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So.. Back in late 2014 I commissioned a not so well known but talented fursuit maker for a partial fursuit. It was paid off in early 2015. In the beginning I didn't have any real issues, it was going to be finished after a convention and I was really excited. After the con they finished a fullsuit, then a partial, and another partial. They ran into some personal problems and had to delay work which I was completely fine with. After all that they did some refurbs and finished the biggest part of my suit. Now it's been almost 4 months with no updates and broken promises of 'it'll be done in a couple of weeks'.

I just need to know if I'm worrying over nothing or if waiting a year and a few months is too long and I need to do something. Thanks.
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So I was curious on what you all would think. This is my first time buying a fursuit from a maker and it's a lot of money to spend.

Now I commissioned this person for a 3/4 fursuit back in November of 2014. I was able to finish paying it off in January of 2015. When I ordered the suit I was quoted 4-5 months roughly.and they warned me it could take longer due to "custom" parts.

I messaged the maker about 1 once a month to see how it was going. I kept getting oh I'm having issues due to this part. And it was always the same part. Well my quoted date came and I asked how it was going and they said they where officially starting to work on the piece. This is 4-5 months later when they quoted to have it finished and they are only just starting it. That really annoyed me but I was like ok only another couple months then.

So I contact them about once a month again with the same response this one thing was holding them up. In the mean time I've seen them post up other commission pieces(which I just hoped they hadn't been ordered after me) as well as ones that they put up for bid.

Well about 3 months after already missing the original quoted time frame they tell me it should be done by the end of the next month, when I contacted them. Ok.

Well obviously it didn't get done well come September/October I finally ask for pictures (which I had requested at the beginning when I filled out their form)they told me they would have pictures for me and that the one item was still giving them issues

Well November hits I've seen no pictures still and I finally have a mini meltdown with the maker. They promised to get me the pictures but they had to rip everything off because of another item they needed to put on. I agreed and so my only pictures are of a head base.

In the mean time they have taken on newer commissions and completed them. Which really made me upset. But I really liked the maker and I don't want to cause them any trouble because they have never given me any reason to not trust them and all of their review have been awesome. But yea idk what to do. Last I talked to them they where sick and they promised me more pictures which they have still not delivered on. What do you all think I should do. I still want my suit and I still want to like the maker so that I can like the suit but I just don't know what to do to actually know I'm getting my suit and that I'm not being taken advantage of.

So I have decided to give the maker a final deadline of 3 months. That should be long enough to make my suit. I have also told the maker that if they don't have it made by the end of the 3 months then I want a full refund.

A few of you where wondering about my mini meltdown on the maker. Which wasn't really as bad as you all think it was me trying to calmly and correctly word how I felt to the maker for making me wait. The maker was nice enough and understand in their responce if not a little harsh sounding(but it could have just been their choice of words). The reason I ound reluctant to force a refund is more the fact that I personally don't like conflict. I will sit back and let people take advantage of me fore a while until I REALLY blow up. And I personally don't like myself when I blow up so I avoid it. I also have other experiences in real life that affected me in the past for this. It's strange because I'm the first to rip into someone if they are doing the same thing to a friend lol.

But like I said I have given them a deadline to meet one that is hopefully not to stressful on the maker and was reasonable. If they don't meet that deadline I requested a refund. If they don't refund me I will take them to court. I really don't want it to go that far but if I must I will. But I want to give them the chance first. As I stated I really like the person they are an AMAZING maker they are just not very good at the buisness aspect and all that jazz of this which is sad really.
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If a fursuit is sent overseas and arrives safely in the customer's country, and the customer is aware the fursuit has arrived and is sitting in customs, but then the customer fails to pay customs fees in a timely manor causing the fursuit to be returned to the sender, and said fursuit gets lost or damaged in transit on its way back to the sender... what responsiblity does the sender have in said situation?

I have been told "A return trip is not part of expected services. Anyone with legal and logic will know this. It made it safe one way and that made the terms basically fullfilled."
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I made a head for a customer last year who knew at the time they wanted a fullsuit in the future, an extra $200 was put down to buy all the fur needed and that $200 later would be applied to the body price.

