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Text: WHO: HeavyPanda, WerewolfConfess, Henry(As posted on their DA)

WHERE: Stream Commissions, Initial interest was in an FA note.

WHAT: Digital art. $75 Flat color commission with a $15 discount, and a freebie thrown in as a gesture of good faith.

WHEN: Yesterday afternoon-ish. 6/10/2017

EXPLAIN: He came to me on FA expressing interest for a commission. I politely told him to hit me up in my stream if he'd like a commission, which he did. He gave me the info he wanted, I gave him the price, and he agreed to it. I did the artwork, and sent him a freebie as part of my promotion for yesterday's stream commissions and he thanked me. Later on, I find an e-mail from paypal saying that a chargeback has been issued, and I can't fight back with it because it's a digital good, and it was a nsfw picture. I do not have the conversation of our transaction cause it was in stream and I had turned off my computer a while after I was done to take a nap.

I tried contacting him through FA, only to find out that his FA account (HeavyPanda) has been disabled. I tried contacting him through DA (WerewolfConfess), only to find out that he's blocked me. I tried contacting him through e-mail; never received a response.

I've been trying to earn money all week to help pay for my medication for my eyes, and to help my husband cover the costs for a busted pipe that needs to be replaced in our house, and our sink replaced. So getting swindled out of my labor has majorly stressed me out.


Artwork: https://www.dropbox.com/s/of2vx1do9p6lt7h/heavypanda.png?dl=0 - NSFW WARNING




FA Conversation:


Disabled Account:


DA Block (Note the quip on the bottom right where it says I can't comment on his page)




Me trying to contact him through e-mail:



I just got this in my inbox O_o

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WHO: Remix Angel Dragon / Nightwolf Costumes

WHERE: Facebook –business page apparently deleted; tags/links to business page are broken, did most business through personal page
FurAffinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nightwolfcostumes (business, has been cleared out and no submissions are in gallery)
Furry Network https://beta.furrynetwork.com/nightwolf/
Twitter https://twitter.com/remix_dragon

WHAT: Full digitigrade fursuit valued at over $1800 USD , fleece hat valued at $25

WHEN: Dec. 2014 (when first payment was sent) to present (suit was paid in full May 2015)

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WHO: RyunWoofie


WHAT: Digital badge. (forgot how much i paid, since i paid in cash. didn't get a receipt)

WHEN: April 1st, 2016

EXPLAIN: Ordered a badge from Ryun at FWA in the dealers den. We decided to communicate via Twitter DMs. I paid her in person in cash (i know because i cannot find the receipt in either my PP or Square acct). I didn't get a sketch until November. I had to pester her for even that. Poked them again in January and they said they would send an updated wip, and I never got that. At the point it had been almost a year so I just decided to ask for a refund in February. They told me it would be a few weeks on 2/21. By the screenshots i'm going to post, they told me they would get it to me in "2-3 weeks." I poked them 2-3 weeks later, on 3/12 and asked for an update. She claimed she would send it that coming week and never did. I asked if I could get it after FWA 2017 because I assumed she'd be making enough sales to pay me back and she said yes. I ask for an update a week after the con, on April 16th and she ignores my message. At this point, I threaten with an AB, and then she promises to get it to me by the end of the week. It is April 24th, 2017 and I have not gotten my refund.

PROOF: 6 part album of our whole convo. http://imgur.com/a/JFu9Q
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WHO: kij3k

WHERE: http://kij3k.deviantart.com

WHAT: 4 flat colored full body images

WHEN: payment was sent june 12th 2016 http://i.imgur.com/kzZdMOg.png

EXPLAIN: I commissioned this person to draw 4 images in june as shown above. I changed the characters june 28th since they had not gotten any work done http://i.imgur.com/i5QUHp4.png In july they said that since they took so long theyd like to shade them, which i responded with this http://i.imgur.com/eIS7sIB.png and that day they got the first one done http://i.imgur.com/iBpTChf.png
The trouble started not long after when they said their computer died and they'd have to take a hiatus http://i.imgur.com/Qebo8tr.png so i decided to ask about my commission and if i would get a refund. I was told that id have to wait http://i.imgur.com/2WwmgT9.png
They returned in september and got a lot of work done but still did not get to mine. In november I sent them a note asking why and got this as a response http://i.imgur.com/F0RYYpg.png once i gave them the references it didnt take them very long to finish another one of mine http://i.imgur.com/WAwaJev.png as you could see here http://i.imgur.com/q6FElBE.png there was a misunderstanding, i mixed up notes and thought that i had paid for shading instead of them offering it for free. I let it go pretty fast, and only found the original notes with what i commissioned later on. Only a few days later they posted this http://i.imgur.com/ZkNHgwX.png though they did not link me to it, i found it on my own while checking their gallery. I figured everything was going well but then realized i hadnt heard from them for a month.
I left them a comment here asking http://i.imgur.com/lq7230B.png and they redirected me to their journal here http://i.imgur.com/5z3xoDc.png
They have a comment on their page saying not to ask about it http://i.imgur.com/krjHDcy.png

A big reason as to why I'm making this beware is because I noticed them taking on more work despite owing me art for about 10 months as you can see here http://i.imgur.com/q5BSvAD.png and here http://i.imgur.com/H925fgn.png

PROOF: everything should be posted above in order.

