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I really didn't want to have to post something here about this, but this has happened several times with two different artists.  Let's refer to them as Artist A and Artist B since this situatiuon really doesn't warrant posting names.

I commissioned Artist A for two things back in September:  One was for my husband for his birthday which was done relitively on time.  My husband has commissioned this artist in the past, so said artist was fine with putting me at the top of the queue since he's fairly familiar with my husband.  Now, Artist A has a pretty hefty backlog, they have this posted on their FA profile for all to see.  I wanted to get something else from them as a little surprise for my husband and told them to just stick me in the queue and work on it whenever.  They said okay, took my money and my refs, and that was the last I ever heard from them.  Correspondance ended on September 23rd.  They're not THAT active on FA, but they post the occassional artwork and they do a stream every Wednesday so it's not like they're overly busy and are never on FA.  Months went by and I never saw my name in their queue yet they continued to post doodles and do their weekly stream.  I sent them a note on January 10th asking about my commission, if they had started it, how things were going, etc.  I was very polite, nothing rude or demanding.  The note was read, but never responded to.  I sent them another note on February 7th with almost the same content, still being polite about it.  Same thing happened: Note was read, but never responded to.  My husband was about as shocked as I was, given that he's done business with this artist in the past and has never had any issues with them not responding to notes.  I know that, given this artist has a large queue, that they may be overwhelmed with owed art or something could have come up in their personal life that's keeping them from getting things done, but that's no excuse for not responding to a commissioner when they're asking about the art they paid for.  I also noticed on their FA page someone has posted shouts on their page asking about their commission, so it looks like I'm not the only person having this issue.  Said person isn't listed in their queue either.

Artist B is someone who my husband and I have admired from afar but never had the chance to commission.  They were doing some pinup-style pieced back in January and I snagged a spot.  The first note was sent on January 1st and correspondence ended on January 2nd.  Payment and refs were sent.  Again, this is someone neither myself or my husband have done business with so I'm not aware of how they handle commissions.  I sent them a note on March 4th asking if there had been any updates to my commission.  As with the notes sent to Artist A, I was very polite and simply inquiring about my art as I hadn't gotten any messages or updates regarding it.  The note went unread for several weeks, then was marked as read several days ago.  I got no response to my message but noted that they posted a journal yesterday opening up for their March commission slots.  I checked their journal posts and saw that from March 23rd thru March 27th, they were advertising their March commission slots.  Prior to those journals, they posted something on March 17th saying that their tablet was dying and for all commissioners to be patient.  ...They could have sent me a note apologizing and reassuring me that my commission would be done as soon as they're able...but yet they're advertising more commission slots.  I've had a tablet fizzle out on me before, so I know what that's like but I think that, even with a dying tablet, you should get through what you already owe before taking on more.  I don't know.  As I said, this is my first time working with this artist.  Also, they don't have any kind of public queue as far as overall commissions are concerned, so I don't even know if mine is being worked on.

What should I do in these situations?
Artist A: Should I request a refund if they don't respond?  I've been waiting 6 months for this piece with no updates, but I don't want to do anything that may spoil any future business with this person.  They're someone my husband and I absolutely love and love working with.

Artist B: Should I continue to be patient?  I know three months isn't that long to wait for a commission (I've waitied longer, but the artist kept me informed of what was going on and when my commission should be started/finished), especially if the person has a tablet that's starting to go and a queue of other commissions to do.
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So.. Back in late 2014 I commissioned a not so well known but talented fursuit maker for a partial fursuit. It was paid off in early 2015. In the beginning I didn't have any real issues, it was going to be finished after a convention and I was really excited. After the con they finished a fullsuit, then a partial, and another partial. They ran into some personal problems and had to delay work which I was completely fine with. After all that they did some refurbs and finished the biggest part of my suit. Now it's been almost 4 months with no updates and broken promises of 'it'll be done in a couple of weeks'.