The issue here is the bodysuit pattern changed drastically since last year, it got a lot more complex, and to be frank part of why I chose them as a customer when I made the head was because their overall design was easy, I took them as a "cooldown" piece because a lot of what I make is so complex.

Feeling that I agreed to make the rest regardless by charging the $200 and buying the fur I still took them on as a customer for the fullsuit this year.

But now I am thinking that despite having the $200 and the fur I could have stood up and said "this is not what I agreed to last year, I will do the old design or mail you the fur, you'r choice"  but at this point I feel it would be uncool to say anything since I already took an additional payment twoards the fullsuit which futher sealed the deal.

Would it hurt to bring up my concers on the complexity of the body at this point? Because I am feeling like, in spite of myself, I have set things in stone by this point and I need to just quit thinking about it and do the work.
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Hi folks! I'd really appreciate some advice on what to do about a fursuit partial (a set of legs, to be specific) I commissioned back in February.

Long story short, I never received it. In February, I was told it would be done and sent by June. I heard nothing from the maker and got nothing in the mail, so in July I emailed them to ask for an update. They claimed their basement had flooded and the legs were damaged, but they were already "half way" done the new set and would have them sent and done in two weeks. Still nothing. I emailed them a few times in August and they never got back to me. Eventually I made an account on FA and messaged them there, asking what in the world was going on. They read the message and didn't reply.

Meanwhile, they were still uploading other customers' finished pieces and made a post about opening up for new commissions because they were almost finished their queue. I sent them another message this past weekend then messaged them on Facebook, asking they look at the message on FA and get back to me.
(I'm aware I waited too long to contact them, but this is/was my first time dealing with a fursuiter and I knew it would take a while.)

They replied to me on Facebook and said they sent the legs in June. I explained that, according to their emails, they had a flood in July so no, they did not sent them in June. Apparently they deleted all their emails from me to me, including one about sending the legs and including a tracking number - which I never got. They claim they called the post office and was told it was too late for the insurance fee to be reimbursed. I asked them for the tracking number, which they kindly provided, and I called not only my local post office but the post office by their house (which is 2-3 hours from where I live, mind you) and ended up with the same answer: The tracking number does not exist. (In fact, one post office said the tracking number is invalid; it has too many numbers.)

The seller hasn't gotten back to me about this, but I'm under the impression I have been scammed. Needless to say, I am furious because even a partial fursuit can be expensive and that is not money I want just thrown away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi again.

This is the second time this has happened to me, but back in August I finished a fursuit head for a client who commissioned it in January. They were supposed to have it paid off MONTHS before I shipped it out to them (I think April/May) but kept putting it off. The base was completed months before the fur was added on.
However, they received the head and never contacted me after.

Now they're selling it (which I have no issue with) but point out problems they never brought up to me, such as the fursuit head not looking like their character and issues with communication when I sent them regular WIPs. I'm more than positive, however, that they're upset and bringing up drama because I un-added them on Facebook since they were getting into fights with my friends on my posts after I told them to stop.

Before this, I had another client commission me but pay more promptly, but nit-pick on the foaming and then upon receiving the item, never mention anything that was wrong with it and then write a fursuit review on it with pretty much everything you could imagine being wrong that, again, was never pointed out to me.

Is there really anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the future? Others have told me not to stress out about it since it's 2 out of god knows how many fursuits I've built, but it's what they have to say that really soils it for me. I can't improve or do anything if it's not pointed out to me.
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I have recently commissioned someone to make me a suit and I am not etirely sure what to do. I will not include the name unless necessary. I basically have been waiting for this suit for a long time and have not yet received the rest of the suit. I have received parts of it but am still waiting on the rest. I have not seen pictures and I have been promised multiple times it will get shipped and I will see pictures. Not sure what to do here.
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I've decided to stay in China for the long term and therefore am tying up all loose ends just so everything is settled. I really don't know when I'm going to be in the United States again. I will probably return at some point to visit family but I won't be there for very long.

About three years ago, I got a commission for a bodysuit. I never got the commissioner's measurements. For a while (over 2 years) we lost contact, but now we are sort-of in touch again. Before I make any firm commitments on how to process this, I'd like some advice.