UPDATE: they posted a journal in response here http://i.imgur.com/rdIc85q.png

UPDATE2: I reached out again via note and i gave them the references again. hopefully it works out now.

UPDATE3: I got one of them. not resolved yet but progress. http://kij3k.deviantart.com/art/good-habits-677623981 im unable to post screencaps at the moment sorry

UPDATE4: Last one was completed this is resolved http://kij3k.deviantart.com/art/cant-feel-my-eyes-680473035

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Text: WHO: Sif.

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sif/

WHAT: Adoptable + referencesheet.

WHEN: 03-05-2017 and ongoing.

PROOF: Linked below.

EXPLAIN: On March 5th Sif had uploaded an adoptable of this beautiful dragon girl. The adopt was just a fullbody front view but also had three headshots sketched out and a fullbody view of her back. As shown here. (NSFW) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9424fkp1nx9z04/1488700798.sif_dragon_girl_adopt.png?dl=0 The Auction said that she would come as is unless Autobought and you could unlock the referencesheet. (I sadly do not have the original image and description saved as she has since not only updated the reference but also edited the description) The Autobuy for the adopt orginally 450 when she first posted but she later dropped it to 400. I bidded on the first day and had a slight bidding war with someone on the next day. After checking her previous adoptable auctions I saw that they usually were autobought and grew nervous as I really wanted her. I didn't have the payment outright so I noted Sif asking if I could put a downpayment of my current bid (170) and send her the rest when I ha
d the payment. She agreed and I sent her my down payment and went on my way. https://gyazo.com/cc786b92ed81990a23c749993a01a95b https://gyazo.com/c61f2f7c07e7c51513860b7d61a2acbc (I didn't screenshot her reply because it's her paypal with a 'Thanks for the help' and I had afterwards sent her a note saying just 'paid' but I can get screenshots if requested.)

On the 13th I sent her a note telling her I had her payment but that I was wondering if I could pay extra to get an additional view of her bent over to show her bits and also asked her about adding a few markings on the parts that weren't drawn yet (like chosing the colour of her tongue and asking if she could have a heart shaped butt marking), She that was fine and that it would be 270 (instead of the 230) I paid and also asked if she could add my personal watermark because of my paranoia of art theft and she said she could as she hates art theft as well. https://gyazo.com/8f980f0d8f4ad9e4f9dd24c2ee92d8fe https://gyazo.com/67215571a8b4888d57cd8d0c920f84bf

On the 15th she has sent me the files and to my surprise it didn't include the full body backview and she didn't colour the tongue the colour I asked. I decided to let the tongue thing slide as it looked fine as is but I messaged her telling her that I was upset about her not having her backview and asked her if she could include it and just take the bent over view off the reference and have it as a 'seperate piece.' She replied telling me that she would but she didn't want to put it seperate and would just do the back view seperate because 'it wouldn't look right' being on there. I asked her why she thought that as I believed it would look better next to it as she had originally advertised.
Image: (NSFW) https://gyazo.com/99c6b3f540b1de92f3ff333cb9c6c1be
Messages: https://gyazo.com/690135c23bddc71482af16a4c303f704

She replied to me telling me "i put too much work on to this picture its not a commission, its an adopt. I will shrink down the back view ." and that she would just refund me 70$. I was upset because not only was I astonished that she responded like that but that she wouldn't have a proper view of her back markings. I told her that I was upset that she responded that way and that I loved her art but I would be writing a beware. She responded seeming upset saying ":C i can draw ya a color sketch of the back view, it will look horrible and not in harmony if i added the back view e.e i was trying to keep it in balance with the ref sheet" and then shortly after sent me a seperate note saying "or i can just add the back view extra... let me do that now" https://gyazo.com/c5af9a3481d9c05e7e2fded9a1e5ec75 https://gyazo.com/62112547ca379ab68a854bc25354aa3e https://gyazo.com/b566322c19009636ca65572e380e76ed

I waited and she responded with the updated piece with the backview. I viewed it from my phone and saw that it was purely just a shot from shoulders to hips but I thought it would be better than nothing and told her it looked lovely. I went back to my pc to save it and saw that it looked extremely sloppy and that was missing a marking on the back of her legs that showed in the bent over view. I noted her about it then looked it over again to notice that the rest of the markings on her hips didn't match either. I messaged her trying to be civil and offered her 40 bucks of the 70 to clean it up and do the markings right as I just wanted it to look right. While I was typing my third note out she replied telling me that "This will be the last attempt. Please refresh..."
Back view: (Slightly NSFW) https://gyazo.com/b7770f3655b518d9fce15c7e8eb5109e
Messages: https://gyazo.com/737a5ac41823d19f85b4c674a41a4fbf https://gyazo.com/61a29f3ccabac28b68cde4c04276ff66

