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WHO: kij3k

WHERE: http://kij3k.deviantart.com

WHAT: 4 flat colored full body images

WHEN: payment was sent june 12th 2016 http://i.imgur.com/kzZdMOg.png

EXPLAIN: I commissioned this person to draw 4 images in june as shown above. I changed the characters june 28th since they had not gotten any work done http://i.imgur.com/i5QUHp4.png In july they said that since they took so long theyd like to shade them, which i responded with this http://i.imgur.com/eIS7sIB.png and that day they got the first one done http://i.imgur.com/iBpTChf.png
The trouble started not long after when they said their computer died and they'd have to take a hiatus http://i.imgur.com/Qebo8tr.png so i decided to ask about my commission and if i would get a refund. I was told that id have to wait http://i.imgur.com/2WwmgT9.png
They returned in september and got a lot of work done but still did not get to mine. In november I sent them a note asking why and got this as a response http://i.imgur.com/F0RYYpg.png once i gave them the references it didnt take them very long to finish another one of mine http://i.imgur.com/WAwaJev.png as you could see here http://i.imgur.com/q6FElBE.png there was a misunderstanding, i mixed up notes and thought that i had paid for shading instead of them offering it for free. I let it go pretty fast, and only found the original notes with what i commissioned later on. Only a few days later they posted this http://i.imgur.com/ZkNHgwX.png though they did not link me to it, i found it on my own while checking their gallery. I figured everything was going well but then realized i hadnt heard from them for a month.
I left them a comment here asking http://i.imgur.com/lq7230B.png and they redirected me to their journal here http://i.imgur.com/5z3xoDc.png
They have a comment on their page saying not to ask about it http://i.imgur.com/krjHDcy.png

A big reason as to why I'm making this beware is because I noticed them taking on more work despite owing me art for about 10 months as you can see here http://i.imgur.com/q5BSvAD.png and here http://i.imgur.com/H925fgn.png

PROOF: everything should be posted above in order.

UPDATE: they posted a journal in response here http://i.imgur.com/rdIc85q.png

UPDATE2: I reached out again via note and i gave them the references again. hopefully it works out now.

UPDATE3: I got one of them. not resolved yet but progress. http://kij3k.deviantart.com/art/good-habits-677623981 im unable to post screencaps at the moment sorry

UPDATE4: Last one was completed this is resolved http://kij3k.deviantart.com/art/cant-feel-my-eyes-680473035

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So I'm not sure if this still counts towards being a beware and honestly I was debating whether or not to even post it, but I decided I'd try to warn others.

WHO: Mid-Nightshade/sephiroth.

WHERE: FA: Mid-Nightshade FA: sephiroth FA: danteokami.


WHEN: Oct. 30, 2016

EXPLAIN: So the artist was had posted a ych, and I liked the theme of it so I ended up bidding on both slots. I was the winner at the end because no one else had bid. After the auction ended the artist contacted me, I sent payment and refs and all was go so I thought. I waited until January 8th to contact him again asking about the YCH. He told me he had planned to work on art the following weekend. Well I waited and the weekend came and went. He never posted any art so I have no idea if he actually worked on art.

Following that I saw he had a discord server so I decided to join because updates on his FA weren't very often. I saw he was on pretty regularly and after some more time of waiting I sent another note on Feb. 24th. The note hadn't be read and I didn't want to call him out on his server because I know how furries can be, so in an attempt to try and get a respond I filed a dispute. A few days later I logged into discord to find I was kicked from the server so immediately I escalated my dispute into a claim. And the very day after is when I finally got a reply to my note on Mar. 3th. He was saying he would give me a refund that day. I replied back saying I did want the refund, but once again the note was never read. I ended getting my money back after Paypal decided in my favor.

PROOF: Screenshots throughout post.

Update: Okay bit of an update. A friend of the artist messaged me on facebook wanting explain. It was sent on April 14th, but because I have notifications of message from people who aren't friends turned off I didn't see it until yesterday. I declined to listen for two reasons. One being that it was pass the point for any explanations and two because the fact the artist himself couldn't be bothered to explain himself so why should I listen to one from a third party. I'm not trying to say the artist sent his friend though. Just that if the artist couldn't explain things himself then there's no point.

