get a message from them on Tuesday that my half has arrived and they're more than happy with it. That's great, but I haven't received my half so I asked if they shipped it out too. They say they haven't had the time so they would run to the post office.

I receive no messages but the base arrives in the mail, to my dismay it's cracked but at least I received it. I tell them I got it but it was broken and ask when they'll buy the supplies. They give me the same response as they did when the trade first initiated, which sums up to "I'm not paid much but I'll buy it this weekend on Friday or Saturday."

The last time I asked, with my messages not looked at, was January 26th. I haven't heard back from them and they appear to be somewhat active.

Should I wait a little longer or send another message, maybe cut off ties with them and take my loss? Is maybe an A_B post needed?

Thanks much.
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If you've had a great commission experience, as either an artist or commissioner, this is the post for you! You can reply with a full-on story, or a summary. We just want a few words about what made your commission experience so great. You can recommend companies, such as printers and fursuit-making teams, as long as its relative to artists.

There are plenty of reasons to post someone here: perhaps they went above and beyond the call of duty to fix a problem, or were so prompt with communication and payment it was like having them right next to you, or were very professional and courteous every time you contacted them.

To help keep things organized, please follow this simple form:

1. Name of the person you recommend(please also put this in the subject of your comment):
2. Link to person's website or art page:
3. Approximate time period of when you did business with this person:
4. Details (Here's where you tell us why they are so awesome! What made the transaction go so well? Perhaps link to the art or suit you bought/sold if you feel like sharing. Please mark NSFW if the subject matter is adult!!)

If you have multiple people to recommend, please put them in separate comments to keep things organized.

Trades are just as welcome as paid transactions. But try not to post for friends (or yourself) who are looking to be commissioned. If customers are what they/you seek,[livejournal.com profile] teenycom, [livejournal.com profile] artsales or [livejournal.com profile] artcommissions is for them!
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Three weeks ago, I submitted a lost contact notice on an artist that I commissioned in June 2015. Because the artist has now deactivated their known account without contacting and/or refunding me or their other commissioners, I'm escalating this to a beware.

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WHAT: http://imgur.com/IsHqBOW
the commission was for a 16 page vorish art series involving 2 mlp ocs

WHEN: i first contacted the artist on April 7 2014, i sent money for the full series on April 9th 2014, i received the first page on October 14 2014 i have not received any more

PROOF: http://imgur.com/E9qRwMi

EXPLAIN: on April 7 2014 i contacted the artist to ask for a commission. we worked out the details and on April 9th i sent the full price for the series. after that point i sent several notes asking for updates
on October 14 2014 he finally sent me the first page but since then i haven't received any more pages
after the images shown on the previous picture he stopped responding at all to most of my notes and i tried on both deviant art, and furaffinity
the event that made me decide to post here was on January 19 2016 i attempted to send a message to him on furaffinity and found out he blocked me
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WHO: Jace Wallace / Wakkawa

WHERE: http://jace-wallace.deviantart.com/ & http://wakkawa.tumblr.com/

WHAT: $150 digital painting commission

WHEN: November 26th, 2014; sketch received and payment sent December 12th, 2014

Initial order: http://i.imgur.com/8VBVvr0.png

Proof of payment: http://i.imgur.com/QV4EzFw.png


Well, it's finally time for the official A_B post. I asked for advice back in June, and since the situation is more or less "resolved", it's time for me to put it all together and post this as a warning to others.

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So I was curious on what you all would think. This is my first time buying a fursuit from a maker and it's a lot of money to spend.

Now I commissioned this person for a 3/4 fursuit back in November of 2014. I was able to finish paying it off in January of 2015. When I ordered the suit I was quoted 4-5 months roughly.and they warned me it could take longer due to "custom" parts.

I messaged the maker about 1 once a month to see how it was going. I kept getting oh I'm having issues due to this part. And it was always the same part. Well my quoted date came and I asked how it was going and they said they where officially starting to work on the piece. This is 4-5 months later when they quoted to have it finished and they are only just starting it. That really annoyed me but I was like ok only another couple months then.

So I contact them about once a month again with the same response this one thing was holding them up. In the mean time I've seen them post up other commission pieces(which I just hoped they hadn't been ordered after me) as well as ones that they put up for bid.

Well about 3 months after already missing the original quoted time frame they tell me it should be done by the end of the next month, when I contacted them. Ok.

Well obviously it didn't get done well come September/October I finally ask for pictures (which I had requested at the beginning when I filled out their form)they told me they would have pictures for me and that the one item was still giving them issues

Well November hits I've seen no pictures still and I finally have a mini meltdown with the maker. They promised to get me the pictures but they had to rip everything off because of another item they needed to put on. I agreed and so my only pictures are of a head base.