She read my note shortly after I sent it but after a week she hasn't responded and continues to take on more work. I really love this girl and don't want a refund for her. I'm just wanting her to do what I paid her for, or at least the quality since she has given me a partial refund. If she would do the entire view I would send her the partial payment back but currently I'm just very astounded by her behavior as I've worked with her before and never had any issues.
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WHO: Mew / Xionica (fursuit character name)

WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mew | https://www.furaffinity.net/user/xionica/

WHAT: Fursuit partial (being resold) - fursuit shown on their Xionica page.

WHEN: Around March / April 2016 is when I first paid on it. July 9th was my last payment.

PROOF: Everything is chronologically placed in my dropbox but I'll also post the links chronologically through the explanation as well. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7obu4yppo7mpeoc/AABEqW-37KC12Re0dkVVD1eDa?dl=0

Proof that Mew and Xionica are the same person:


She sent me art of the character that wasn't even posted on Xionica's account. She said that's where the fursuit was hosted and that she would sell account, char art, and the FurAffinity profile along with purchase.

This proof shows that I made payments on it and that it was to her paypal she specified:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbdp8rktycbmpot/proof8.png?dl=0 - This was my final payment.

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WHO: MintyMudi (twitter), MudiCommissions (twitter), Mixeddisaster (FA, relatively inactive)

WHERE: Twitter DMs, @MintyMudi

WHAT: An adopt purchase, turned into a traditional badge trade.

August 9, 2016 – Present Day

PROOF: Here's an Imgur album, but I will link appropriate images accordingly: http://imgur.com/a/JN1yv

EXPLAIN: On August 9th, 2016, I posted several characters for sale, and MintyMudi expressed interest in one of them. I was asking $20, and they offered $15 and a small doodle, which I accepted. They sent me the $15 promptly. http://i.imgur.com/q7shtqO.png http://i.imgur.com/QAwRZvM.png

ETA: Minty has come to me with an apology and acknowledged their behavior following my previous communication with them. This shows a willingness to improve and admit fault, and I'm pleased that they did so. http://imgur.com/nzOJQvu

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WHO: SugarNSpiceCostumes or as she goes by on social media, Corpse Cat

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sugarnspicecostumes/

WHAT: The product was a full fursuit, $1,918. 2 full bodies, 2 sets of feet paws (indoor/outdoor), 1 set of hand paws and of course a head and tail. The quality of the suit was to be the same as the ones advertised on her FA page

WHEN: I made the first payment for the suit in 2015, she claims that she started it in April 4th of 2016. I was the only suit she was working on (so she told me, which I have screenshots of and will display)

PROOF: This is a small section of screenshots. To screenshot our ENTIRE chat it would be too many links, but this is times where she's ignored me, times where's she's lied to me, and times where we discussed the product quality, when it would be completed, and the price/payments. I blurred out her paypal and the addresses that are there

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60$ commission. I commissioned once before, took a month more or less, so as it was the same style as the first one, I thought may the same or two would do.

23th june 2016

Skype deleted the first month of june, but here is the log from july to now.

That's the last thing I know from him.


Further details:
So, last year, I commissioned Lando, from InkBunny, a pic from our munks, like a grey and white sketchy style that he does very well. It just took like a month or so to get finished. So, more or less after half year I tried to commission him again. I asked if he was taking commissions that time, and said me yes. So I payed him the amount he asked, more or less the same as the first comm (60$). Said it would take the same time, may a bit more, because he never drew rocket raccoon, I thought it was ok, we all want very good draws. But since then, I only started to have comments like "soon", "the next draw is your comming", and so, as you can see in the pics. I also know that I can be a bit impatient, basically because he WAS my fav artist, but looks he didn't get bothered at all, all the contrary. Once he said me real life things were happening, and I understood that, but since then he told that now could focus on the commission, but only the last pic of the conversation is the last I know from him. He just passed me some sketches from rocket he was practicing and the very initial idea of the commission. Nothing else.

So, as you can suppose, I'm disappointed with who was my favorite artist, who I got friendly chats on skype, and now, I just get ignored and scammed.

I don't know what else I can do. I tried to make in paypal a petition of "asking money" from him, like a refund, last week just to make contact with him, but as always, no response from him. Also mention that in his account of IB has activity.
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WHO: Dauxycheeks on Furaffinity but also goes by Xashy on Deviantart/Dao on IMVU

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dauxycheeks/

WHAT: Digital art. I got this piece with a friend in March of 2015. It was through text dialogue that was agreed that we would get the piece together. I then sent my friend my part of the money, & she sent it to the artist, at the time, the artist & I were also friends so she knew of this arrangement.