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I commissioned Chioro ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/chioro/ ) on February 20th of this year. Just recently I discovered that they have disabled their Fur Affinity account, which is where I had commissioned them. I have attempted to contact them via the PayPal e-mail they provided me when I paid, as well as on their Weasyl, SoFurry, DeviantArt and Tumblr accounts. They have not been active on most of these sites for months, or sometimes years, but I had thought it prudent to try. I'm not looking for a reason why they shut down their account. That's their business. I just want them to get into contact with me, and to get either the art I paid for or a refund. If anyone knows where they may be reached, that would be greatly appreciated.
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WHO: FA: emkhe DA: wickkh

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/emkhe/

WHAT: Design trade

WHEN: Feb. 4th 2017 - Present

EXPLAIN: Feb. 4th (or possibly 3rd, I can't remember), user emkhe makes a now-deleted journal calling for design trades. I really enjoy designing characters so I replied not long after it went up and I just happened to see it. Unfortunately the journal was deleted fairly quickly afterwards, so I don't have a cap of it.

Feb. 4th - emkhe notes me not long after my comment confirming the trade. I respond telling them what I would like and ask them what they would like in return.

Feb. 11th - I hadn't heard back from them so I send another note, just in case they had missed the previous note.

March 4th - A month later, after I had assumed they were no longer interested, they finally replied, telling me what they would like from me for my half. I respond, telling them I was moving but would be back soon.

March 14th - I deliver my half of the trade. Link to design. Note is still unread as of this writing.

March 19th - Having delivered a design and still not heard back, I send another note checking in. Note is still unread as of this writing.

April 1st - I find through their adoptables stash link that they have a deviantart, where they are active uploading art and responding to comments. I leave a shout asking them to reply to my note on FA.

Despite them being around and active, I have not gotten a reply. I've put work into a design (even if they refuse to open the note and look at it), but I haven't been able to get a response from them since March 4th. I don't know how they are with commissions, but I certainly can't recommend trading with them as of now.

I will wait another week or two and then likely put the design up for sale. I'm quite disappointed, as I was really looking forward to seeing what they would come up with; I've always wanted a junco character, they're my favourite birds.

EDIT: After seeing them upload more art but still not respond to me, I sent one final note informing them I consider the trade canceled and that the design was going up for sale. I'll update if I ever hear anything back.

PROBABLY LAST EDIT: I thought to check my outbox at some point after sending the trade cancellation note and it looks like they've finally been read. Still no response however, and I doubt I'll ever receive one.
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Hello! This is my first time posting here, and unfortunately it's because I'm in a little bit of a predicament.

I commissioned an artist recently for an onspot fullbody piece of my character in a stream. I have worked with them plenty of times before, as well as watched them stream their drawing process so I am relatively familiar with how they conduct their business and what kind of product to expect when I am commissioning them.

However, my recent experience with them has left a lot to be desired.

My piece being the last in the queue for onspots, it was pushed two days forward which, while not the service I paid for, I can understand because life and that gets in the way! I was noted with the artwork two days after the initial stream with the finished product.. which was not at all like their usual quality of work. There were several issues with anatomy , lack of detail, no background (they usually draw a little something to go along with the piece, even if its just a circle or shape to better frame it), as well as the fact that the facial structure looked nothing like my character, and instead like the person from the pose they decided they wanted to work from.

(Notably, I was not given free reign on the pose. They asked me if it was okay to use the one they chose, I noted them three minutes later asking her to hold on a minute while I picked a ref.. and was told it was too late because they'd already started. I had no proof of this, as they’d already stopped streaming, but I regret not saying something at the time, especially if I knew I would wait another two days to see the completed work).

Altogether, it looked incredibly rushed.

I was honest with them. I conveyed that I was disappointed with the finished product along with the above sentiments regarding the quality of the artwork. I asked if they could edit it with specific areas of improvement OR if it could be cropped and they would just fix the facial features, given that I would receive a half-refund for the piece.

I was told outright that any kind of refund would not be possible, and that they would try their best to fix the details. However.. for something that was supposed to be an on-spot, I am wondering how long I should wait for them to make the edits before saying something. :/ Already they have been streaming their work on other commissions, and I'm feeling a disheartened by the whole ordeal.

