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I commissioned Chioro ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/chioro/ ) on February 20th of this year. Just recently I discovered that they have disabled their Fur Affinity account, which is where I had commissioned them. I have attempted to contact them via the PayPal e-mail they provided me when I paid, as well as on their Weasyl, SoFurry, DeviantArt and Tumblr accounts. They have not been active on most of these sites for months, or sometimes years, but I had thought it prudent to try. I'm not looking for a reason why they shut down their account. That's their business. I just want them to get into contact with me, and to get either the art I paid for or a refund. If anyone knows where they may be reached, that would be greatly appreciated.
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EDIT: after a year of waiting and no contact do you think its appropriate to create a beware on this artist as well?

Original Post:

This is a lost contact of Dragondoodles or Draconemignis of Furaffinity. I commissioned them back in 2015 at BLFC (biggest little fur con) for a badge, and have been promised multiple times of its completion, and have apparently been dropped out of contact.

They have deactivated FA, and the email provided for contact bounces now so I'm assuming thats been disabled. Did they do a name change? Does ANYONE have contact as this was a 40 dollar badge and Id love to fund another honest artist with that money rather than just be out the cash. I've asked for refunds over email, notes on FA (pre-disable), and shouts. Have yet to be contacted and since it was an in person cash transaction (I have a physical receipt however) I cant file a dispute.

Any suggestions? help please...

Update 11/23/2016: I reached out to the "Dragondoodles" Facebook page via facebook chat not expecting anything since the page seems abandoned. However; the message has been seen. No response though. Ive sent the message below:


And noticed they were not responding. So I left this as a message, hopefully they get in contact with me. Blocked out my email since its not needed here in this forum.

"I see this message has been seen, if you could email me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com again id like to discuss my refund for my badge please."

Edit to update 11/23/2016: My second message has been seen on facebook but not responded to. I have left them a message stating they have 24 hours from a specific time to respond or a full beware will be posted.

Feeling like I wont be seeing my art or my money, but I'd like to just warn others of this potential scam.
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Greycat is an artist that has not been in contact with me for a very long time.

I first contacted him through his DeviantArt page at: http://greycat-rademenes.deviantart.com/

I tried contacting him again through his G-mail, through DeviantArt, through FurAffinity, and even through Tumblr, but he hasn't been in touch with me. He even took the time to respond to someone else on his DA page a few days ago, but didn't respond to me.

I did receive one part of my commission through his Google Drive, but it would be really helpful if he sent me the links to my other pic which may be on his Google Drive. Both pics I commissioned are NSFW pics.

I just sent him an email through his old e-mail address from Yahoo. I just hope he responds to that one.

If anyone here has any other method of contacting him, any help would be appreciated.
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Hello, AB! I need an advice about some adoptables I bought from another artists. Recently, I noticed I have some interesting character designs I don't use and I don't plan to use ever, so, I decided to sell them. Honestly, I purchased them because I wanted to support the artists and to have character designs by them. These ones (adoptables) aren't just plain one side pictures, they are good reference sheets. I have a problem with one of them. I wanted to contact an artist about reselling this adoptable, but they deleted their FA page, and I don't even remember their email address (so I don't know how much I paid for this reference). What should I do? Is it OK to resell it without artist knowing, or is it absolute no-no?

I also don't remember any friends of this artist, but I know some people who drew commissions for them. But it's kinda creepy to contact them about their commissioner.

The artist nickname was Nonus, hope it's OK to mention it.
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This isn't a beware, however I am wary that it will become one. I've been out of contact with my artist for 4 months now from a commission I paid for back at BLFC 2015 (June). There was steady communication from june 12- july 1st where we were locking down the character id like to change it to. We came to a very easy agreement and I was told "I really like the persona!! I don't get to draw humans enough haha. However I'd need to know what name to put with it! Yours is up next, (I'll be working on it in a few minutes haha) so if you could get back to me asap that'd be great! Thank you!-Caius" This was on SEPTEMBER 14th. Ok sure a wait for commission queue that's fine. I didn't pester them about it I figured I was just waiting my turn in the queue.

This was the last time I've heard from them. I'm hoping someone has been in contact with them and can just relay that they should respond to my shouts or email me or something?
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SadisticFiend on DA commissioned me for a "Halloween Icon" during October, contact was a little spotty during the month and into November and it took me longer than I planned to finish all my work at the end of October through November (my bad, they were informed about the delay and were fine with it) - I noted them on DA on December 9th to inform them their icon was complete but haven't received a reply.  D:
I sent them another note as a nudge on the 15th of this month, but both notes are thus-far unread and I don't know their email or any site they're more active on to get in touch with them.
They haven't yet sent payment, but I also hold off on sending completed images until payment is complete so I'm not especially worried about that, I'd just really like to get their icon to them so I can tick it off my queue.  ;u;

Does anyone here happen to know if they have an FA or Weasyl account? Or perhaps be able to point them my way?
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Hi, everyone! This isn't a beware, but a lost contact with someone I paid for a small commission in June 2015.

