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WHO: Remix Angel Dragon / Nightwolf Costumes

WHERE: Facebook –business page apparently deleted; tags/links to business page are broken, did most business through personal page
FurAffinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nightwolfcostumes (business, has been cleared out and no submissions are in gallery)
Furry Network https://beta.furrynetwork.com/nightwolf/
Twitter https://twitter.com/remix_dragon

WHAT: Full digitigrade fursuit valued at over $1800 USD , fleece hat valued at $25

WHEN: Dec. 2014 (when first payment was sent) to present (suit was paid in full May 2015)

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Text: WHO: Georgina Layne (HypeSoda/ GrumpyBatFursuits)

WHERE: Facebook
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Grumpy-Bat-Fursuits-871621326237816/?ref=br_rs
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/HypeSoda/

REASON: Scam, lies, ignoring messages (and some behavior)

WHAT: Trade with badges of their characters for their feetpaws (my art for their paws)

WHEN: First started trade 2/23/16, continued throughout the year

EXPLAIN: I was to trade with Georgina some badges I have drawn of their characters, in exchange for their feet paws.
There have been multiple accounts of them telling me they would ship it without actually doing so. I would have to constantly ask for updates before they would tell me that they haven't even mailed it.

I had given them 2 deadlines (Anthrocon and Christmas), both of which were missed.
It has been a year now, still no feet or update on the situation.
(Later screenshots, like the Christmas deadline, I no longer have due to my first account being disabled, without facebook allowing me to gain it back.)

At one point, I had made an advice post on my account (not a beware) shown only to facebook friends asking for their intake of what I should do. A friend of mine also had a trade with Georgina, and canceled it once they heard of my situation.
Georgina then responded in a bit of an outburst.

-Proof of Georgina posting online, instead of responding to my messages
-Extra screens showing their approval of my side of the trade and proof that I sent it is here
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WHO: purqleguy

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/purqleguy

WHAT: Fursuit head, one time payment.

WHEN: April of 2016 was when I bought the head, the deadline was supposed to be July 2016. At the time of writing this (3/24/17) it has been almost a full year past the deadline, and he will not respond to my emails asking about the tracking number of the package he told me he shipped (he said he shipped it a month ago.)

PROOF: Emails: http://imgur.com/a/txDnh Paypal transaction: http://imgur.com/x5G4jo5 I don't remember why I sent it in two parts, but it was sent on the same day as you can see.

EXPLAIN: Long story so I put it under the cut
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WHO: OtterN’Daughter, KeryuOkami, WaterDogWharf
WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/otter.n.daughter/ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/waterdogwharf https://twitter.com/KeryuOkami
WHAT: Fursuit, Full digi-grade with extra padding in legs/arms/tail.
WHEN: First payment was made to Keryu on 7/15/15. I completed my payment plan (Paid in full) on 11/7/15. I did not receive my suit until 2/28/17
PROOF: http://sta.sh/0fch8p7k9cm All payments including shipping

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Current Mood: Frustrated
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WHO: Cuttleb0ne

WHERE: twitter.com/cuttleb0ne

WHAT: A plantigrade fullbody fursuit

WHEN: Quote sent 12/28/15
Down payment sent 01/13/16

PROOF: Proof of all current payment
Only wip I've ever recieved

EXPLAIN: Cuttlebone quoted me $2,500 for a fursuit of my saber character with a payment plan of a 30% down payment and the remaining 70% due on completion. I was very excited for this commission so I sent the down payment on the 13th and told him that my only deadline was this coming MFF in December, expecting that this would be plenty of time to get things done. For a while things were going smoothly, I sent my DTD and some extra payments because I was nervous about making sure I could pay him all off on time, since I wasn't quite sure when he would be complete.

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WHO: SugarNSpiceCostumes or as she goes by on social media, Corpse Cat

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sugarnspicecostumes/

WHAT: The product was a full fursuit, $1,918. 2 full bodies, 2 sets of feet paws (indoor/outdoor), 1 set of hand paws and of course a head and tail. The quality of the suit was to be the same as the ones advertised on her FA page

WHEN: I made the first payment for the suit in 2015, she claims that she started it in April 4th of 2016. I was the only suit she was working on (so she told me, which I have screenshots of and will display)

PROOF: This is a small section of screenshots. To screenshot our ENTIRE chat it would be too many links, but this is times where she's ignored me, times where's she's lied to me, and times where we discussed the product quality, when it would be completed, and the price/payments. I blurred out her paypal and the addresses that are there