Updates --

On 4/9 I was given a WIP and was told my commission should be finished by "tomorrow". Over a week has passed and they are still taking on new commissions.
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Text: WHO: Georgina Layne (HypeSoda/ GrumpyBatFursuits)

WHERE: Facebook
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Grumpy-Bat-Fursuits-871621326237816/?ref=br_rs
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/HypeSoda/

REASON: Scam, lies, ignoring messages (and some behavior)

WHAT: Trade with badges of their characters for their feetpaws (my art for their paws)

WHEN: First started trade 2/23/16, continued throughout the year

EXPLAIN: I was to trade with Georgina some badges I have drawn of their characters, in exchange for their feet paws.
There have been multiple accounts of them telling me they would ship it without actually doing so. I would have to constantly ask for updates before they would tell me that they haven't even mailed it.

I had given them 2 deadlines (Anthrocon and Christmas), both of which were missed.
It has been a year now, still no feet or update on the situation.
(Later screenshots, like the Christmas deadline, I no longer have due to my first account being disabled, without facebook allowing me to gain it back.)

At one point, I had made an advice post on my account (not a beware) shown only to facebook friends asking for their intake of what I should do. A friend of mine also had a trade with Georgina, and canceled it once they heard of my situation.
Georgina then responded in a bit of an outburst.

-Proof of Georgina posting online, instead of responding to my messages
-Extra screens showing their approval of my side of the trade and proof that I sent it is here
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WHO: Z-flesh on deviantart

WHERE: http://z-flesh.deviantart.com/

WHAT: A digital icon commission paid via paypal.

WHEN: January 4th 2017

EXPLAIN: So I had posted a journal on deviantart asking if anybody could make me an icon for $1 or so I could use on tumblr of a video game character I really like. The game is somewhat unknown, so I cant find any free to use icons and I wouldn't feel right using somebodies artwork without asking, not that I could even find fanart of them.
Z-flesh had commented saying they were willing to do it. After showing me examples we agreed on the price of $1.50 for the icon and they had noted me with the email. Fast forward to January 24th. I have gotten no word at all about the progress of my icon and I was getting a bit worried. So I noted Z-flesh and was told they have a messy sketch done and thats it. They made the excuse that they "lost the note" for why they never contacted me but deviantart has a feature where you can star important notes, and I gently told them to perhaps do so incase it happens again. I also asked to see said sketch, and they never replied to me.
I checked their "who I owe" journal and found I was not on it. It is now March 3rd and I decided to contact them again and they, once again, used they excuse that they couldn't find me (despite me telling them to star my note). They said its finished and that they'll post it when they get home from school, but I'm a bit skeptical and feel that they'll 'forget' to do it again.
I will update if they actually post it or not, but either way, very unprofessional. I feel it is not my duty as the buyer to continue contacting and hassling them to finish my art, and they should of taken steps to finish it, let alone remember who I am. Even if they do post the icon, i'm leaving this up to warn others. I also feel the need to add, in the time span they were suppose to be doing my art (and owed nobody else) They had posted multiple ych's and accepted other commissions.

NOTE: My deviantart is tiny-forest-prince. So that is me.
Them offering to do the work and providing examples

Them sending me their email and me confirming I sent it.

Me asking for an update and them just...never replying.

Their to do list, which does not have me on it.

me messaging them today (March 3rd) and asking if it was done, and them telling me it is but 'wont be uploading it today'

The suspicious amount of hidden comments on their gallery (just extra. Makes me suspect somebody else perhaps didn't get their art)

even more hidden comments on their commission journal

take it as you will. I'm just not very happy about this.

EDIT: so they posted the commission...After all that time...and after me giving them a link to what the character looks like AND giving extra info on how i want them to look...they managed to draw the complete wrong character from a different game in the franchise... i'm a bit exhausted.

EDIT2: So after being told I should, I made myself ask them to redraw it or give me a refund.
me doing so with help of a template I was given

so lets see where this goes I suppose. I'll update when they reply. if they even do.