WHEN: In March of 2015


My friend & I discussing getting the piece & confirming sending payment (x) (x) (I’ve crossed certain things out for privacy reasons)

Me asking the friend if Dauxy has started working on our piece yet(x)

The statement from my Paypal of me sending the money to my friend(x)

EXPLAIN:  On March 27th, 2015 Dauxy put up a journal that she was taking $25 tentacle wing-its(x). A friend of mine, who is friends with Dauxy, messaged me via Skype & asked if I would like to get a couple piece together with 1 of her characters, after talking for a bit we then decided to get a three way piece instead. I agreed, & wired her $25(As in, I sent my friend the money & then she sent Dauxy the full amount in one payment).

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WHO: xbeansrepublicx, Bean, king beano beano, _Selshocktattoo_, beanscraftsforever

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/xbeansrepublicx/

WHAT: 1 Full colour single character commission

WHEN: Commissioned artist on Sept 20th 2016. After a lot of back and forth, asked for a refund on Dec. 7th 2016. Opened a Paypal Claim Dec 22 2016. Refunded by Paypal on Jan 2 2017.

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EXPLAIN: Mostly covered in the "proof" section. I commissioned Beano, they started the piece, but never showed me the finished version. I asked for a scan and tracking number, they didn't provide either. They said they received the packages back to their address damaged. I asked for photos and they did not provide them. I never saw the commission completed. I asked for a refund, they agreed but did not issue it. I had to open a dispute with paypal in order to get my money back.
It's concerning because Instagram is so easy to switch usernames and dodge customers. They don't appear to use any other site so it would be easy to change their handle, but there's nothing I can do but post about this one. :/
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WHO: Jinxsis (FA) / Jinx_in_boots (Twitter)

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jinxsis/ (FA)
https://twitter.com/Jinx_In_Boots (Twitter)

- 1 Art Box
- 1 Custom Messenger Bag
- 1 Custom Bandanna (for someone else)
- 3 Halloween Badges (Made / Shipped)
- Update to Old Character Reference Sheet

WHEN: January 2014 - October 2016

1/5/2014 - http://sta.sh/01lgl1khf2jw

1/17/2016 - http://sta.sh/087h0ghdhov

10/24/2014 -
Refund Payment Rejected: http://sta.sh/023sa6euym2x
Note asking why it happened: http://sta.sh/01wou4o46eji

10/6/2016 -
Asked about Ref redo: http://sta.sh/01hbsaehhbrd

10/7/2016 - Changes needed: http://sta.sh/01iucqs55vl3

11/21/2016 - Blocked on Twitter

When asked why it happened from the bf:
Pt. 1 - http://sta.sh/01pz49lg1cs8
Pt. 2 - http://sta.sh/017eg7x0eyht


Jan. 5, 2014 - Initially commissioned them to do a Art Box / Custom Messenger bag for me for $75.
Was contacted later that it could not be finished so refund could either be given or trades for the amount owed up to 4 items, no matter what they would be.

Jan. 17th, 2014 - Initially commissioned for a custom printed bandanna for an ex-friend of mine. Was told that also could not be completed and refund was set to happen so refund could either be given or trades for the amount owed up to 1 item, no matter what they would be, and included with offer above.

Oct. 24, 2014 - Refund was offered, but then was receded and not sent due to them not being able to at the time. Again, the refund was switched to the offers stated above with at least 5 things I would want to get no matter what they are.

Oct. 7, 2016 - After the purchase of another character from someone else, I had asked for a small reference sheet change based on a character purchased from someone else. Was told that it would take 2-3 weeks for them to finish.

I had also asked about doing two reference sheets: 1 for a reference sheet for a character I am getting a suit of and 1 edit for the reference sheet above at 0ct. 7, 2016.

On Nov. 21, I had found out I was blocked on twitter when going to contact about the reference sheet to ask if it was completed as of yet so I could send it to a maker. In wanting to know why I was blocked, I had asked my boyfriend to contact the artist and ask what the reason I was blocked if they needed to get in contact me with a commission. They had said they did not need to tell me and would contact me when the commission was over with.

At this point and time, I did not wish to get the commission anymore as not only am I not able to contact them on the main handle I handle my commissions I get from others, but without giving an adequate reason to this block. The time had also been too long, and as a business transaction, as this is treated for only at this point, I only want my refund from this artist.

I am in the process of getting the refund back and was told it would be after Thanksgiving. The guess, since I am not able to contact them myself, nor have they contacted me, is Friday November 25th, 2016.

Was told to my bf that I would be refunded within exactly 2 weeks. Keeping aware and if it is not fufilled by the allotted time, it will be taken up with paypal and chargeback will be filed.