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WHO: Victoria10717 known as "FurFancyCostumes" on Furaffinity

WHERE: Links to their Furaffinity accounts

WHAT: Fursuit handpaws, feetpaws, bodysuit with tail attached (fursuit items)

WHEN: First agreed upon commission on the 16th of March 2016, it was also agreed upon that said items would be delivered to me by June 17th 2016, this is still ongoing however and they have not started the commission as I am writing this 16 February 2017, I finally worked up the courage to ask for a refund 2 months ago

PROOF: Proof can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/RAgOm
Proof is in the form of screenshots of conversations I have had with the maker

EXPLAIN: This all started after I purchased a fursuit head off the fursuit auction site "furbuy" from someone who bought it from the maker. I decided I wanted to upgrade it to a partial so I reached out to the maker as I needed it done for a specific date which I wouldn't be able to finish the parts by due to life circumstances, this was my only reason for commissioning the maker at the time so I'd have the partial to wear to an upcoming convention.
The maker agreed and assured me it would be there in time for the convention http://imgur.com/rCI396A so I went through with the commission and paid. http://imgur.com/HZDcMjl

I know artists don't like being bombarded with questions from commissioners so I gave them space and just assumed that they would work on it. Time passed and I hadn't seen any progress at all so I contacted them and they told me it was fine and will be done. I contacted them again 2 weeks before the date they assured me they'd have it completed by (as shipping from the USA to Australia takes 2 weeks) and by this point I knew they wouldn't have it done in time, which I was upset about but I let it slide.

Time continued to pass and I was getting more stressed and worried about the commission, I was constantly given sob stories for why the commission wasn't worked on (moving house, relatives dying etc.), which I gave her more time because of, however I was noticing too that she was working on commissions that were paid off after mine.

It became difficult to get into contact with the maker as they began ignoring my messages, I tried switching over to email on numerous occasions which were ignored completely, whereas with notes I would receive occasional replies.

Late September to early October I messaged her asking what was going on and she told me that she was working and making great progress and I started seeing a lot of work from her that she was doing on others commissions suits and I became confident that soon she'd do my commission as she was posting progress as well with her assuring me my suit would be worked on soon http://imgur.com/rrnAKmd so I decided to add a bodysuit to the commission as they also assured me it wouldn't slow my commission but be done with it.

Time continued to pass and more and more I noticed other commissions being done over mine and when I tried contacting the maker I was ignored. Eventually I decided I was putting too much time into this and it was making me too stressed so I wanted to put an end to it and as they had breached the agreement many times I believed I was entitled to a full refund and all they responded with was to follow their "trello" http://imgur.com/oT70pkB to try and get me to no longer ask for a refund. On other occasions I had told them they hadn't made a slot for me on trello which they ignored so even looking at that list, I had no idea where I was on it or if my commission was even being considered in her queue

Then the maker proceeded to provide excuses and reasons as to why they couldn't or hadn't worked on the commission http://imgur.com/AZ7StD9 then claiming that I hadn't paid it off before others she had placed ahead of me, this continued for a little longer with conversation difficult as they continued to ignore my messages

http://imgur.com/OhKbuo8 Finally I was able to get them to agree to send a refund and at this point I was so over it I didn't care about the 35% anymore, so I waited. I hadn't heard anything in over a month later after them claiming they'd send the refund that never came. So I proceeded with the Paypal claim, in order to actually receive a refund. I called PayPal customer service and explained the situation to someone there who told me that I was entitled to a full refund as they hadn't made a proper effort to work on the commission, regardless of what their TOS stated they had broken the agreement.

That's when they finally replied however I still am yet to receive a refund from them as they claim they "don't have the money to refund".
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SO about three years ago I took a materials-only pokemon head comission for a friend, and it went great. Her younger brother loved it and wanted one of his own, so we began planning a full body pokemon cosplay for material cost only. The project kept getting put on hold for one reason or another, usally me being in school or him not having the $300-$500 needed for materials. Now that I've graduated college I have the time for side projects, and now that he has a regular job he has the funding to get started. He was about to send me money via paypal when I asked when he would be sending a duct tape dummy. Long story short, he can't get anyone to help him with it despite living with two people. The three of them are my friends, and they want my boyfriend and I to visit their city (four hours away) so I can make the duct tape dummy.  My boyfriend would need to come because I don't have a car or insurance, so he'd have to be my unofficial taxi. I don't want to waste a weekend driving four hours one way to help with a one hour project; on top of food and gas (I'm diabetic and they never keep food that I can eat) we'd also have to get a hotel because my boyfriend is extremely allergic to their cat. I think it's sort of rediculous to ask that in the first place. They also offered to come to our apartment, but even though they're our friends, hosting them can be really exhausting. Again, I don't feel like going to such effort over a duct tape dummy NOR do I wish to inconvenience my boyfriend that badly. If my friend's brother really and truely can't find someone to help him, I don't think I should do the project, and I told him as much. I know he was excited about getting the costume and he's upset that I've canceled, but what am I supposed to do? I don't feel comfortable working off measurments alone because this costume involves a lot of shaping, and I don't have a dress form to work with. He is tall and extremely slender, so I don't know anyone locally who could act as a body double. Is a duct tape dummy really that unreasonable to request? I know they're standard in the fursuit community, but I don't know about the cosplay community.