On June 25th, 2015, I paid Computernurd @ deviantART for a "Your Character Here" pixel doll. This was around the time that the deviantART community became aware that commissions should be paid for via the "goods/services" option, as paying for commissions as gifts had been commonplace previously. Thus, I paid via "friends/family" and didn't see the issue with it until later, so I'm as much at fault here as the artist.

Seven months later, I still haven't seen the commission and my requests for an update on August 31st and a refund on November 11th have been unanswered. In fact, it seems that this artist hasn't been online at all since then. Does anyone here happen to know how to get into contact with them? There are no alternate accounts listed on their page, unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!
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WolfyDarkPaws requested a commission last year around October when I was very busy, I told them I would only be able to really start working on their picture January 2016 but they would have a spot in my waiting list. They were alright with this and paid me in full before hand, even though they were aware no real progress would be done until January.

A month later, about November or so I managed to sketch out their commission and email it to them. They are very grateful and excited for the picture and told me to continue on.

Fast Forward to January and now with less work on my hands I start working on their commission again. However this time when I email them a WIP I received no response. Concerned about this I went to check their FurAffinity as an alternate means of contacting them but they seem to have disabled their page and so far I have found no other way of contacting them.

This raises the following issue: I was paid in full and if the commissioner cannot be contacted in the next month the abandonment clause of my ToS states I can drop the commission and refund them, however some degree of progress was already started on the picture, should I still do a full refund or should I keep the equivalent of the progress so far.

If you have any information on WolfyDarkPaws or advice on how to handle the refund situation do let me know.
Thank you!

EDIT: I finally managed to communicate with the commissioner again. It appears it was a case of emails not being recieved. Thank you for your feedback!
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Okay so this post may be a bit backward to what people are used to, but bear with me.

At Anthrocon this year I had my artbox lost or stolen at the very end of my trip, in that I lost $250++ in art supplies, but more importantly, I lost all my receipts and and commission files that I had commissioners fill out at the con.  I've spent months chasing the hotel/motels I stayed at and airports I used trying to get them to see if they had it incase it ever popped up, but repeatedly never got any responses from them beyond "we'll keep an eye out".

I had my phone number, address, email, social media links etc etc in it, but its clear someone prefered to keep all my art supplies instead.

At this point I have completed about a dozen AC commissions, the ones I could remeber.

This is where I need help, I suffer from memory loss and recall disabilities and I just cannot for the life of me remember or figure out who else commissioned me at AC this year and for what, so I'm hoping at least some of my commisioners will see this!

Also if you know someone who commissioned me and is waiting on me please send them my way!  I've responded to everyone who's contacted me since AC but unfortunately that was only a few people, and I don't have anyones contact info.

Fastest way to get a hold of me is through email at Chronidu[AT]gmail[DOT]com!

EDIT: Here is a list of commissons that I am aware of and/or have completed

Jinash - Minion badge (done this week)
Zippner - 2x Minion Badges (done this week)
Jigglemeats - 2x Minion Badges (done this week)
Narf - Minion Badge (done this week)
Honeyhooves - fullbody sketch (COMPLETE)
Astrozerk - badge (COMPLETE)
Deioth - badge (COMPLETE)
Wooty - Large badge (COMPLETE)
can't remember commissioner name -Jackelope Sketch (COMPLETE)
can't remember commissioner name - 2 bird transformation Sketches (COMPLETE)
DivineFrog - Badge??? ((let me know if this is wrong))
Badger - Full colour traditional piece - (IN PROGRESS)
Hida - Sketch - (IN PROGRESS)

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WHO: Email on form was given as Hallyosy@gmail that's all I have to go on for this.

WHERE: In person at the Ohio furry convention, Morphicon this past May.

Badge commission to be completed at the convention.

WHEN: Paid in full for a badge slot on Saturday of Morphicon.

I had a buyer pay in full for a badge commission to be done at the con, they did not however have access to the character references right then, took my business card and told me they'd email me them shortly. I never received any email, and the buyer never returned to my table the remainder of the convention.

After the convention I sent out an email to the one provided on the buyer's commission form in hopes of touching base and getting the badge done. I still have not received replies to my messages. Since they paid up front in cash, I can't refund without contact.

The character they wanted was pretty unique (they had a costume of it at Morphicon from what I recall?), and I hope someone in the area might know who this is and how to contact them based on this. The character had a CRT monitor/TV head with a humanoid body and punkrocker jacket.