Clarity needed for amount to refund: http://sta.sh/025yfc2xbae5
Amount Clarified and Time for Refund Given: http://sta.sh/01htskdo0p90

Jinxsis had stated to my bf that they would give me the refund by the night of Decemver 9th. They still have not given back the refund, even when she stated she would have been sending the refund this week by the previous claim.
By December 12th, the paypal charge claims will be filed on them by the end of the day. I hopefully will get my money back by then.

Asked on clarity of refund / problem to why she didn't send it 12/09/2016 or 12/10/2016:

Jinxsis has not contacted myself or my boyfriend about the refund being sent through paypal since Sunday, so a charge back on the most recent purchase has been filed. Hopefully with this, the refund will happen and this can be resolved.

Paypal Dispute:

So, after chargeback was completed and paid for the $10, my bf had asked about the account and if it was able to have the rest of the money sent that Jinxsis had said above (proof of clarity for 12/09/16 - 12/10/2016). However, as it seems, they do not have the money anymore and will be sending the money within a few days (again). So the money will be sent a few days before the holiday.

It is confusing at this point and feels as though they are stalling to give back a refund at this point. I still have not had any personal contact with them at all, as said that they would do. So, once more, I have to wait for a refund for hopefully 2-3 more days.


Still, there was no communication directly to me about any of this situation and delay of refund dates have happened.

As of today, December 27th, 2016, I have received back my refund for all items I had previously commissioned. It is considered resolved.

Never again will I commission this person and if you do, please be weary of communication as well as their intake of commissions. I hope no one else has to go through this.
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WHO: BigRottieDawg

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bigrottiedawg

WHAT: Custom 3D model head - trade

WHEN: May 2015

PROOF: Initial contact.
Discussing details one, and two.

EXPLAIN: I received a note from BigRottieDawg shortly after watching him on FA expressing interest in working with me; I'd been on the lookout for a custom 3D head so jumped at the chance! We eventually decided on a trade and I offered a two-character piece for my half which was agreed to. He was able to show me a few progress shots in a very short amount of time which looked great and put us off to a promising start!

My half was completed a couple of days later on May 28th (can be seen here but is NSFW.)

Contact dropped off after that a little and the next update I have record of was in October 2015. (His link to the screenshot of the model was sent in a second note.) At this point the model looked almost finished apart from textures. I am generally happy to wait as long as needed providing contact is good but things dropped off again until August 5th 2016 (he sent me an update while I was out of town but it looked great!) He promised to send me a colour preview the next day but nothing was ever sent.

I sent him a note on September 18th 2016 asking if we could set a final date for delivery to which he offered October 1st, which I agreed to. We're now in November and I haven't heard anything since that date.

Honestly at this point I'm just frustrated; his half of the deal has been mostly finished for the best part of a year from what I can tell but he just isn't delivering. He has opened for commissions since our trade beginning and has delivered most of them, but I think a few customers are still waiting also. :/

EDIT: Received a note from BigRottieDawg the day after this was posted and received the 3D model via email on November 19th so am now marking this as resolved. :)
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The incident occurred earlier in the year, but the artist is again taking commissions without finishing her current list. (Some of the people on the list have been waiting for over a year.) I am putting a record up here just in case.


Sharkfu on DA
Fraud on FA
Vicious on Weasyl
dydoe on Tumblr

Former usernames include: bohemianjc (Twitter/Twitch/?), Atroci (DA), Debauches (Facebook), Plushiez, JamieBroLol




Several digital art commissions. There were at least two that were spaced several years apart. (screencaps below)


Our interactions began in early 2013. She was in a financial crisis and her bank had charged her an overdraft fee. I helped her out by giving her a small loan and when she still could not make ends meet, I commissioned her for a drawing. We fell in and out of contact until summer of 2015, when she was once again in a financial crisis. I commissioned her yet again. In the summer of 2016, I began noting her about the commission, whether she intended to finish it or issue a refund. I got one response saying that she would be willing to refund me, but nothing afterwards. She then posted her journal offering to sell a gryphon design, which is when the screencaps begin.


Our conversation: http://sta.sh/222ie5e1znd0?edit=1
Backup link: http://imgur.com/a/UC2WV


I approached offering a trade: clear all of her debt (and then some) in exchange for the gryphon. I included PayPal screenshots in case she had forgotten about the art. She refused the trade, then attempted to get out of refunding the full amount. (The latter might have been a simple misunderstanding on their part.) She then claimed that she had not received any payment from me. After having PayPal send copies of the receipt to her and providing additional screenshots of receipts, she acknowledged that I had paid her, but insisted that I had sent the money as a gift or loan instead of payment. She also seems to be under the impression that after PayPal buyer protection runs out, she is under no obligation to complete owed work. In addition, she posted several journals asking commissioners to remind her of owed work. Though I did indeed comment on two of them, she deleted the journals and declared that not commenting on the journals meant that I voided all of her obligations. In the end, I provided a screenshot where I did indeed commission her and I finally got my refund.