EDIT 3: so they've replied with this and claim the character they drew is the one I wanted... now I just feel like I'm being picky. I mean.. to me, as an avid lover of the video game and it being my favourite game, It looks nothing like the character. I cant tell if its just me being overly precise and picky or if it really doesn't look right. I'd appreciate some help. This is the character I wanted (specifically asked for them to have a pony tail or hair bun due to his long hair) Close up of his face/hair and this is what they drew Am I being picky or does it really look nothing like what I asked for? to me it looks more like the MC of the third game, which is this guy. Either way, they still didn't even offer to re-draw or edit it, just said it was what I asked for.
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If you've had a great commission experience, either as an artist or a customer, please comment here and spread the word. It doesn't have to be a full-on story, though you're welcome to type one! All we need are a few lines on why this person was so great to work with. You can also recommend companies, such as printers or fursuit-making teams, as long as it's relevant!

There are plenty of reasons to post someone here: perhaps they went above and beyond the call of duty to fix a problem, or were so prompt with communication and payment it was like having them right next to you, or were very professional and courteous every time you contacted them.

To help keep things organized, please follow this simple form:

1. Name of the person you recommend:
2. Link to person's website or art page:
3. Approximate time period of when you did business with this person:
4. Details
(Here's where you tell us why they are so awesome! What made the transaction go so well? Perhaps link to the art or suit you bought/sold if you feel like sharing. Please mark NSFW if the subject matter is adult!!):

If you have multiple people to recommend, please put them in separate comments to keep things organized.

Trades are just as welcome as paid transactions. But try not to post for friends (or yourself) who are looking to be commissioned. If customers are what they/you seek, [livejournal.com profile] teenycom, [livejournal.com profile] artsales or [livejournal.com profile] artcommissions is for them!
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Hello everyone!

I've received an invitation to be part of a BL novel project. I'd be celshading the characters, by the way.

I have never done anything apart from commissions, so I understand very little about commercial works.

It's said that 45% of the funds will go to artists, and I believe it's 2-3 artists working on it (the background artist, the artist in charge of the cel shading and the lineart artist, which I believe it's the project owner).

If any of you guys have any knowledge about that, I'd like to know how these things usually work.

• If I were to work on it, I should probably ask for payment upfront for each CG in order to avoid scam, right?
• After the game is released, and if it's successful, do I have the right to part of the money?
• If yes, how do I ensure I will be paid? Is a contract needed?
• If not, should I charge extra for commercial rights?

Overall I just really wanted to understand the procedure and what to do in cases like this to assure I will not be scammed :c

Thank you so much in advance!

EDIT: The Kickstarter thing has already started! They have donations of over 5k+ dollars by the way.

EDIT2: I've contacted them asking about the financial part, and they've told me they'd pay me upfront. They also said they'd be fine with a contract but I have no idea how to do those? LOL someone help please? ; x ;
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I've heard that there's a payment system called Payoneer, and I think it's an alternative to PayPal. I never used that service before, to be honest, so I'll need some opinions about it before I sign up on it.

Is it a good PayPal alternative or not? And if some of you actually used it, what are your experiences with it, whether they're good or bad?


Mar. 25th, 2017 10:20 pm
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You all may have noticed some locked posts hitting your feed today. This is because we have revamped the profile page as well as all of our general mod posts, such as the FAQ, the report template, and our 'what to do if you're posted here' post.

Many of our posts became cluttered over the years as rules were added, tweaked, and new things came up in the community that needed to be addressed. The result was a bit of a confusing hot mess, and we're hoping that things are now easier to find, read, and understand! Much was removed and simplified, so every article should be much more sleek and concise.

If you find any typos, broken/missing links or anything weird, please do let us know here and we'll take care of it! Additionally, if you have suggestions for the FAQ, feel free to share it, but we don't guarantee it'll be included.
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Artists Beware FAQ


Artists Beware Beware Template

What To Do If Posted to Artists Beware

(Please feel free to contact all of us, but please make sure your PM settings will allow us to reply to you!)

[livejournal.com profile] celestinaketzia
Send PMs through LiveJournal -OR- celestinaketzia(at)gmail.com
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Send PMs through LiveJournal -OR- xaidezignzNOSPAM@NOSPAMgmail.com
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Before posting, please consider taking a look through our existing posts to get a better idea of how a post should look.

LJ-cut FAQ for long posts

WHO: List the aliases or business name of the person (Artist or Customer) this post is regarding. Censor all legal names, emails, paypal emails, addresses, or phone numbers.

WHERE: URL where they base their business out of. In case your beware is regarding something that occurred at an event (example: a con), you may list that too.