The original payment was $350 for a bodysuit
I purchased roughly 5 yards of fur at $25/yardish
In my TOS, the downpayment of 30% is nonrefundable.

I have been wanting to refund this for a while and my initial idea was to keep the deposit, send the materials, and then refund whatever remains after deducting for postage.

I still have the fur, but it's in America, 11,000 miles away. And I can't post it, obviously. I have attempted getting in touch with the commissioner while I was visiting my family, but it didn't work out.

How do I process a refund here? I shut down my main bank account to transition to a Chinese bank. I've been living on a cash basis. My finances are all in RMB. This is a mess, but I also can't live my life and base my finances on a commission from three years ago.

Should I hold off even longer until I can get home and send off the fur? I may go home within the next six months, or sooner if a visa run requires it.

Should I refund everything but the deposit? $200ish is enough for a month's living expenses, and I'm still left with a big box of fur (that's been sitting there for years now).

What do you all think is reasonable?

(Also, I wanted to add: I didn't wait on this project forever because I didn't want to do it. I tried to get contact with the commissioner multiple times and it was established on an intermittent basis. Keeping contact was so hard I even posted a lost contact post here. I was never able to get the necessary measurements because he held off on taking them. It's hard to keep finances in perfect condition when making a big move, especially internationally. Things happen. It's not like I spent that money on candy and burritos.)

An additional problem: the email that the commissioner used consistently bounces, even after contact was re-established following the lost contact post here, and I don't feel comfortable refunding to a paypal that may be inactive.

At this point I'm going to try to find a way to do a full refund, even if it's a struggle to get paypal or alipay or a bank transfer done.
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Hello, all. I have commissioned a relatively well-known maker to build a fursuit head for me. I commissioned them and completed payment in August 2014.

As the year anniversary gets closer, There is little to no work being done on my head. So far only materials have been purchased and the base is apparently cast, cut and hinged, though I have yet to see pictures of this.

I've talked with several of my friends and have come to the conclusion that I want to ask for a refund. They have a large queue, have been difficult to get in contact with, and keep doing other types of projects like sculpting new bases, going out of town, and making premades. A couple of times it has taken them over a week to reply to an email of mine, despite seeing activity regularly on twitter. I feel like the year will have come and gone before I see any progress on my suit, and I'd rather just put the money towards something else. At this point even if the suit was finished tomorrow, I feel so negatively about it that I don't know if I would enjoy wearing it.

The issue has to do with the deposit. They have a fairly common 30% non-refundable deposit used to purchase materials with. They have started the head, barely, but I'm relatively certain that I am entitled to the materials they have purchased, and the base (minus labor costs, obviously). Do you all think that this is reasonable of me? And if so, how do I go about asking for that? I'm going to request a refund either way, and am prepared to eat that 30% if I have to, since I'm just so sick of waiting.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your advice! I'm glad I wasn't mistaken in being technically entitled to materials and whatnot. But after some long thought, I decided that the stress of pressuring the maker and having to deal with shipping (they are in a different country than I am) wasn't worth it. I requested a refund of the 70% that I am definitely entitled to, and they have agreed to return my money.
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This is something very difficult for me to do, but it needs to be done. This happened over the span of a couple years, so much is undocumented up until issues arose as I did not think it would be a problem. However, I feel there is more than enough after the fact. After much advice, I’ve decided to come forward and make a post here about this, mostly to warn people. I took my time writing this as I know there is no action I can take at this point and am very busy.

WHO: Ritz_Bitz / Frostcat-Studio (and FA) / Ritz_Tweeting

WHERE: Online, texts, emails, twitter, and at Further Confusion 2015

WHAT: One full fursuit (~$950)

WHEN: Discussions starting in 2012, first purchase of materials March 4th, 2013, payment from a sponsor on November 25th, 2014, agreement of $200 of payment finalized with attendance at Further Confusion where the suit was delivered, and serious troubles starting shortly after.

PROOF: Many images linked throughout explanation.

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WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/miko-the-fox/

WHERE: Started at Texas Furry Fiesta 2015.

WHAT: Partial fursuit for RioThorbane on FA.

WHEN: Started at Texas Furry Fiesta 2015 to present. Started as a verbal transaction between Rio and Miko. I came in to start on payments and thats when things went downhill.