I just need to know if I'm worrying over nothing or if waiting a year and a few months is too long and I need to do something. Thanks.
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Hello, AB! I need an advice about some adoptables I bought from another artists. Recently, I noticed I have some interesting character designs I don't use and I don't plan to use ever, so, I decided to sell them. Honestly, I purchased them because I wanted to support the artists and to have character designs by them. These ones (adoptables) aren't just plain one side pictures, they are good reference sheets. I have a problem with one of them. I wanted to contact an artist about reselling this adoptable, but they deleted their FA page, and I don't even remember their email address (so I don't know how much I paid for this reference). What should I do? Is it OK to resell it without artist knowing, or is it absolute no-no?

I also don't remember any friends of this artist, but I know some people who drew commissions for them. But it's kinda creepy to contact them about their commissioner.

The artist nickname was Nonus, hope it's OK to mention it.
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This is my first time here so I apologize if I'm not doing this correctly.

I commissioned a talented but somewhat new, not very well known maker for a fullsuit a year ago, with a deadline set 9 months after commission date. They agreed, payments were made and completed, and they seemingly had no issue whatsoever with meeting the deadline we agreed on.

We kept in somewhat close contact and everything seemed to be going well. A few months before the deadline I asked if they finally needed me to send the DTD I've been waiting to send or to ask for any updates. They said that things were a bit hectic and they will let me know more once they get things settled.

Coming up to the deadline, I was told that they were only able to make a partial in time. Then a bit later, I was told only a 3-piece partial was possible. Then, they simply told me it is not going to happen. I was cordial and understanding, I know life gets in the way.

It is now a year after I have commissioned the suit, 3 months past deadline with not a single update. I don't mind waiting, honestly. But my issue is, I don't know how long I will have to wait for completion, if it ever happens. Over $1,000 is not exactly a small price that I can forget about. I now realize that I am behind a list of 20+ other paid fullsuit/partial commissions and their queue seems to be untouched, as they are working on a list of premades and other small parts as they seem to be in urgent need of income quite regularly as it is. Commissioners who have been waiting far longer than I have are backing out and requesting refunds, and the maker is just working on other smaller projects that are not the waiting commissions to make up for the further lost income and seems to even be having trouble with that. To be completely honest, I have no hope of making the same deadline a year later in 9 months. Considering the 20+ full/partial commissions ahead of me that have little to no updates, even 2 years later is a stretch.

I would like to ask for a refund if I do not get any updates in the next 9 months, but knowing how urgently they are in need of income and how often, I'm not sure if I would even receive it without taking serious action. I would hate to do this. I understand life happens and hard times are definitely hard to work through, but seeing the track record, I don't have very high hopes of receiving what I have paid for, deadline or not. It also feels petty to set a new deadline with the warning of either an A_B post or refund/serious action when there are many, many others who are in the same boat who are ahead of me.

I'm just wondering. Am I being unreasonable? Should I wait longer? Reset a new deadline even though there are others before me despite them setting one when I commissioned it? What should I do?
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I'm looking for some advice on how to continue with an artist that hasn't done a sketch that was prepaid for months ago. I really blame myself for this as I did not contact the person regularly out of fear. While I can't find it in their rules now, at one point they had a bit saying they would "upset" if you bugged them or sent notes asking about if your art was done. Now, I have commissioned this person in the past and got a flat colored half-bodied couples piece for around the same price I paid for this sketch (The sketch is a full-bodied couples piece). The first one only took a month at most to be completed despite my admitted difficulty paying at that time. I've been waiting for this sketch for almost 8 months now.
I asked the Artist on June 17th, 2015 if they were still open, the artist said yes and that I might not get it for a few weeks as this person had a lot of other people before me. Being an artist, I understood this and give that she was so quick with the last one despite the same warning I went ahead and paid. Do to said clause in the artist rules I did not poke her about it and assumed she was working on it. I finally broke down and noted her on Jan 4, 2016 about it and she replied within an hour saying that she forgot about it but could not find my note with the order in it "I must have deleted it". I was polite about it, resent her all my references as she asked and even gave her permission to draw my OC when ever she liked as she apparently loved his decine. This is the last I have heard from her and she did not ever give me a timeline/deadline or even a hint of when she'd be able to do the piece.
Since then she has been active on DA, posting several personal pieces, a commission that was ordered after mine and a huge "sketch dump" (around 20-30 pieces in a single image, most are cleanly lined and half are flat colored). I have not sent her a note yet (March 5th, 2016) as I'm not sure how to handle this. She is an artist that I've admired for a long time, we started out in the same fandom circle and have done gift arts for each other many times before. I respect her and want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I don't want this to drag on for year either. Her style is changing and I've already made a few changes to the oc so I'm worried about how this piece is going to turn out. As an artist I understand that sometimes you just don't want to work on orders and you want to maybe doodle some stuff of yours for a change. I've done that before, but the volume of work she's put out has be worried that I'm still not on the radar.
I definitely want to give her one more chance at the least, just some help on what to say or how to move forward would be great.