In the mean time they have taken on newer commissions and completed them. Which really made me upset. But I really liked the maker and I don't want to cause them any trouble because they have never given me any reason to not trust them and all of their review have been awesome. But yea idk what to do. Last I talked to them they where sick and they promised me more pictures which they have still not delivered on. What do you all think I should do. I still want my suit and I still want to like the maker so that I can like the suit but I just don't know what to do to actually know I'm getting my suit and that I'm not being taken advantage of.

So I have decided to give the maker a final deadline of 3 months. That should be long enough to make my suit. I have also told the maker that if they don't have it made by the end of the 3 months then I want a full refund.

A few of you where wondering about my mini meltdown on the maker. Which wasn't really as bad as you all think it was me trying to calmly and correctly word how I felt to the maker for making me wait. The maker was nice enough and understand in their responce if not a little harsh sounding(but it could have just been their choice of words). The reason I ound reluctant to force a refund is more the fact that I personally don't like conflict. I will sit back and let people take advantage of me fore a while until I REALLY blow up. And I personally don't like myself when I blow up so I avoid it. I also have other experiences in real life that affected me in the past for this. It's strange because I'm the first to rip into someone if they are doing the same thing to a friend lol.

But like I said I have given them a deadline to meet one that is hopefully not to stressful on the maker and was reasonable. If they don't meet that deadline I requested a refund. If they don't refund me I will take them to court. I really don't want it to go that far but if I must I will. But I want to give them the chance first. As I stated I really like the person they are an AMAZING maker they are just not very good at the buisness aspect and all that jazz of this which is sad really.
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Recently I had a commissioner approach me for a refund. I had taken a bit too long on their piece (I have my excuses but I'll leave them out) and they requested their money back. Since I'm doing very badly financially I asked if I could perhaps finish it within the day instead and they agreed to let me attempt to. I sent them the sketch and they approved it, but upon me delivering the final piece they said it felt rushed and that they weren't satisfied, requesting a refund again.
But now I'm hesitant to give it since I've already completed the piece, and to me it didn't seem rushed at all and seemed on par with me normal work. Either way, they had agreed to let me try and finish it and I did, so time was spent on it and I don't know how to proceed from here. Can anyone give me some advice?
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So I made a change to my TOS recently, stating all participates in a picture must agree to my TOS because of usage rights whether they are buying the artwork or not. Some have messaged me with confusion as to why, thinking it's a major inconvience and others have agreed with my stance of protecting myself and other people's characters.
As an artist, I feel the problems start since I sell prints and art packs, and commissioners agree I can do this with the artwork when they fill out my TOS agreement form, but with 'surprise' commissions, I find I don't have every participates agreement and can't use the artwork. What if the other character disagrees with my TOS? It's been a strange grey area. Also, it's been a growing problem of people using other's characters without permission in pictures that the owner doesn't agree with. I feel this protect people better, and protect me from being in the wraith of a person who I accidentally helped harm.
For a long time, I've felt uncomfortable doing people's characters in paid work without the express permission as a 'surprise' gift for the person from the commissioner. Am I in the right for not allowing it anymore? Am I being too harsh?
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I apologize in advance for how bad some of these captures turned out; my laptop’s quality isn’t that great.

Who: Mitha

Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mitha

What: Fursuit head commission

When: First note on FurAffinity regarding commissions was sent September 19th and the conflict occurred until the end of her FurBuy auction October 25th at 10:30pm
Situation: So I found Mitha randomly scrolling through recent uploads under the fursuit tab on FurAffinity. I saw her work, liked it and sent her a note about a possible commission. Keep in mind I’m a broke ass college student, my money is limited right now. So Mitha made a deal with me, I would buy the 2 sets of fur needed for my fursona, foamy to go around the eyes and 5’ thick foam to shape her muzzle and then I’d only have to pay her $250 for basic labor charges (not including shipping).

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/EvepWm5.jpg

So I went out and spent roughly $100 buying supplies to send to her, all the way in Alaska. Before they arrived she began basic construction on my head. As she was moving along in the process she told me that she had found 2 extra pieces of thick foam to use for the muzzle, so whatever I paid for the 5’ thick foam I should dock it off the $250 since it wasn’t going to be used on my head, to which I happily agreed but then changed my mind; saying that she could keep it as a tip for how great she was to work with and how fast she was moving. And about a week later the head was finished.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/iOjLOtk.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/gj4ELaH.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/zI4uz24.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/wExzZt3.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/PAXSjDe.jpg