PROOF: Again, the agreement was verbal and continued on after the con through her and Rio.

EXPLAIN: I was attempting contact with Miko on March 9th to start payments.
I waited a few days and never got a reply. I contacted again on March 11th. Got a reply
http://puu.sh/hIKLX/e50f287d1a.png She was supposedly having issues responding to notes through phone and would hopefully get to a computer soon.
From then I waited...checking on her page occassionally, as she continued to post things for sale/gifts and answer people through shouts.
I attempted to contact her myself via that way and got no reply.
Then, with a mixture of bills and wanting to begin saving for a house, we needed to slow down luxury spending. I attempted contact again with Miko on March 17th.
Again, she read the note, with no reply. I attempted more contacts through shouts, since that seemed somewhat more viable, but was again ignored. Finally on March 24th I got a reply in my shouts.
At this point I was hoping all would be done with, but as the days dragged on, I had no contact with her. I shouted occassionally again, hoping to get a response. I cannot screencap all those sadly, as they have since been knocked off her page. But some are still there.
I had started losing patience.
April 11th http://puu.sh/hILs7/1f86acf3bb.png Still no reply to notes or shouts.
May 4th http://puu.sh/hILxB/a7167cf4aa.png
And suddenly I get a note from her on May 6th.
"stated on her facebook business page" Which is listed nowhere on her FA
And was never given to either Rio or myself.
This is also after promising the refund almost 2 months ago. I sent a note to point this out, albiet a tad out of anger.
As usual, the note was read and I was ignored.
but I'm pretty sure she's just fully ignoring me now, as I sent another note stating that if I was not to get the refund, I would file this Artist Beware and it has gone unread while she is still active on her page, buying things, posting etc.

I find it very unproffessional and feel that "no refunds" was suddenly put in place just to try and shut me up.
Sadly, the $40 downpayment that was given was cash at a con. So I cannot dispute it on Paypal or anything. I have a feeling I won't be seeing the money again, but people need to know about this.


No, she actually does not have a TOS, as a comb through her facebook shows nothing of the sort, along with her stating herself that she doesn't have one yet, instead showing more lack of communication and others demanding refunds.
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WHO: Erro / AlterForge

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/erro http://www.furaffinity.net/user/alterforge

WHAT: A digitigrade fullsuit commission.

WHEN: Concerns first arose around January 2015 when I was informed my suit was behind schedule. Fur had only been ordered for the project that same month, https://dl.dropbox.com/s/66r297amnvxs5gd/Skype%20Fur%20Chat.png?dl=0 Early into February I was informed I'd only have a partial suit available for my due date of February 21st, Texas Furry Fiesta.

PROOF: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/5zv4p2t06sqww50/PayPal%20Proof.jpg?dl=0 Contained is my original transaction for the suit, a one thousand dollar deposit. The refund was issued after requesting I send it as a gift instead of "goods and services." I have no log of this exact request but the refund was issued on his part and resent after funds were added from my bank account. Hopefully that can be somewhat conclusive.
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/d7fc033qdr1g6kn/IMG_20150220_135933.jpg?dl=0 As of my due date, this was the only progress he had to show. It is also the only picture I have of any form of progress. This artist is against progress pics as he feels they aren't representative of his final quality.

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SO um... I have 2 fursuit customers who have been paid in full for a long time, one since the start of August 2014, the other since June of 2014.

I have made tails for both and asked both for their duct tape dummies n such so I can complete the rest, and I have done so on more than one occasion, but I have yet to receive them. It has been months since I had contact with the June customer and I put up 2 shout-out journals on FA trying to reach them, the first in September the second in December. As for the August customer, once they paid in full they seemed to fall off the face of the planet as I have had zero response since that day.

My concern is at the prompting of my peers I raised my prices, and my prices have gone up a lot since last year. I already have it in my TOS that quotes for customers choosing to do payments vs pay in full up front are good for 6 months, and that one needs to pay in full within those 6 months to keep their original price because after that I am allowed to change the quote if I change my prices.
This clause in my TOS keeps me from dealing with past issues were I ended up feeling very underpaid once I was actually able to start a project that sat on my list unpaid for a very long time...