Update 1(3/11/16):
After making this post I discovered that I had missed a blog post by the artist explaining why she had been so slow with working on everything (despite evidence to the contrary stated above). I sent her a message inquiring about the "incident" (which happened new year's day) that she didn't tell me about via notes the last time we had talked; despite us being friends. She gave me an excuse and offered a refund with a guilt trip attached. I replied asking if there was some way we would work this out as I value the art more than the money.
It's been almost 4 days of silence from and artist. She isn't on DA or any of her media sites as far as I can tell despite having been very active in the days leading up to this.
I'm not sure what to do now. She seemed upset at me for even asking again though I was bending over backwards to be as polite and non-confrontational as possible through the whole thing. She apparently was already stressed out about all of her other still owed commissions and I fear I may have made it worse (I feel bad, but at the same time it's been 8 months for a sketch). I going to give her some space and I'll note her again in three weeks if I haven't heard anything back at that time. If by the grace of the Maker something happens before then I'll update this post. If you guys have further advice for me or would like more information, just let me know! Thank you for the help thus far.
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Back in January I was interested in getting sticker designs made to put into my fursuit packages. 2 people brought this up on me: one I was interested in and another kind of forced their way in. I'll label them as persons 1 and 2.

Person one delivered within a week two gorgeous designs. No problem.

Person two is where my question comes in:
On that same day [January 30th] I give them a rough sketch and we negotiate a price. They say they'll send me their PayPal soon. February 5th they give me an update saying there'll be a slight delay. At this point I inform them that it's okay and that they don't have to do it anymore, as personal issues came up and I lost interest. They completely ignore that and two days later give me a sketch. I play along with it and ask for a small change.

Last night [February 29th] they send me the sketch but now digitally done. It's been a long time and I forgot about the commission. Since the last update I also made the financial decision to severely limit how many commissions I buy this year, including this one.

I'm not sure how to word myself to ask to back out since they already gave me a sketch after I said I wouldn't like to continue the commission. From what I see on Twitter they get frustrated about this kind of stuff and I don't want it hung over my head, I already feel bad enough. :(

So how do I politely ask to cancel the commission in a situation like this?
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I'm very new to the furry community and commissioned an artist on FA for the first time at the end of December. The commission was for a traditional badge, which the artist on their original post said would be mailed out between December 26th - 28th. I purchased a slot on Dec 22nd, and told them it might take me a day to make a more detailed ref sheet, and because of this "wouldn't mind if it went out a little late." However, I ended up giving them my ref the same night (I just wasn't sure at first if they'd need more than I'd already drawn. Anyway...)
When I hadn't heard from them again on January 3rd, I left a comment asking for an update. They said they'd just finished and sent me a photo. They asked if I wanted a background, I said yes, and they asked for my address. I assumed it would be going out shortly after that.
Well, I didn't hear back from them. On January 25th, I commented on the post again, asking if they'd finished it with the background and everything. They said they were sorry and thought they'd already sent me a pic; so they sent me one and said it'd be sent out soon.
Unfortunately, when I still hadn't recieved the badge or heard back by Feb 6th, I noted them again; when I didn't get a response back within a few days but saw that they'd faved things on FA, I sent an email with their paypal address. They did finally reply back on FA, said they were sorry, that snow and school had just postponed their post office run, and that they'd get it out by that weekend. Again, nothing, so on the 16th I was a little more firm and asked them for a solid ship date, commenting that it had been over a month and that i felt it was a reasonable request. They replied that they would get it out on Thursday and that they'd note me when they did so. I never recieved a note, nor anything in the mail.
This has taken quite a long time, and on top of this, the artist has never once reached out to me first - they've only replied to messages that I've sent them.