Though I was lucky enough to receive a refund (and indeed, several others have), there are others who are still waiting. The artist always seems to be in some sort of financial crisis and takes emergency commissions which she does not always complete.

EDITED 11/14/16 with more alternate usernames.
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WHO: Buttbear/Yuristorm

WHERE: http://yuristorm.deviantart.com/

WHAT: Purchase of an character by Yuristorm, with the addition of edits to the design. (The artist allowed the customer to pay extra for edits to be done)

WHEN: November 25, 2013

PROOF: http://imgur.com/a/Jvg6Y Contains everything related to this, but I will be linking to some of them in the explanation post.

Yuristorm (at the time of purchase, known as Buttbear) hosted a journal selling and trading a variety of character designs. I took interest in a centaur and bird gijinka and discussed payment with the artist, along with asking if edits could be done to the centaur to better suit my tastes. (http://imgur.com/vvdd6bP) Payment was sent and the edits were agreed to, with Yuristorm promising to start on the centaur soon.

A month passed and I bumped the note (http://imgur.com/0i086WC) and Yuristorm eventually replied several months later in March. I let the ball slip here and replied a few weeks later in May, letting the artist know I understood they were going through a busy and difficult time and I did not mind waiting. (http://imgur.com/odBMJoi) Yuristorm eventually replied again and again, I took far too long to reply, in February 2015 (http://imgur.com/2bRrhnK ). In 2014, I was an inexperienced commissioning customer that did not realize it was not only the duty of the artist to keep in contact, but the customer as well. It goes both ways I know now. As well, Yuristorm was experiencing health issues that occupied their time in 2014 if I recall correctly (I do not have screenshots of this unfortunately and I apologize, however I do believe there was a journal posted on the matter at the time) and as such, it furthered my disinterest in contacting the artist too often as I wanted to give them space. As such, communication in 2014 was sparse, due to various factors on both our ends.

In 2015 however, at that point it had been a year and more and I saw that I needed to get more "involved" than I had been previously. I was interested in resolving long-standing commissions. I began to bump more frequently, seeing signs of Yuristorm being active on DA, the intervals of the bump still fairly long but better than before timewise. Here is one sent later on in the first week of June. (http://imgur.com/VSjJusC )
http://imgur.com/CldYh0n Here is another bump in the last week of June. Yuristorm replied, apologizing for the delay in replies and artwork, and claiming that they would be done in the next few months. (http://imgur.com/8IxifpN) However there was no reply to the note I sent back. I bumped my note up a month later, in the first week of September. (http://imgur.com/4rq16xH). A couple of weeks later I bumped it up again as I noticed Yuristorm showing activity on DA. (http://imgur.com/e161eTm) Yuristorm responded in November (http://imgur.com/2phVhe5) , promising to finish the edits soon and apologizing for the wait and trouble.

However, no sign of wip or communication appeared from their end and nearly three months later, at the end of January 2016, I sent the artist this note: http://imgur.com/1UxH1Ii Yuristorm replied about five weeks later, in March (http://imgur.com/UwppPbn) , apologizing and thanking me as usual for my patience, and promising again that it would be done soon. A refund was also offered, which is appreciated, but what I wanted was the character.

A couple of months passed with no further word however and at this point in May, I tried something new: Twitter. I realized that Yuristorm had been highly active on Twitter this entire time, and so I decided to contact them there. (http://imgur.com/xD0DjBP http://imgur.com/b102gFV ) Yuristorm responded and replied to the DA note I had sent alongside the tweets. (http://imgur.com/Irr8Ymb ) (http://imgur.com/WjVunvo) We had correspondence, with agreement to use Twitter for ease of access in communication. A deadline of a month was unsteadily agreed and I was given an explanation as to the length of the wait, with me agreeing to allow the centaur to be done in the artist's new style as it was easier on their hands and still as beautiful as the old one.

Promising progress was shown, when bumping the artist on Twitter two weeks later, I received a wip and communication of further ideas and details to the centaur. (http://imgur.com/2kLHlR2) (http://imgur.com/ew1BCnH) A week later, Yuristorm sent along another update on the centaur.(http://imgur.com/iS1SsVH) After discussion, we agreed the centaur looked good and ready for the final version.