My other question involves the shipping of materials. Back when we first started planning, I sent him a thorough list with all the materials we would need, their prices, and sources to purchase them. His sister works at Joanne's and the fleece we needed went on a really cheap sale, so they purchased $50 of materials and brought them down to me during a visit. It's so much fabric that it takes up an entire moving box, and I've been storing this stuff for over two years. I didn't ask them to buy it and I certainly didn't ask to bring it down, but nevetheless here it is. When I told them I was canceling the project, I said I wanted to mail them back the materials and they could either a) paypal me the shipping costs or b) let me keep some materials and I would pay shipping. They haven't responded, and now I'm not sure if this was inapproriate to ask. My apartment is teeny, so keeping a huge box of stuff really has been an inconvenince for me. I have no use for 90% of the materials and I don't feel I should be responsible for keeping them when I didn't ask to buy it in the first place. I'm fairly sure they're already mad because I won't arrange a trip to make the duct tape dummy, and this is icing on the cake.

If it helps, I'm not terribly concerned about damaging the friendship at this point; it has been declining for months and I just want to move on from this project. I have other cosplays I'd like to work on, and I'm tired of being on hold for this pokemon costume. I did tell him that when he had both the dummy and the money I'd be happy to work with him, but for the time being I had other things to work on. Am I handling this right?
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WHERE: Through Facebook, original sales post was removed by them.

WHAT: $160 DVC small k9 blank with parts installed.

WHEN: August 24th, 2016

PROOF: Initial contact: http://imgur.com/a/Cswp1
Proof of payment: http://imgur.com/a/0iTW8
Asking about shipping: http://imgur.com/a/B6638
Asking again, telling them about USPS pick-up: http://imgur.com/a/pKmd8
Asking, no responses: http://imgur.com/a/zyUQY
Getting a response but nothing promising, then asking for a refund. The last message Facebook says they read was at 2:56. http://imgur.com/a/UAvHV
More being ignored. http://imgur.com/a/WIANH

EXPLAIN: Haley was offering a DVC small canine base up for sale on the "fursuit makers and furry artists" group on Facebook so I hopped on the opportunity since I needed one. Suffice to say I have yet to receive the product and actually ordered 6 resin bases from DVC on the same day a few hours earlier and have already received that before this.

It should be noted that I HAVE called PayPal about it and they refuse to issue me a claim because it was sent through the equivalent of "friends and family" while I had my student account (it sends everything outside of website purchases as such). At this point I may never receive my money nor my product.

EDIT September 19: She has posted a smaller A_B about me to a Facebook group using screenshots I posted above. I censored names of people not involved but she makes bold claims about me scamming other people, calls me "stupid" and a hypocrite, has spent the money I sent for the base so the option of a refund is no longer there and makes some unnecessary comments about my "perfect life". She has yet to message me back since Saturday so I did not know she apparently plans on sending out the base this weekend had I not received these screenshots.

EDIT October 16: I have been asking practically every day for a month now (can provide screenshots, it's mostly just "Any updates?") and finally got them to respond... Just to be ignored again. They claim they'll issue a refund and then go back to the "I'll mail it soon" excuse. At this point I just want the refund because I know I will never see the supplies.

EDIT October 17: Finally got a response... to find out not only is she 15-years-old, but she can't issue a refund anyway and her boyfriend gets involved.
Our conversation (I admit to getting aggressive towards the end, I had a headache): http://imgur.com/a/cop1C
The conversation with the boyfriend: http://imgur.com/a/ZCYLb

She also decided to write a second Facebook Beware on me, it has since been taken down by the admins of the group but she ironically used a screenshot I took in her first piece of evidence. http://imgur.com/a/RaBYC

EDIT October 18: According to the bewaree and her boyfriend the boyfriend's mother mailed out the package this morning but neither of them are able to provide a tracking number. Here's the conversation I had with him today (language/caps warning): http://imgur.com/a/gf5Uv

EDIT October 20: Was blocked by the user but I received the base today. The box was poorly taped together so it buckled in and the base reeks of cat urine so an animal had to have sprayed it.