I'm used to buying/selling online, so my automatic thought here is to file a paypal claim if they don't send it out... However, I've never before commissioned art, and my impression is that this would be extremely rude, especially since a photo of the finished badge was sent (no scans, though; and it matters a lot to me that the piece ends up being physical - I'm not really interested in owning art that is purely digital). I understand that things get busy, and I've been very kind and understanding to the artist, but my patience for them is wearing thin.
Is it reasonable to ask for a refund or a partial refund at this point? Reasonable to report them here? I know two months is nothing compared to what many of the people I've read here have waited. But I'm still pretty unhappy with this whole thing nonetheless.
Sorry for how long this turned out being - I appreciate any advice!
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In January I attended my first furcon with some friends and in the spirit of things, I went and treated myself to a traditional badge commission. I paid via credit card, and I was told by the artist that my badge would be done by the end of the following day.
I wasn't attending the convention for the full weekend and let them know, the artist assured me it would be done by the deadline they gave me.

By the end of the day I was leaving the convention, I checked in with the artist, and all they had to show me was a sketch of my badge. It turns out they took on more commissions than they had anticipated, it happens! I approved it and they told me to leave my address so they could mail it to me, they also offered to text me to keep in touch with the progress of the work.

(Note: My character reference was not a physical one, but digital and they asked me to send it to them via text message)

In the weeks following the convention, trying to communicate with them was hassle. They didn't have any cards with their page info, I had to go through the convention's table page to find them, their website listed there is unfinished and when I finally find their art pages & social media, they're all largely abandoned and infrequently updated. While I did have their phone number, having that bit of information makes me a bit uncomfortable? So I sought out alternative means to keep in touch after an initial update request via text. I was told to note them on FA, which I did, and they told me they would send me a WIP when they got home that day.
I never recieved a follow-up text with a WIP and my note remains unread as of the typing of this post.

Last night (the 16th) , after seeing their twitter page is becoming active, while other sites are ignored, I go ahead and send a message expressing my exasperation with the lack of communication and request progress yet again. Today (the 17th), I see they have responded, they are apologizing and state my badge has been finished and ask where I would like to see the finished product.

In being shown the finished product I'm honestly very unsatisfied? And I feel as if the work may have been rushed. My reference sheet for my character has their species listed and on multiple occasions I reiterated the species because, well, they're a distinct canine species, so features of theirs tend to be exaggerated a bit. But the finished work does not read the species of my character, and it feels a bit... generic? Many of their examples show a variety of different muzzled characters and its easy to tell 'oh, that's a crux!' or 'that's a cute goat!', but my domesticated dog ends up looking like more of a wolf. To my knowledge, with the initial sketch I was shown, the badge was shaping up to look a lot different? However I did not take a snapshot of the WIP out of courtesy to the artist so I cannot say with certainty that it was redone.

To add to this, a friend of mine who attended the convention with me also commissioned this artist, and have been in the same boat as me in trying to talk to them. When they finally got shown their badge, they noticed some character details for theirs were depicted incorrectly, and also feel as if they were rushed to get them out of the way.