Several weeks passed by, the deadline I set having been broken by nearly two weeks. (http://imgur.com/mUSWNB5) Another month went by with no further word or update, so I tweeted to the artist again:(http://imgur.com/G5tppdp) (http://imgur.com/EWQ10iD) The artist again claimed they would be done with the design soon, within a few days even. Two weeks later I tweeted to the artist again, and it appeared a note that had been sent to me earlier in the week did not make it through (http://imgur.com/fzOkWSY). Yuristorm promised to send another one when they were free that day. However I had to poke again on Twitter the next day: http://imgur.com/cW7R4qv It appeared the message had been lost again. However, this time I received the note, which contained a new wip, a sketch of the final centaur design, and with my approval, the artist promised to again finish it soon. (http://imgur.com/avztdF1)

Two weeks went by and I tweeted to Yuristorm in the last weekend of August, (http://imgur.com/FbG1iu8), the artist claiming that the artwork would be done that weekend. However, September arrived, and two weeks later, I tweeted to Yuristorm again, this time asking for visual proof of work being done. (http://imgur.com/PHaSC37) The artist did not give me the lines and claimed to be done the next day, while not responding to my inquiries concerning the oft-mentioned extras. Yuristorm later explained they had missed those particular tweets. After two days had passed by, my frustration had reached its point unfortunately in what appeared to be a long road of being kept waiting and I sent the artist these tweets: http://imgur.com/p5CXXVm

The artist replied to these texts and sent me this note: http://imgur.com/ZGU7hSs The lineart that I had asked to see was actually shown here and I gave my approval for everything to be completed. The next day, finally, the centaur was delivered. http://imgur.com/SwBfghH The extras turned out to be the polished, more highly-refined nature of the design along with the two reference busts. This was acceptable.

In Summary:
-In November 2013, I discussed with Yuristorm the purchase of a centaur with additional edits to its design.
-Communication was sparse in 2014 due to my respecting Yuristorm's health problems and letting the ball slip on my end concerning dutiful communication with the artist. In the time since then, I have become a more experienced commissioner and hope to do my best in being an excellent customer.
-Communication picked up in 2015, with me often having to bump a note every few months to get a reply from Yuristorm, often around the time when the artist grew active on DA again.
-Deadlines were broken what felt like many times:
+ August 2015 - Claimed that the art would be finished by summer's end, and thus the next few months.
+ November 2015 - Technically speaking this was not a true "claim," the artist only said it would be done soon, but since it took all the way to September 2016 for it to be done, I feel it is perhaps worth mentioning.
+ May 2016 - I attempted to set a rough deadline of one month beginning May 14th. It was not kept.
+ June 2016 - Again, claiming to get the art done "soon," while posting a good deal of other art, concerning some commissions and gifts, on Twitter.
+ July 2016 - Claimed at the end of July to be done within the next few days.
+ August 2016 - Claimed at the end of August to be done within the weekend.
-Artist claimed multiple times to be done soon and would put up deadlines that would get pushed back.
-Communication was inconsistent and poor. I will readily admit in 2014 I could have performed better but in 2015 and 2016 I did my best to keep in constant communication with what felt like poor response from the artist's end.
-While I appreciate that the extras promised after this long span of time turned out to be a "beefed" up design and two reference busts, turning a beautiful design even more gorgeous, I am unhappy with the lack of communication on what the extras would be. This is a small matter overall of course, however with the additional troubles experienced when communicating with this artist, it adds up, and hence why I felt it may need to be pointed out as further evidence.
-I understand the artist suffers from hand and health issues and I feel I have been patient concerning the matter, to the excess of nearly three years. However, they have been rather active with art and frequently post monthly art dumps onto DA. It is true that the art drawn is often sketchy and rough, but when there is such a large, monthly quantity of it while wondering where one's art is and seemingly having to tweet every time to get some sort of update...it does not shed positive light on the artist.

I would like to stress that Yuristorm as a person appears to be sweet and nice. In the notes and tweets, the artist is friendly. However, the business side is lacking. There was a long length of time spent waiting for the design, along with what appeared to be poor work ethic (the broken deadlines and claims as an example) and communication. As such, while the matter is finally resolved at last, I am posting this beware to inform people of the artist's behavior with work and timeliness. Essentially, the issue is with the customer service and length of time spent on the matter.

Thank you for your time, everyone.
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WHERE: http://furaffinity.net/user/linkaton-furaito

WHAT: Tiered adopt auction with additional pieces at $50 + $100

WHEN: August 24, 2013 to present.

PROOF: http://imgur.com/a/9fTx6 All proof contained in here. Will link to each in explanation as well.

EXPLAIN: On August 24, 2013 Linka posted an auction for their kiso'jokai. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11441799/ [nsfw - sheaths]

Read more... )

Edit: As of 11/3/16 I have gotten the piece. My partner had sent another note that went read but unanswered so we weren't sure what was going on, but the piece can be seen here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/21625181/

I now consider this resolved.
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WHO: Worms & Bones

WHERE: Homepage: http://www.wormsandbones.com/
Deviantart: http://wormsandbones.deviantart.com/

WHAT: $600 CAD for a one-of-a-kind art doll based on a werewolf character of mine.

