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I am in a odd situation. A friend of mine commissioned me for a fairly large project sometime ago. The project is large, and I had a lot of life trauma happened to me since then that has prevented me from working on their commission (including moving back to my mother's small home). With a new job, I cannot work on the project due to my little to no free time, nor do I have the space.

Here's the thing..I WANT to refund them! No payments, no promises that I will, but a flat out immediate full refund. I feel guilty for making them wait so long, and have gotten little progress on the project (my fault! I know!). Instead of wanting the refund, the friend writes me a sob story on how they don't want one, how this commission is all they ever felt proud of, and would rather wait..the thing is, with my current career and time, that is unlikely, and I feel as though I will be making them wait forever.

Do I just flat out refund them and say sorry, but I no longer have the time to work on your commission? Say that I would much rather them go to some else who has more time and discipline than I do? I'd HATE to make them wait any longer!

I'm at a loss! It's either my sanity, or making this person feel like crap for refunding them.
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