... thing is this time I have 2 projects that have sat on my list a very long time but fully paid for...

...so I am back to the old issue of doing work I feel underpaid for...

....but is there anything I can do about it? I feel like I am in no place to change the prices...
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I really and truly hate having to do this, but I'm starting to get just a tad bit annoyed by an artist and I'm wondering what steps I should take in handling a situation. I'm coming for advice, at the moment, but I fear that if it gets too long (reaching the 1yr full payment mark) I may have to post an actual beware. Because this is just advice, I'm not using my real name or anything associated to myself or the artist. I'm also keeping some dates vague as I don't want the artist to read this and actually penalize me via shoddy work, disappearing, etc in retaliation. Any * mean that it's not the actual amount/date (real dates can be provided to a mod should they be needed). Anyways, here goes:

In October* 2013, I inquired about receiving a quote from the maker for creating my original character, a generic canine*. The maker was quite prompt and pleasant with their response and after giving me my quote of circa $1,000* for a partial, they would be opening shortly. Well, shortly came in December and while I had my deposit, I had a family emergency that required me to chip about $100 off of my deposit. I had been waiting for this maker for months and I emailed them and explained my situation. The maker was quite understanding and entered into a little bit of a good faith agreement with me in the understanding that they didn't like deadlines and work wouldn't be completed until after I had finished paying. So, from my first payment in December until the end of January 2014, I paid a whopping 75% of my partial off. The maker was quite pleased and advised me that I could pause payments simply because they had a big queue. This was fine with me because I had become seriously ill around this time and had to miss much work, resulting in a loss of income for me. It took me about 4 months to scratch the final payment together, but I paid it off, much to the maker's pleasure. The maker informed me that they would be starting on my partial shortly (circa June*).

Due to my still being grievously ill requiring hospitalization, among other issues, I didn't put pressure on the maker as far as sending me updates, swatches, pics, etc. So, in circa September, the maker contacted me and informed me that they would be starting on my character's tail and hands shortly and needed general measurements. I provided the measurements within a day and waited. Another month (October) rolled by and I inquired about updates from the maker and they stated that they would begin plastering the head*. Two months (January 2015) went by and I inquired about my status since the maker had stopped providing journal updates on FA and was told that my partial was UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I had no idea what that meant, but simply hoped for the best. Another month (February) with no updates or swatches and I contact the maker and the maker has apparently had some issues with school and was being faced with being kicked out* but was assured that the maker was working diligently on my suit.

Now, here we are over a year out from when the first payment was sent and almost at a year after the payments have been completed and I haven't seen so much as a star-shaped marking for my suit and I'm completely lost. The maker has stopped posting updated pics of other suits they've worked on, still hasn't provided me with a picture of ANYTHING they've done as far as my suit, and I've seen them working on some suits that I know completed payments after I did. I don't think I'm asking for too much for trying to see a swatch of my character's green* fur or a footpaw, but then again, maybe I am. I really just need some advice on whether I should post the AB or wait it out some more to "give them time for their issues". My only thing is that they didn't begin work on my suit until it was paid, I really don't think it's asking too much for a monthly/bi-monthly update on what you're doing when you have $1000 of my money. I just don't want to see my character ruined because I post an AB and they start "feeling harassed".

TL;DR Here are the things I'd like:

Updates and pictures of my suit's progress
My suit to be completed before the summer ends (they'd have been paid off for around 18* mo then)
A reasonable deadline for completion. I know the maker has in the TOS that they don't like deadlines, but in hindsight, this is really inexcusable because of situations such as these. The maker can hold out on my product until they get ready and technically, they could finish in 5yrs from the original purchase date and still be within their TOS.

Any advice is appreciated and if the mods need the actual dates, I'll send actual dates, times, and information as needed. I just want my suit :'(
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WHO: Skylar Young on Facebook; I don't know of Furaffinity or any other place she offers her services.

WHERE: https://www.facebook.com/para.dox.7758

WHAT: A fursuit costume piece; four-colored goat tail. There was no set completion time but it was said that the product would be started as soon as money went through, as seen in the screencap.