WHAT: Was it traditional art, digital art, sculpture, fursuit, jewelry, etc.?

WHEN: A rough time line of the situation from initial conversation, to 1st payment (or agreement of trade) to signs of trouble.

EXPLAIN: Tell your side here. What happened, what went wrong, where did it go wrong, have you attempted to fix the issue(s), ask for updates, refunds/legal warnings, etc. Post any additional screencaps here that correspond with your explanation. Be as clear, concise, and to the point (no additional drama, try not to ramble, no third parties/proxy writing) as possible.

PROOF: Feel free to place your screencaptures here, including albums, but please note the above about including them alongside claims in the EXPLAIN section, so as to make it easier to follow. Make sure you censor out unrelated third parties in your caps!
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Q: What kind of identifying/sensitive information may I include in my post?

A: As a general rule, sensitive information such as legal names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, paypal addresses, etc may not be included in your beware and must be either cropped out or censored. We may make exceptions on a case by case basis for instances where transactions only occurred via mediums such as Facebook.

Q: Do you have a template for posting?

A: Yes! You can find our template here: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/948608.html
Note that using the template isn't a requirement to post, as long as you include all the relevant information, but it does make things easier.

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WHO: purqleguy

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/purqleguy

WHAT: Fursuit head, one time payment.

WHEN: April of 2016 was when I bought the head, the deadline was supposed to be July 2016. At the time of writing this (3/24/17) it has been almost a full year past the deadline, and he will not respond to my emails asking about the tracking number of the package he told me he shipped (he said he shipped it a month ago.)

PROOF: Emails: http://imgur.com/a/txDnh Paypal transaction: http://imgur.com/x5G4jo5 I don't remember why I sent it in two parts, but it was sent on the same day as you can see.

EXPLAIN: Long story so I put it under the cut
Read more... )
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WHO: Dao on IMVU/DauxyCheeks on FA/Xashy on DA

WHERE: This took place through Facebook through her personal profile. This is her IMVU account, the products were to be made and delivered through IMVU. IMVU for Dao
My IMVU account, where the products were supposed to be delivered

WHAT: This was for a custom furset for IMVU. Custom AdSkin, kini, ears, tail, hands, feet products. I sent her my reference and all of the mesh links she would need for the set. She said $30 was fine, I sent her $32. (As I normally send a couple of dollars more to cover fees) Here are the screenshots of our conversation that took place via Facebook. Dao1, Dao2, Dao3, Dao4

WHEN: I first contacted her December 5th of 2016, December 6th I canceled my order and was blocked, December 7th I filed a claim with PayPal, December 15th I received the email saying she provided tracking information and the case was closed, December 17th first appeal denied, the last email I received by from PayPal was March 23rd of 2017 saying that my second appeal complete with screenshots of my IMVU account was denied.


EXPLAIN: Well I posted an ad in one of the furry Facebook groups asking if anyone would be up to making a furset for me on IMVU. Dao (Facebook name omitted for privacy) messaged me via Facebook messenger and I sent her the mesh links and the cash for what I wanted. I had a personal emergency come up and needed to cancel. I felt bad for having to cancel, but I thought since she stated she had another set to finish before she got to mine maybe it would not be too bad. To my surprise, she tells me she finished the skin and already submitted it to the IMVU catalog without even showing me first. I was a little confused by that but decided if she could just show me proof/show me the skin then I would let her keep a portion for her work/time. That's when things got odd because she told me I was really putting her in a bind and that PayPal was where she paid her bills? I did not find that to be appropriate or relevant but it was right after she said she would "get that processed" for me that she blocked me. I tried typing out a response and I got the little pop-up message telling me "this person is not receiving message from you at this time". I honestly took that as a big red flag and consulted with my friends and family on what I should do/did. I waited a day for the refund/reversal and then just went to PayPal to make a claim. It was going to be a dispute but at the time since she had me blocked I thought a claim would be best. I waited until the 15th, that's when I got an email back from PayPal telling me the case had been closed because the seller (Dao) had provided tracking info and confirmed I received my merchandise. I was confused and very frustrated, it was a digital product I ordered. How could they have taken tracking info from her and say it's confirmed when I have proof showing I have nothing in my account from her? I decided to call again and appeal my case. It was shot down almost immediately, on the 17th they had denied my first appeal stating that the seller had provided "compelling information" for my case in their favor. In truth, I gave up for awhile. I figured she just won and I was never getting anything back. I just got ripped off for $32 for nothing. Then a few days ago I had to file a dispute for a totally different issue and the supervisor I spoke with said I should send more screenshots and appeal again. I didn't even know that was an option but I figured I might as well. After another hour or so on the phone the supervisor told me she would contact me directly. Well, that never happened and some representative named "Bob" sent me an email yesterday telling me my screenshots did not prove anything. So I guess I'm just posting this here in hopes to either have this resolved or at the very least share my experience with you guys/potential customers of hers.
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Text: WHO: Sif.