WHEN: So arrangements for this commission first started back around late September, 2014, but confirmation happened in November 2015. Details were exchanged from February-March 2015. I paid in two installments. The first installment was March 10, 2015. References were provided on March 21. The second installment was paid on April 8, 2015. Provided below are screen shots of all the email exchanges we've had. What's important to note here is that I've had to email them sometimes two or three times in order to get a response, though to their credit they did always eventually respond. I sent the emails a week, sometimes two weeks, apart (in between months of waiting) as I was trying not to be worrisome. But conversely, I was becoming worried about the lack of communication. The first email I sent asking for an update was on June 3, 2015 with a followup on the 10th. I sent another inquiry on August 15, followed by another follow up on the 29th. I received a reply the following day. This pattern continues for some time, with me checking in every two to three or four months. I was unclear as to how long a commission was actually going to take as no where in their TOS does it state that they can take a year or longer to complete and at no point in the email exchange did they offer an ETA. I eventually became too anxious at their lack of communication and finally sent an email stating as such on December 7th basically expressing this anxiety and the concern over how long it was taking as I had received my previous customs from them in 2-5 months. I assumed that a commission to take maybe 8-9 in between customs and whatever else, especially since Worms & Bones have previously provided great customer care and a superior product. As requested, they did provide me with a rundown on events that was happening/had happened over the past few months to explain why it was taking so long. Up to this point I had only received one WIP (on Sept 1). I received a second Dec. 7, which was included in the response email I got after my inquiry about the length of time it was taking.

Needless to say, communication hasn't really improved. It's still taking a week or more for them to respond to my emails. I've received only 3 WIPs emails. I last requested on update on Sept. 13 as well as a possible ETA. Their response was pretty much the same as their last update - still waiting on their caster and were going fur shopping since they didn't have the right kind. It is now Oct. 11 and I haven't heard anything else.

Although I just recently noticed they have put up a warning in the Contact section of their website that they maybe slow to respond. So at least they tell you that now.


November 30-December 1, 2014 - First discussion of taking on the commission.

Feb. 27, 2015 - Worms & Bones confirms that they can take on the commission.
March 21 - More Details Exchanged. This screenshot also shows me confirming that I paid the invoice.
March 10 - First installment paid.
March 21 - Details Finalized.
April 8 - They sent me the 2nd Invoice.
April 8 - Final installment paid.
June 3 and June 12- First inquiry emails sent. This screenshot shows their response on the 12.
Aug 15, 29, 30 - Second inquiry email sent. This screenshot shows the exchange for that month.
Sept. 1 - First WIP. They emailed ME this time. I was sure things were going to be moving forward finally but two months later...
November 23 - 3rd Inquiry.
Dec. 7th - 3rd Inquiry follow up. This shows the exchange between the two of us during that time. I should point out that their responses are professional and friendly, and they do acknowledge that their commissions take a long time to complete (like, over-a-year-long, I suppose) - information I really wish I had known beforehand. They also provided a 2nd WIP.
Dec. 7th - My response to that last email (Couldn't fit all of it on the same screenshot.)

Feb 10, 17 2016 - 4th inquiry sent about a detail on the WIPs.
So far, so good with their response here. I was pleased that they just responded even if they didn't have a WIP to show me.
April 23rd, May 5 - 5th inquiry. This screenshot shows the exchange from that time period. Also 3rd and last visual WIP.
July 17, 20 - 6th inquiry and their response.
Sept. 13, 19 2016 - Asked for another update and a possible ETA, but no mention of it in their response. I have yet to hear anything about more about the furs and today is Oct. 11.

Read more... )

UPDATE: Worms and Bones has finished the commission, and although I have not received it physically yet, given their previous track record of successfully shipping out items, I have no doubts I will get it eventually. I deem this resolved!

UPDATE: I have Autumn firmly in hand. As usual the quality is wonderful and it's very satisfying to finally have it here. As mentioned above, Worms & Bones are overall pretty good to work with. It's mostly just their communication skills that could use some improvement. And be prepared for a long wait - especially if you're commissioning them!
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Some of you may remember the saga of Pirate Cashoo from a few years ago. She ghosted with a long list of prepaid commissions, some of which were already years old. Her tag here has 11 bewares - but her total queue of customers from FA, DA, Tumblr, and Hentai Foundation was into the hundreds.

My original "beware" post about her was in 2013, regarding images purchased in 2011. It's so old I didn't think there was much use in editing that post.
Old beware link: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/663577.html#comments

Cashoo got back in contact with me earlier this year, and over the past month my old commissions have been completed, in full and to good quality. I'm happy with them.

Pictures (SFW):

Though I'm not excusing the original behavior, making good on a five-year-old transaction is a rare thing, and I give Cashoo props for doing that. Looking through her active Tumblr accounts, she is making a good-faith effort to plug through everything she owes, and has either completed drawings or sent refunds to a lot of people so far.

If you're on her outstanding list and haven't heard from her, she's using pirate-cashoo and tellamine on Tumblr and you should reach out.

You can go ahead and retag my old post as resolved, and I wanted to give this heads-up to anyone who may still be waiting be waiting on images or may still remember the ordeal with her.


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