Everything was fine until it came time for final payment. I had a last minute complication come up and I was in dire need of extra cash, so I brought up her original proposal of me keeping the $20 I spent on the 5’ thick foam. To which she told me no because I was replacing her own stock of foam with everything I bought. I was confused and a bit irritated because as a commissioner is was not MY job to replace her materials, even though I had bought some to send to her. She also lied and said that she did end up using the 5’ foam I sent her for the lower jaw, which is complete bs because she had the lower jaw formed and attached LONG before she asked me where I had bought the 5’ foam from due to is good quality

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/1mX616U.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/eNlAuco.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/9Msh8fq.jpg

She then started to argue with me about how she didn’t quote me for all the other materials she had to use like the duct tape, 2’ inch foam, tread, fleece etc and that the 2’ inch foam was $20 in itself “yet it wasn’t on the list of materials” I sent her. If she had wanted me to buy those extra materials she should have said so when we first agreed for me to buy some of the materials. The $250 I was paying her is supposed to help cover material cost as well as labor, so she had no reason to bring the other materials up.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/4rWl27i.jpg

At this point (October 15th) the head 100% was completed. When I realized I wasn’t going to win the argument against her about gaining the $20 back I agreed to send her the requested $250 + $30 for shipping that I owed and requested her PayPal info. Well several days went by and I heard nothing from her, which on my end looked like she was avoiding the conflict we just had all together. I sent her MULTIPLE messages asking where she was, what her PayPal info was, letting her know that I was trying to send payment and if she was avoiding me due to conflict etc.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/uR8eY9B.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/BuWyxZL.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/ny3vGA3.jpg

When I finally got a response I was suddenly being accused of harassment and that I had not paid for the head yet, even though if you look at previous statements of proof part of the agreed payment was me sending her materials to use which basically equaled out to a down payment on the head. She also pointed out that I was trying to short her money, which I had stated multiple times that I was fully prepared to give her the amount she was asking for and then she proceeded to cancel my commission. Which irritated me even more because the head was already fully finished, the only thing left was to mail it.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/OdNfbJn.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/pqZRsTj.jpg

She refuses to answer any of my messages in regards to what she now planned to do with my fursona’s fursuit head as well as having a civil conversation about what was going on. I was advised from a friend to wait a day, let things cool down and then try again to get in contact. But much to my horror someone commented on a recent journal past asking if I was no longer getting the fursuit head because it was LISTED ON FURBUY. Sure enough, she had gone and listed my fursuit head online without any regards to me.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/9uOLKJm.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/WLSllzM.jpg

All my attempts to talk to and with her had failed, including getting a refund for the materials I bought for her which she had said she would send the fur back with my head. So I turned to authorities and informed her that I planned to do so. But of course because she lives in Alaska there was nothing the law could really do about it here in Texas. At this point she had blocked me on Skype, FurAffinity and had prevented me from bidding/ commenting on the auction. I couldn’t just let someone else walk around in MY fursona. So what did I do? I had my absolutely AMAZING friend Matt bid on the auction for me. I’m pleased to announce that we won the auction, thankfully, and she arrived at my house safe and sound.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/7IdhroC.jpg

If she was so dead set on selling the commissioned head than she should have at least taken the eyes out and painted them a different color or done something to alter the head so it wasn’t exactly like Sasha. But no, she went and relisted my fursona for someone else to come and buy. So this is a post to let people know that if you commission her and somewhere along the line a conflict comes up you run the risk of losing your fursona’s identity to someone else because she’ll just go and resell your character online. This was a VERY close call and this post is just to let people know what I went through because I don’t want anyone else have to experience the same pains I went through.
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WHO: Kiu (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kiu)

WHERE: Furaffinity

WHAT: Painted bust.
WHEN: Beginning of June 2014

Payment proof: http://i.imgur.com/ZjfX9gj.png

EXPLAIN: I had watched Kiu after I saw a bust that she had done for someone. Sometime later she had posted a journal about being open for a bust slot, so I nabbed it. I was in the process of waiting for a ref from another artist of an adopt that I had bought earlier that week. Since I never received the ref after a few days, she messaged me asking if she would go with my second option. I told to Kiu go ahead with it.. That was the last that I ever heard from her. I have left her a note, a shout, and even tried to email her by the email address I received for sending money to her through Paypal.

Shout: http://i.imgur.com/NzTeFA8.png
Note: http://i.imgur.com/QGbCLyU.png
Email: http://i.imgur.com/M5Qnoik.png

Update 1/22/2016 I am posting this as a beware for anyone that might recognize the style of this artist and want to commission then. I have decided after over a year and a half that it was time to just make this into a beware. I am pretty sure at this point the artist has pretty much vanished. I have talked to a friend of mine, and they had mentioned that a friend of theirs was ripped off by them too. Yes, I know that I could have contacted my bank at anytime about this, but my bank altogether is already a nightmare to deal with.


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