Just a shot in the dark, I'd hate for such a nice person to lose out on getting a badge, and for this to be the first 'missing person' I've dealt with at a con before.
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I had paid for a commission back at the start of May and he said he'd get to it soon. Its been a little over 4 months now and I haven't heard anything back. He's always away on skype and never answers messages. Has anyone heard from him? I'm a bit worried he skipped out on my commission
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Good morning.  Some years back I participated in a conbadge exchange and got Starwind for my chosen one. I found the badge and would like to mail it to her. If anyone knows where I can contact her I'd be most grateful. 

the badge )

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I commissioned Pugodrunk (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pugodrunk/) on June 29th, 2015. This was an in-stream commission for a two-character sketch, which was finished that night and at the end of the stream they told me they would send the file along to me. Since then, I have had no contact with them despite sending them a note on their FA account, as well as sending an e-mail to their PayPal account and attempting to contact them via their Tumblr account. Though, to be fair, I'm not sure if that last one went through or not, as I'm not sure how you can verify such things via Tumblr. They are quite active on their Tumblr account, with their latest posts dating to July 25th of this year, but I have heard nothing back from them. I'm not sure this really warrants a beware, as they did finish the art and all they have to do is send it to me. Besides which, their FA account hasn't been active since I commissioned them so I have no reason to believe they are deliberately ignoring me. But I would love to know if there's some other way I can get in contact with them. I don't want to harass them, but I would like to have them send me the art I paid for.
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Beware - BaeBunny
WHO: BaeBunny

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/baebunny/ + https://twitter.com/baebunnyart

WHAT: A traditional chibi couple set

WHEN: Midwest Furfest 2014.

PROOF: Commission was made in person at MFF, paid in cash. Screenshots of phone conversations are here [NSFW warning, ref sheets] including one final request for contact on 7/23/15 which has so far been ignored.

EXPLAIN: My boyfriend [QuinTheOtter] and I commissioned Baebunny Friday at MFF 2014 for a traditional chibi set. Quin paid in cash. We found Bae Saturday, he said he wasn't done, we said that's fine. Quin and I agreed that if he needed to mail them after the con that's fine. Fast forward to now, we have no art for our money 8 months later and I am posting here to raise awareness of his degraded business practices. Judging by his FA page I am not alone.
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EDIT: Commissioner found and contact reestablished!

I lost contact with a con-goer who commissioned a tiny badge from me during Anthrocon 2015.
I have tried texting the phone number he gave in his order form twice (couple days apart) so I can address and ship his package and unfortunately, no response. His badge name was "Kodi" and the character is a chubby, brown Kodiak bear with glasses (description, no ref sheet link).

I did manage to track down a FA user with the same name and character description and sent them a note, but so far it is unread (FA: Kodi.ack). If someone here knows him or has another site/and email I could use for contact that'd be amazing! Thanks in advance~
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Hi all!

Last year (July 2014) I commissioned Kaymurph (tumblr) but lost contact after I had sent payment. I've sent her multiple emails (to 3 different emails) & haven't received a reply. I see that she tweets infrequently & I think updates her instagram from time to time, but I just haven't been able to get in touch with her via email or tumblr asks. A friend (who also commissioned her) did say she had tried to tweet @ her from time to time but never received a response.

If someone here knows her or knows how to get in contact her, that'd be amazing! Thanks.
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I accidentaly lost contact with someone I commissioned a badge from at Anthrocon. I thought I had picked up a buisness card but after looking through my backpack and my AC bag I can't find it. The artist was in the Dealer's Den. I commissioned a $15 chibi badge from them. All I can remember is that their commission sheet had an "Add metallic accents" option and I have a feeling their name started with "R".

If someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. I haven't had any issues or anything, it just bugs me that I forgot their name.
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Hi all,
I wanted to check in with this community and see if anyone has heard from the artist Holydust recently (www.furaffinity.net/user/holydust). I have an old outstanding commission with her, and the last time I heard anything was in 2013. She seems to have gone radio dark on all of her art sites and stopped responding to email.

Has anyone heard anything from her?

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Hey everyone, this isn't a beware of any kind but I am curious if anyone has heard from, or knows how to contact the FA user cateagle. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cateagle They got a commission slot from me about a year and a half ago, paid up front, I did a basic sketch to see if I had the posing right and I haven't heard from them since. I have sent multiple notes which have gone unread and it doesn't appear he has used or checked into his FA in over a year. If anyone has a way to contact him I would be very grateful!

Edit: Hey! I just wanted to thank everyone for their help, I was able to get in touch with Cateagle here on LJ as it goes to a currently working email for them, so contact has been re-established! Thank you everyone.
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Hello, everyone! This isn't a beware, but a lost contact for an artist that I commissioned over one year ago and haven't heard from in at least six months, possibly more.

The artist is EyeKissa (deviantART) or iKissa (FurAffinity). She has been inactive on both sites for a long time now and I haven't been able to contact her via notes there. I've also emailed the address that was attached to her PayPal, but that was several weeks ago and I still haven't heard back from her.

So, if someone here knows her and how I could contact her, it would be much appreciated!


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