Overall, my experience with this artist was negative, and I have yet to respond to the image of the finished product because I really don't know how to proceed. The artist HAS been courteous, but they're really lacking some sort of means of consistent communication and keeping a solitary art page updated.

Since the work was done, I don't think I should be entitled to a refund, but I do not know if I'm within my rights to ask for a do-over or some sort of compensation?

The artists portfolio/'professional' website is unfinished and they don't have any form of TOS listed for me to reference for this predicament.

Should I chalk this up as a loss? Or is there a tactful way to relay my dissatisfaction for an amicable resolution? I'd rather not post them up here if I have to, so I'd like to be able to give them a good chance in resolving this before resorting to a full-on beware.

Edit: The artist in question became aware of this post and contacted me not long after it went up. We hashed things out and everything is essentially square between us. I don't believe I'll be commissioning them again, but they were willing to talk it out at least.
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Recently, an artist who I support and I'm somewhat friendly with drew me gift art. Unfortunately, it's a kink I'm really not in to at all ( cock vore, if you must know...) and it's left me really uncomfortable and upset.

I left a nice but stern comment, telling him while I appreciated the thought but I wasn't into the subject matter and asked that mention of me be removed from the Artists Comment ( he'd put a little " this is for ... " in it). He's since removed that, but the amount of people jacking off to it in the comments, especially as they seem to be rather gleeful that I'm the one in the submissive role, is very displeasing and I want to be distanced as much as possible from the artwork.

He seemed upset that I wasn't into his kink and mistook a joke I made about a gif he posted as an  " I really like cock vore" from me.

I am not sure if the woman in the picture is meant to be me, or just a random woman. I'm going with the former, as he rarely draws girl characters in these situations. I therefore want him to edit the picture ( he's already offered to send me an edit so it's just a pin up drawing) so the character has substantial changed such as skin colour, hair or they are changed to a guy instead of a girl.

Is this a reasonable request? I'm trying to be friendly with the guy, but he's awkward to work with and seems really annoyed that I didn't like his gift.

Will not name names or link to the image here. But if you stumble upon it, congrats to you. 
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I never thought I'd find myself posting to a group like this. I like to think of myself as sympathetic ... I understand when an artist burns out, they break down ... and in times past, I have just written it off when I've fully prepaid for a commission, its never materialized and the artist has gone completely incommunicado.

I'm going through this once again, unfortunately, and I'd like to know what sort of etiquette there is here. What steps should I take and how long should I wait before reporting an artist?

The money was prepaid as a combination of buying textbooks for a class they were taking on their Amazon wishlist (~US$135) and Paypal (+US$300 for a total of US$435) back around July of 2014 (a year and a half ago). Its high detail "realism" style art, and I knew they had a backlog, so I understood it might be a few months. The artist said they would have a sketch to me by January 2015, but its been more than a year since that date and it hasn't materialized. I poked them once in awhile (I think maybe two or three times over the whole course of the year 2015) and kept getting told it was coming ... but toward the end of the year, around November or so, the artist suddenly disabled their account on FA. A couple months later, they un-disabled and posted a journal apologizing, saying they know they weren't completing commissions, that they were depressed, hadn't completed the course they were taking (the one I bought textbooks for them for as part of the commission price) and they offered refunds.

I didn't immediately jump on that ... I thought they'd get back to it with a shorter commission list (from the other commissioners who would request a refund) ... but a few weeks later, they disabled their account again.

I don't like flogging a downed horse, and I really feel like that's what's happening when I ask for money back from a burned-out artist ... but at the same time, I'm in a tough spot myself right now. I don't have the art I paid for, and have no reasonable expectation I ever will ... and right now that's a chunk of change I could really use.

I sent them an e-mail this past Friday ... how long should I give them before posting to the community? Are there any other steps I should take?

Thanks all. I know artists work hard. And I know artists get burned out. And I feel bad trying to draw blood from someone feeling down. But without even a sketch more than a year after one was promised, I feel I should get my money back.
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So I was curious on what you all would think. This is my first time buying a fursuit from a maker and it's a lot of money to spend.