WHEN: Payment sent December 22, 2014, when it was promised it would be started in four days, when the payment went through. Still relevant now ( March 14th, 2015, at time of posting ).

Discussion of transaction, and me trying to contact them at all. I am Taxi Pony, any mention of her name is blocked out per community rules:: http://i.imgur.com/q4CgoDs.png

Paypal proof of payment:: http://i.imgur.com/gr1W0Re.png

Evidence of her continual activity since commissioning the tail can be seen just by visiting her facebook.

Explanation through the link. )
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It's really disheartening to have to come forward with this report, but after having patience and trying to negotiate with the artist, I have begun to feel like I had no choice on this matter, especially after many people have instructed me to come forward. I apologize for this post being very long; I wanted to make sure I included all the details I possibly could.

Who/Where: Fursuit Maker: Frostcat-Studio / Ritz_Bitz / Ritz_Tweeting
When I originally considered looking into getting my first fursuit, I had only heard of this maker through the recommendation of a mutual friend. From looking at their gallery, they seemed to have very nice work and I was given the impression that they could provide me with similar work.

What: One Partial Fursuit ($1200)

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As of now, it is 2/27/15 and we have not resolved the issue at all. I feel like I am constantly being fed excuses, ignored and just treated very poorly in general and as a customer that paid $1200 for a costume that is barely wearable, I feel like this shouldn't be the case? I just feel like I'm stuck in a run around and I can't help but think I'm not doing the wrong thing? This is the first time I've ever commissioned a fursuit so perhaps my inexperience is what keeps this situation from being resolved? I'd be happy to take fault if I knew what I was doing wrong!

I'm hoping that in posting this entry, I can warn people about this maker's shady business practices, lack of professionalism and lack of concern for their customers. I'm also hoping this may be the final nudge needed to get Ritz to acknowledge me and resolve the situation before I file for a charge back on Paypal. $1200 is quite a sum of money to be over drafted and I would absolutely prefer not to financially break this artist. I just want resolution, I want her to give me a game plan and show concern for the situation and give me a refund for the broken product she gave me.

EDIT: 3/4/2015

On the day this entry had been posted, Ritz returned from attending an Anime convention and contacted me. She has posted the caps herself below, however just to be sure, here is the gist of what was said:
-> Conversation <-
While yes, she did offer to refund me $800, she also went on to bring up unexpected bills she mentioned on twitter and debts which made me feel extremely guilty in accepting any money from her when her personal life needed the money so much more. As I have said countless times, I am not out to be a bully in any way; I just want a refund for the broken costume I was given.

Later in the day while I was at work, Ritz confronts me on skype with this:

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Edit 3: Approximately one hour after I had amended this entry with the NDA they proposed to me, Ritz contacted me again and negotiated a refund. Her reply was as unprofessional as the rest and was of course not without an attempted guilt trip. She assumed my commentary about conventions and ski trips were about money when in reality it was about her lack of contact with me (in the cases where I was told she was too busy to negotiate with me). After accusing me of harassment and reminding me about her tax refund, I was asked to give her my paypal and complied. Despite constantly being told that she could not afford to refund me in full, I was suddenly sent the full amount of $1200. This left me a bit unsettled, however I wasn't going to ask any more when I got what I had requested.

I have informed her that I would alter the entry and mark the situation as resolved. I will also be shipping the fursuit back to her this week and will edit the entry one last time to prove I have made good on my end of the bargain.

I want to thank the Artist's Beware community for it's insight and help on dealing with this situation. This community is a valuable resource and I am glad to have been able to use it. As far as this entry goes, while it is now resolved I would still consider it a more than valid beware. I think the entry speaks for itself and down to the very end this maker could not handle a professional attitude. I also want to note that this suit will be refurbished and relisted for sale, so buyer beware in the future.

I am very disappointed that things between this maker and I had to come to this. I was very polite and willing to work with them to accommodate their own situations if they would help me with mine and that refusal just made it impossible. Ultimately, it was not the desire to right a wrong that got me my refund, it was the desire to salvage their reputation that finally made a nearly two month long ordeal come to a close. If the maker had just shown the same concern for me as a client as they did for their reputation, this post wouldn't have had to be made.