Base was infected with cockroaches. It turns out (upon ripping up it up) the box has pee and vomit stains on it. Lovely. http://imgur.com/a/lsxEN
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WHO: kgosiarts / reverseinversefursuits

WHERE: Facebook, Personal Account
WHAT: Stuffed Panda Studios Resin Base
WHEN: July 16th 2016 to August 19th 2016

All facebook messages, PayPal invoice and PayPal dispute information -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v845gqftnc2rfrr/AADfxOxNSjQOjetLm49es1R_a?dl=

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Hello there lovelies!

I've found myself in a bit of a sticky situation, and I'm looking for opinions on what the best source of action would be at this point.

So, recently a friend of mine decided they were selling a fursuit head of theirs. Since the character itself is a very beloved one of theirs, they wanted the head to go to someone they trusted. They offered it to me for quite cheap just to ensure it goes to a good home

However, the head itself has some problems
The fur on the muzzle is shedding badly. It has bald spots and needs to be replaced yesterday. The lining in the head was removed due to the fact that it was actually a quilted lining and was trapping heat inside the head. The shaving also needs some touch ups, and several pins were found inside the head after my friend recieved it

It also needs to be changed from her character (who is fairly well known) to a more neutral one

Now, I'm a fursuit maker myself, and making these changes would be abysmally easy for me. However, the original maker does not like other people tuching there work in any way, shape, or form, and makes their customers sign a contract stating they will only return to them for repairs. They also make anyone who purchases any costumes secondhand sign the same form.

The current owner of the head and the maker had a falling out and no longer speak. And Based on the issues above, I don't particularly want to pay to send the head back to them, especially if I can make the fixes on my own

Is attempting to purchase/deal with the situation surrounding this head worth my time, in your opinion?

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So.. Back in late 2014 I commissioned a not so well known but talented fursuit maker for a partial fursuit. It was paid off in early 2015. In the beginning I didn't have any real issues, it was going to be finished after a convention and I was really excited. After the con they finished a fullsuit, then a partial, and another partial. They ran into some personal problems and had to delay work which I was completely fine with. After all that they did some refurbs and finished the biggest part of my suit. Now it's been almost 4 months with no updates and broken promises of 'it'll be done in a couple of weeks'.

I just need to know if I'm worrying over nothing or if waiting a year and a few months is too long and I need to do something. Thanks.
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So I was curious on what you all would think. This is my first time buying a fursuit from a maker and it's a lot of money to spend.

Now I commissioned this person for a 3/4 fursuit back in November of 2014. I was able to finish paying it off in January of 2015. When I ordered the suit I was quoted 4-5 months roughly.and they warned me it could take longer due to "custom" parts.

I messaged the maker about 1 once a month to see how it was going. I kept getting oh I'm having issues due to this part. And it was always the same part. Well my quoted date came and I asked how it was going and they said they where officially starting to work on the piece. This is 4-5 months later when they quoted to have it finished and they are only just starting it. That really annoyed me but I was like ok only another couple months then.

So I contact them about once a month again with the same response this one thing was holding them up. In the mean time I've seen them post up other commission pieces(which I just hoped they hadn't been ordered after me) as well as ones that they put up for bid.

Well about 3 months after already missing the original quoted time frame they tell me it should be done by the end of the next month, when I contacted them. Ok.

Well obviously it didn't get done well come September/October I finally ask for pictures (which I had requested at the beginning when I filled out their form)they told me they would have pictures for me and that the one item was still giving them issues

Well November hits I've seen no pictures still and I finally have a mini meltdown with the maker. They promised to get me the pictures but they had to rip everything off because of another item they needed to put on. I agreed and so my only pictures are of a head base.

In the mean time they have taken on newer commissions and completed them. Which really made me upset. But I really liked the maker and I don't want to cause them any trouble because they have never given me any reason to not trust them and all of their review have been awesome. But yea idk what to do. Last I talked to them they where sick and they promised me more pictures which they have still not delivered on. What do you all think I should do. I still want my suit and I still want to like the maker so that I can like the suit but I just don't know what to do to actually know I'm getting my suit and that I'm not being taken advantage of.