Now I commissioned this person for a 3/4 fursuit back in November of 2014. I was able to finish paying it off in January of 2015. When I ordered the suit I was quoted 4-5 months roughly.and they warned me it could take longer due to "custom" parts.

I messaged the maker about 1 once a month to see how it was going. I kept getting oh I'm having issues due to this part. And it was always the same part. Well my quoted date came and I asked how it was going and they said they where officially starting to work on the piece. This is 4-5 months later when they quoted to have it finished and they are only just starting it. That really annoyed me but I was like ok only another couple months then.

So I contact them about once a month again with the same response this one thing was holding them up. In the mean time I've seen them post up other commission pieces(which I just hoped they hadn't been ordered after me) as well as ones that they put up for bid.

Well about 3 months after already missing the original quoted time frame they tell me it should be done by the end of the next month, when I contacted them. Ok.

Well obviously it didn't get done well come September/October I finally ask for pictures (which I had requested at the beginning when I filled out their form)they told me they would have pictures for me and that the one item was still giving them issues

Well November hits I've seen no pictures still and I finally have a mini meltdown with the maker. They promised to get me the pictures but they had to rip everything off because of another item they needed to put on. I agreed and so my only pictures are of a head base.

In the mean time they have taken on newer commissions and completed them. Which really made me upset. But I really liked the maker and I don't want to cause them any trouble because they have never given me any reason to not trust them and all of their review have been awesome. But yea idk what to do. Last I talked to them they where sick and they promised me more pictures which they have still not delivered on. What do you all think I should do. I still want my suit and I still want to like the maker so that I can like the suit but I just don't know what to do to actually know I'm getting my suit and that I'm not being taken advantage of.

So I have decided to give the maker a final deadline of 3 months. That should be long enough to make my suit. I have also told the maker that if they don't have it made by the end of the 3 months then I want a full refund.

A few of you where wondering about my mini meltdown on the maker. Which wasn't really as bad as you all think it was me trying to calmly and correctly word how I felt to the maker for making me wait. The maker was nice enough and understand in their responce if not a little harsh sounding(but it could have just been their choice of words). The reason I ound reluctant to force a refund is more the fact that I personally don't like conflict. I will sit back and let people take advantage of me fore a while until I REALLY blow up. And I personally don't like myself when I blow up so I avoid it. I also have other experiences in real life that affected me in the past for this. It's strange because I'm the first to rip into someone if they are doing the same thing to a friend lol.

But like I said I have given them a deadline to meet one that is hopefully not to stressful on the maker and was reasonable. If they don't meet that deadline I requested a refund. If they don't refund me I will take them to court. I really don't want it to go that far but if I must I will. But I want to give them the chance first. As I stated I really like the person they are an AMAZING maker they are just not very good at the buisness aspect and all that jazz of this which is sad really.
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I'm very reluctant to post a beware on this artist, but I'm getting to a point where I'm afraid I'll have no choice.

Back in September I messaged an artist I admired about a colored sketch page, paid the $20 up front, and waited. I acknowledged the fact that she mentioned she was slow on her FA page, but I'd had a previous good experience while she was running a sale -- fast turnaround time for a very cute themed sketch of my character. However, this hasn't been the case this time.

I've been noting her on an intermittent basis to request updates, and she keeps telling me she ought to have updates for me "soon" -- yet has never followed up. Sales get posted, and those always seem to take priority. There are two things that keep eating at me, though.

Her last note was basically to tell me that she had a hangover and she'd get back to me the next day; that was on New Year's Day. Additionally, she posted a journal where she mentioned that her resolution was to have all commissions in her backlog done by the 18th of January...well, it's the 21st and I still haven't had a single update nor a WIP in the four months that I've been waiting.

I really, really hate to write a beware as she's been nothing but kind in her interactions with me and I'd had a very positive experience with her in the past, but I've never dealt with a situation like this before. I'm a very patient person and I don't mind waiting, but I'd appreciate an open line of communication in case something has come up!