EDIT: 3/6/2015: The fursuit has been shipped to Ritz. I can provide a tracking number to the entry if needed and also visual documentation was taken to provide proof the suit was shipped in the most protective way possible, including the individual parts being bagged to prevent weather damage to eliminate any claims proper care was not taken.
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Hello all,

Recently I opened up for fursuit commissions and got a lot of positive feedback about them. I've managed to befriend some of my clients and I'm really happy.
However, one of them wants to add me on every single messenger and site possible. I've ignored most requests but added them on Facebook.

My mental (later physical) health took a turn for the worst and I wasn't able to work for a whole week. Every single day, the minute I got online, this person would pester me with, "How are you?" followed immediately by, "Can you work on my suit?" I've explained that I'm not a robot and that I need time to myself but it hasn't stuck.

Their commission is for a "beginner partial" and they paid rush for it to be done in time for March 1st. I've explained that most of the supplies haven't come in yet so I get asked every single day about that as well.

If that doesn't sound tiring enough, the person wants me to stream every aspect of the suit for them- cutting out fur, me handsewing, gluing stuff, etc. I told them I don't feel comfortable with that and I will only stream the head building, which they've slightly understood... But now they ask for photos of what I'm doing. Every. Waking. Moment. I tried to tell them nicely that I can't work with my messenger constantly going off and they sent me videos and links, then asked "Photos?"

The real kicker is that, while I wasn't working for 5-6 days, they would tell me every day that I was disappointing them because they need this suit for March and that I was "slacking off". It's the beginning of January.

I haven't stressed out about them constantly messaging me yet but it's so aggrivating. What can I really say to them or possibly do? I don't mind having my clients added on Facebook, all of the past ones would pop up maybe once in a while and ask how I was doing (I'd send WIPs when I could) but I've never had someone constantly pestering me. 
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WHO: Royal Tenrou

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/royal-dog and http://www.twitter.com/royaltenrou

WHAT: Fullsuit

WHEN: March 2011 to Now (November 2014)

PROOF: Please note - You have to read the early emails from the bottom up. Click for larger versions.

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I feel I might be posting this a bit early, but I'm starting to get very anxious. I commissioned a builder for a full suit back in February of this year and paid it off entirely in March. Communication was absolutely great until around May. That was the last update I saw of my suit. All I have seen of it thus far have been my hand-hooves and some mask foam-work.

Getting any response from them lately has been exceedingly difficult. I don't like to be a bother, so I tried to make contact every month or so. I didn't hear anything from them for about four or five months, and I was FINALLY able to get a response last week. No real updates, but at least a response.

I was okay with this but a few days ago, they uploaded a pre-made that they have for sale. I assume it was recently finished, as there hadn't been pictures posted of it before now.
This isn't the first time this has happened either. Around the time when I was getting my commission, they were working on one as well. Granted, work could've begun prior to my commission, but it's still a little disheartening.

They've also completed a couple other projects as well between this time. They don't have a public queue as far as I'm aware, but since one was based off of the first pre-made that was uploaded about a month after my commission began, I would assume that this was purchased after mine.

So here are my questions:
1. Is it common for makers to create pre-made suits for sale while they have commissioned work?
2. Is it common for makers to switch things up in a queue, for example if a partial can get done quicker than a fullsuit.
3. I was promised photos a week ago as well as better communication. I don't want to keep hounding them, but how often is appropriate to try to contact someone in this situation?

Thank you for any help you can give.
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WHO: Creating Constellations/Pj Husky/Suits by Paxton

WHERE: https://twitter.com/pjhusky; https://twitter.com/SuitsByPaxton

WHAT: A commission for a set of white handpaws with black claws and pawpads. Originally advertised on Creating Constellations twitter as a promotion to get the word out about the new business. I was told to email them for further contact. Unfortunately this first Twitter account is now gone, as far as I know.

WHEN: First contacted on June 2nd, 2014, paid on June 3rd 2014 in full.

Proof of relation of "Creating Constellations" to "Suits by Paxton" [screenshot]
Proof of relation of "Suits by Paxton" to "PJ Husky" [screenshot]
Photo of paw on Twitter account matches photo in email. [screenshot]

Emails: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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