So I have decided to give the maker a final deadline of 3 months. That should be long enough to make my suit. I have also told the maker that if they don't have it made by the end of the 3 months then I want a full refund.

A few of you where wondering about my mini meltdown on the maker. Which wasn't really as bad as you all think it was me trying to calmly and correctly word how I felt to the maker for making me wait. The maker was nice enough and understand in their responce if not a little harsh sounding(but it could have just been their choice of words). The reason I ound reluctant to force a refund is more the fact that I personally don't like conflict. I will sit back and let people take advantage of me fore a while until I REALLY blow up. And I personally don't like myself when I blow up so I avoid it. I also have other experiences in real life that affected me in the past for this. It's strange because I'm the first to rip into someone if they are doing the same thing to a friend lol.

But like I said I have given them a deadline to meet one that is hopefully not to stressful on the maker and was reasonable. If they don't meet that deadline I requested a refund. If they don't refund me I will take them to court. I really don't want it to go that far but if I must I will. But I want to give them the chance first. As I stated I really like the person they are an AMAZING maker they are just not very good at the buisness aspect and all that jazz of this which is sad really.
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If a fursuit is sent overseas and arrives safely in the customer's country, and the customer is aware the fursuit has arrived and is sitting in customs, but then the customer fails to pay customs fees in a timely manor causing the fursuit to be returned to the sender, and said fursuit gets lost or damaged in transit on its way back to the sender... what responsiblity does the sender have in said situation?

I have been told "A return trip is not part of expected services. Anyone with legal and logic will know this. It made it safe one way and that made the terms basically fullfilled."
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I made a head for a customer last year who knew at the time they wanted a fullsuit in the future, an extra $200 was put down to buy all the fur needed and that $200 later would be applied to the body price.

The issue here is the bodysuit pattern changed drastically since last year, it got a lot more complex, and to be frank part of why I chose them as a customer when I made the head was because their overall design was easy, I took them as a "cooldown" piece because a lot of what I make is so complex.

Feeling that I agreed to make the rest regardless by charging the $200 and buying the fur I still took them on as a customer for the fullsuit this year.

But now I am thinking that despite having the $200 and the fur I could have stood up and said "this is not what I agreed to last year, I will do the old design or mail you the fur, you'r choice"  but at this point I feel it would be uncool to say anything since I already took an additional payment twoards the fullsuit which futher sealed the deal.

Would it hurt to bring up my concers on the complexity of the body at this point? Because I am feeling like, in spite of myself, I have set things in stone by this point and I need to just quit thinking about it and do the work.
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Hi folks! I'd really appreciate some advice on what to do about a fursuit partial (a set of legs, to be specific) I commissioned back in February.

Long story short, I never received it. In February, I was told it would be done and sent by June. I heard nothing from the maker and got nothing in the mail, so in July I emailed them to ask for an update. They claimed their basement had flooded and the legs were damaged, but they were already "half way" done the new set and would have them sent and done in two weeks. Still nothing. I emailed them a few times in August and they never got back to me. Eventually I made an account on FA and messaged them there, asking what in the world was going on. They read the message and didn't reply.

Meanwhile, they were still uploading other customers' finished pieces and made a post about opening up for new commissions because they were almost finished their queue. I sent them another message this past weekend then messaged them on Facebook, asking they look at the message on FA and get back to me.
(I'm aware I waited too long to contact them, but this is/was my first time dealing with a fursuiter and I knew it would take a while.)

They replied to me on Facebook and said they sent the legs in June. I explained that, according to their emails, they had a flood in July so no, they did not sent them in June. Apparently they deleted all their emails from me to me, including one about sending the legs and including a tracking number - which I never got. They claim they called the post office and was told it was too late for the insurance fee to be reimbursed. I asked them for the tracking number, which they kindly provided, and I called not only my local post office but the post office by their house (which is 2-3 hours from where I live, mind you) and ended up with the same answer: The tracking number does not exist. (In fact, one post office said the tracking number is invalid; it has too many numbers.)

The seller hasn't gotten back to me about this, but I'm under the impression I have been scammed. Needless to say, I am furious because even a partial fursuit can be expensive and that is not money I want just thrown away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi again.

This is the second time this has happened to me, but back in August I finished a fursuit head for a client who commissioned it in January. They were supposed to have it paid off MONTHS before I shipped it out to them (I think April/May) but kept putting it off. The base was completed months before the fur was added on.
However, they received the head and never contacted me after.