My question now is if there's anything I can do besides just noting? At this point I'm more than sure the Paypal window has passed, and I'd rather just have the art.

UPDATE 02/01: Thank y'all so much for your advice! I gave her another poke, but this time I made sure to ask directly if she had any WIPs or an idea of where I was at in her queue.

I'm supposed to be getting a WIP by Tuesday and the finished product by Saturday, so fingers crossed. Thank you guys again, I'll continue to update this entry!
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This is just a general question for commission artists as I've encountered a situation I never had before. I usually pay immediately or well in advance to an artist (that I trust) when it comes to buying commission work. I recently ordered some custom metal work, from someone. He lets customers know immediately that there's a long wait period up to 10 months, and then once the product is made they pay in full. This person doesn't take advance payments. Most people take full payments immediately before anything gets done, so I'm a little surprised.

The only reason I can come up with is perhaps to avoid chargebacks and paypal issues?
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice regarding a situation I'm currently in.

I commissioned an artist back in June for a new reference sheet of one of my characters. About a month later, they posted a journal saying there would be delays because of life things. They posted update journals every other week through August, but have not posted any since. I reached out to them via email in October and November, but have not received a response.

Aside from lack of communication, my biggest concern is that the commission is for a reference sheet. Since it's essentially a complete redesign, I'm held up from using this character in other commissions, since I don't want to go off of his old ref sheet. I have not seen any WIPs yet, so I can't tell if it's been started or not. I let the PayPal dispute period run last month, so a dispute isn't an option.

My question is this: is it ok to ask an artist to change the commission type to something other than a ref sheet, for equal value, if it appears it has not been started yet? If the wait is too long, I'd prefer to take the ref sheet info to another artist.

If it comes down to it, I can ask for a refund. But I'm willing to wait longer for the commission if I can change it to something other than a ref sheet.

Also, I am not interested in turning this into an actual beware. I'm just looking for advice. I've had two good experiences with this artist in the past, and I'd prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt. Call me naïve, but that's how I feel.
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Hi folks! I'd really appreciate some advice on what to do about a fursuit partial (a set of legs, to be specific) I commissioned back in February.

Long story short, I never received it. In February, I was told it would be done and sent by June. I heard nothing from the maker and got nothing in the mail, so in July I emailed them to ask for an update. They claimed their basement had flooded and the legs were damaged, but they were already "half way" done the new set and would have them sent and done in two weeks. Still nothing. I emailed them a few times in August and they never got back to me. Eventually I made an account on FA and messaged them there, asking what in the world was going on. They read the message and didn't reply.

Meanwhile, they were still uploading other customers' finished pieces and made a post about opening up for new commissions because they were almost finished their queue. I sent them another message this past weekend then messaged them on Facebook, asking they look at the message on FA and get back to me.
(I'm aware I waited too long to contact them, but this is/was my first time dealing with a fursuiter and I knew it would take a while.)

They replied to me on Facebook and said they sent the legs in June. I explained that, according to their emails, they had a flood in July so no, they did not sent them in June. Apparently they deleted all their emails from me to me, including one about sending the legs and including a tracking number - which I never got. They claim they called the post office and was told it was too late for the insurance fee to be reimbursed. I asked them for the tracking number, which they kindly provided, and I called not only my local post office but the post office by their house (which is 2-3 hours from where I live, mind you) and ended up with the same answer: The tracking number does not exist. (In fact, one post office said the tracking number is invalid; it has too many numbers.)

The seller hasn't gotten back to me about this, but I'm under the impression I have been scammed. Needless to say, I am furious because even a partial fursuit can be expensive and that is not money I want just thrown away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I'll try to make this brief, because I'm very irritated right now and mostly want to get an outside perspective on this before I name the person in question or make this a proper beware.

Trade drama, I guess. )
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I commissioned two head shots stylized in the mannerism of a well known cd cover art.