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sif/

WHAT: Adoptable + referencesheet.

WHEN: 03-05-2017 and ongoing.

PROOF: Linked below.

EXPLAIN: On March 5th Sif had uploaded an adoptable of this beautiful dragon girl. The adopt was just a fullbody front view but also had three headshots sketched out and a fullbody view of her back. As shown here. (NSFW) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9424fkp1nx9z04/1488700798.sif_dragon_girl_adopt.png?dl=0 The Auction said that she would come as is unless Autobought and you could unlock the referencesheet. (I sadly do not have the original image and description saved as she has since not only updated the reference but also edited the description) The Autobuy for the adopt orginally 450 when she first posted but she later dropped it to 400. I bidded on the first day and had a slight bidding war with someone on the next day. After checking her previous adoptable auctions I saw that they usually were autobought and grew nervous as I really wanted her. I didn't have the payment outright so I noted Sif asking if I could put a downpayment of my current bid (170) and send her the rest when I ha
d the payment. She agreed and I sent her my down payment and went on my way. https://gyazo.com/cc786b92ed81990a23c749993a01a95b https://gyazo.com/c61f2f7c07e7c51513860b7d61a2acbc (I didn't screenshot her reply because it's her paypal with a 'Thanks for the help' and I had afterwards sent her a note saying just 'paid' but I can get screenshots if requested.)

On the 13th I sent her a note telling her I had her payment but that I was wondering if I could pay extra to get an additional view of her bent over to show her bits and also asked her about adding a few markings on the parts that weren't drawn yet (like chosing the colour of her tongue and asking if she could have a heart shaped butt marking), She that was fine and that it would be 270 (instead of the 230) I paid and also asked if she could add my personal watermark because of my paranoia of art theft and she said she could as she hates art theft as well. https://gyazo.com/8f980f0d8f4ad9e4f9dd24c2ee92d8fe https://gyazo.com/67215571a8b4888d57cd8d0c920f84bf

On the 15th she has sent me the files and to my surprise it didn't include the full body backview and she didn't colour the tongue the colour I asked. I decided to let the tongue thing slide as it looked fine as is but I messaged her telling her that I was upset about her not having her backview and asked her if she could include it and just take the bent over view off the reference and have it as a 'seperate piece.' She replied telling me that she would but she didn't want to put it seperate and would just do the back view seperate because 'it wouldn't look right' being on there. I asked her why she thought that as I believed it would look better next to it as she had originally advertised.
Image: (NSFW) https://gyazo.com/99c6b3f540b1de92f3ff333cb9c6c1be
Messages: https://gyazo.com/690135c23bddc71482af16a4c303f704

She replied to me telling me "i put too much work on to this picture its not a commission, its an adopt. I will shrink down the back view ." and that she would just refund me 70$. I was upset because not only was I astonished that she responded like that but that she wouldn't have a proper view of her back markings. I told her that I was upset that she responded that way and that I loved her art but I would be writing a beware. She responded seeming upset saying ":C i can draw ya a color sketch of the back view, it will look horrible and not in harmony if i added the back view e.e i was trying to keep it in balance with the ref sheet" and then shortly after sent me a seperate note saying "or i can just add the back view extra... let me do that now" https://gyazo.com/c5af9a3481d9c05e7e2fded9a1e5ec75 https://gyazo.com/62112547ca379ab68a854bc25354aa3e https://gyazo.com/b566322c19009636ca65572e380e76ed