Now they're selling it (which I have no issue with) but point out problems they never brought up to me, such as the fursuit head not looking like their character and issues with communication when I sent them regular WIPs. I'm more than positive, however, that they're upset and bringing up drama because I un-added them on Facebook since they were getting into fights with my friends on my posts after I told them to stop.

Before this, I had another client commission me but pay more promptly, but nit-pick on the foaming and then upon receiving the item, never mention anything that was wrong with it and then write a fursuit review on it with pretty much everything you could imagine being wrong that, again, was never pointed out to me.

Is there really anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the future? Others have told me not to stress out about it since it's 2 out of god knows how many fursuits I've built, but it's what they have to say that really soils it for me. I can't improve or do anything if it's not pointed out to me.
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I have recently commissioned someone to make me a suit and I am not etirely sure what to do. I will not include the name unless necessary. I basically have been waiting for this suit for a long time and have not yet received the rest of the suit. I have received parts of it but am still waiting on the rest. I have not seen pictures and I have been promised multiple times it will get shipped and I will see pictures. Not sure what to do here.
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I've decided to stay in China for the long term and therefore am tying up all loose ends just so everything is settled. I really don't know when I'm going to be in the United States again. I will probably return at some point to visit family but I won't be there for very long.

About three years ago, I got a commission for a bodysuit. I never got the commissioner's measurements. For a while (over 2 years) we lost contact, but now we are sort-of in touch again. Before I make any firm commitments on how to process this, I'd like some advice.

The original payment was $350 for a bodysuit
I purchased roughly 5 yards of fur at $25/yardish
In my TOS, the downpayment of 30% is nonrefundable.

I have been wanting to refund this for a while and my initial idea was to keep the deposit, send the materials, and then refund whatever remains after deducting for postage.

I still have the fur, but it's in America, 11,000 miles away. And I can't post it, obviously. I have attempted getting in touch with the commissioner while I was visiting my family, but it didn't work out.

How do I process a refund here? I shut down my main bank account to transition to a Chinese bank. I've been living on a cash basis. My finances are all in RMB. This is a mess, but I also can't live my life and base my finances on a commission from three years ago.

Should I hold off even longer until I can get home and send off the fur? I may go home within the next six months, or sooner if a visa run requires it.

Should I refund everything but the deposit? $200ish is enough for a month's living expenses, and I'm still left with a big box of fur (that's been sitting there for years now).

What do you all think is reasonable?

(Also, I wanted to add: I didn't wait on this project forever because I didn't want to do it. I tried to get contact with the commissioner multiple times and it was established on an intermittent basis. Keeping contact was so hard I even posted a lost contact post here. I was never able to get the necessary measurements because he held off on taking them. It's hard to keep finances in perfect condition when making a big move, especially internationally. Things happen. It's not like I spent that money on candy and burritos.)

An additional problem: the email that the commissioner used consistently bounces, even after contact was re-established following the lost contact post here, and I don't feel comfortable refunding to a paypal that may be inactive.

At this point I'm going to try to find a way to do a full refund, even if it's a struggle to get paypal or alipay or a bank transfer done.
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Hello, all. I have commissioned a relatively well-known maker to build a fursuit head for me. I commissioned them and completed payment in August 2014.

As the year anniversary gets closer, There is little to no work being done on my head. So far only materials have been purchased and the base is apparently cast, cut and hinged, though I have yet to see pictures of this.

I've talked with several of my friends and have come to the conclusion that I want to ask for a refund. They have a large queue, have been difficult to get in contact with, and keep doing other types of projects like sculpting new bases, going out of town, and making premades. A couple of times it has taken them over a week to reply to an email of mine, despite seeing activity regularly on twitter. I feel like the year will have come and gone before I see any progress on my suit, and I'd rather just put the money towards something else. At this point even if the suit was finished tomorrow, I feel so negatively about it that I don't know if I would enjoy wearing it.

The issue has to do with the deposit. They have a fairly common 30% non-refundable deposit used to purchase materials with. They have started the head, barely, but I'm relatively certain that I am entitled to the materials they have purchased, and the base (minus labor costs, obviously). Do you all think that this is reasonable of me? And if so, how do I go about asking for that? I'm going to request a refund either way, and am prepared to eat that 30% if I have to, since I'm just so sick of waiting.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your advice! I'm glad I wasn't mistaken in being technically entitled to materials and whatnot. But after some long thought, I decided that the stress of pressuring the maker and having to deal with shipping (they are in a different country than I am) wasn't worth it. I requested a refund of the 70% that I am definitely entitled to, and they have agreed to return my money.


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