No problem with communication nor payment, gave them the link to my Reference journal all went smoothly.

Headshots took maybe 2 weeks or so, though I was in no rush and no specific deadline was specified, so it didn't bother me.

The first head shot was delivered and was fine.

The second head shot took an additional few days, but when delivered the colors of my character were way off. I contacted the artist to ask which reference he used. upon response he said he used an image listed clearly under my "Favorite Commissions" not under "References". ( https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5393419/ ) I contact them back and saying that that was not a good color ref and the better reference would be her actual reference sheet. I asked if they could recolor the image. To that I received no reply so I waited a day and a half before asking simply if they received my last message (note they were responsive before on average about once every 24 hours when contacted).

I then proceeded to see them make a post on their social media page complaining about "if you send an artist a reference... make sure its accurate"

At this point I am no longer interested in the icons. Emotionally I feel unconnected with them and do not wish to use nor see them as they are a reminder of this unpleasantness. I feel like a big jerk for wanting my money back, but honestly the unprofessional way in which the matter was handled and resulting emotional attachment problems I feel are more than adequate to request such.

NOTE: As a side note I just received a message from them stating, "Please send me a link to a color reference that is accurate and I will have it fixed."

... really REALLY dunno what to do here. Do I ask for my money back citing the unprofessionalism? do i regive the reference and then after make an A_B detailing the issue? Do I point out their error in the first place? (last option doesnt seem like any good would come of it since they blatantly used a non-ref image)
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I have recently commissioned someone to make me a suit and I am not etirely sure what to do. I will not include the name unless necessary. I basically have been waiting for this suit for a long time and have not yet received the rest of the suit. I have received parts of it but am still waiting on the rest. I have not seen pictures and I have been promised multiple times it will get shipped and I will see pictures. Not sure what to do here.
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i commissioned an artist on FA for a chibi back in june and paid upfront. they said that they might get it done quickly, which was a bonus but not necessary. however, now this artist is completely ignoring me, and... i'm not on their current list of commissioners, either. i've sent them two notes asking for updates or a refund, and they've been read/ignored.

in a situation like this, what would be the proper way to proceed? i haven't needed to post an entry to the community before, so i'm unsure if it's something i need to mention to the artist beforehand. for example: "hey, can you please let me know what's going on, otherwise i'm going to need to post about this on A_B". i really don't want to come off like i'm threatening them, but i really have no idea what to do to make them respond at this point. it's so awkward, because they were so nice, and they're active elsewhere... but i'd really like what i paid for.

thanks for any advice you can give me!
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Back in March this year, I needed some fursuit paws and feet making quickly for an event, as my others were worn out. The event was about 2-3 weeks away which I know was real short notice, but I asked around a few Facebook groups anyway. A fursuit maker came forward, while she wasn't well known and her fursuits not super top notch, I only wanted paws and those looked fine. I even checked on here to make sure they weren't listed ( they weren't).

So I went with them, I sent payment and materials to them and they got to work. However, issues started to arrise. The dye for the resin wasn't adhering to the claws. Then the event passed and I didn't have my suit, they apologized and we set a new deadline.

Then when I'd ask for updates ( I wasn't getting any regularly) I'd be told their dog had died, I'd feel bad and leave them for a bit. Then it would be a family member who was severely ill. Now when it's stuff like this, I think you'll agree it's hard because you don't want to call them out if they're upset. It's manipulative as heck.

I was about to ask for an update as she'd given me " They'll be done in 2 weeks" message only to see that they'd apparently been robbed of some value items. Oof.

I have only seen two photos of my items. One phone photo of a pair of unclawed paws and a pair of paws - in the wrong style, mind- wrapped in ductape. This was back in March/April.

At this point, I really just want to go to another fursuit maker as I've had people offer to make them for me at conventions when they found I was without suit.

What should I do, just keep pressing them for updates or ask for a refund and the unfinished item to be sent to me?

Should I AB them?


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