I waited and she responded with the updated piece with the backview. I viewed it from my phone and saw that it was purely just a shot from shoulders to hips but I thought it would be better than nothing and told her it looked lovely. I went back to my pc to save it and saw that it looked extremely sloppy and that was missing a marking on the back of her legs that showed in the bent over view. I noted her about it then looked it over again to notice that the rest of the markings on her hips didn't match either. I messaged her trying to be civil and offered her 40 bucks of the 70 to clean it up and do the markings right as I just wanted it to look right. While I was typing my third note out she replied telling me that "This will be the last attempt. Please refresh..."
Back view: (Slightly NSFW) https://gyazo.com/b7770f3655b518d9fce15c7e8eb5109e
Messages: https://gyazo.com/737a5ac41823d19f85b4c674a41a4fbf https://gyazo.com/61a29f3ccabac28b68cde4c04276ff66

She read my note shortly after I sent it but after a week she hasn't responded and continues to take on more work. I really love this girl and don't want a refund for her. I'm just wanting her to do what I paid her for, or at least the quality since she has given me a partial refund. If she would do the entire view I would send her the partial payment back but currently I'm just very astounded by her behavior as I've worked with her before and never had any issues.
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I'm having a little trouble being 6 months pregnant at this point to find comfortable positions and ways to draw while sitting at my desk.

Is there anyone here that can give me a little advice, and maybe share personal experiences for others that may one day be in a similar situation?
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Not QUITE a beware yet, but more me asking for advice.

On the 9th February I ordered a custom kigu, and got an email to say that payment had been accepted. The weeks went by, and despite the website having said somewhere they had a fast turnaround, I figured they'd have been busy with con prep, so I didn't say anything until after the cons were all done.

Over the last two weeks I've been contacting them on twitter and via email asking for updates, because someone else has a kigu in the works from them, and they got given a private link to their trello board, and have wip's started, but they paid much later than I did.

I'm not sure how much longer to keep trying to get them to talk to me before I give up and open a paypal dispute (obviously with giving them a warning) because I've spent a lot of money, and to have NO communication at all is a little... well, worrying.

Do I give them a final warning email / tweet, or do I keep waiting and hoping they'll work on my kigu? They've been making steady progress with their queue, but without knowing exactly how big the queue is, I don't know if mine will be started soon or not >.<

Thanks for your advice!


They've responded now - they apparently sent me an email last week, but I never received it - regardless, I have progress photos of my kigu, and it's in the process of being sewn together!

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Edit: I derped up with wording, so editing to clarify |D

So I have posted here before with advice about specific clients, but this is the fourth time someone has backed out on me after agreeing to (and starting!) a project. I should mention that my commission process is highly unusual; at the moment, I only charge for materials and offer labor for free. I have a couple reasons for this: first, since I am still learning I don't feel that I can offer accurate time quotes. I do give a time range that the project will be complete (usually a few weeks, although it depends on the project), but I don't feel comfortable setting hard deadlines. This is not to say I won't consistently work on the project, but I don't want to make a promise I may not be able to keep. Hence I compensate my clients for this risk by discounting labor.  Second, these commissions are great learning experiences in terms of timing myself and figuring out how to give accurate quotes for both materials and time. I also favor clients who attend conventions more than I do because hey, free advertising! Finally, the money they save on labor is more money we can put towards high quality materials, and I much prefer to work that way. Sometimes I will have the client purchase tools as a small compensation for labor, but it's not always necessary.
They get a commission at a steep discount in exchange for giving me the opportunity to experiment and build my portfolio.

So far I have worked exclusively with friends. I'm hesitant to open these to the great wide internet because frankly, I'm putting out a ton of effort for these projects and I want to work with people I trust. I thought working for friends would be less risky, but apparently not. Most recently, I had someone back out of a full body cosplay because he spontaneously decided to move across the country and no longer has the money to spend. This is fine except I've already put in 13.5 hours into research and pattern drafting.

I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is even possible, but I'm wondering if there is a way to offer these sort of commissions outside my group of friends without getting burned. For starters I'm thinking of requesting all material funds up front instead of letting people do payment plans, and I’m also considering a cancelation fee. I don’t know how to figure out a cancellation fee, but maybe that will make people take it more seriously. To be honest I’m kind of confused that this is happening; every time someone takes one of my bigger projects to a convention I get notes asking about commissions, so I assume my quality of work is at least OK? I just wanna build cool cosplays, and I want to do it so badly that I’ll give away my time.


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