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Three weeks ago, I submitted a lost contact notice on an artist that I commissioned in June 2015. Because the artist has now deactivated their known account without contacting and/or refunding me or their other commissioners, I'm escalating this to a beware.

WHO: Computernurd @ deviantART

WHERE: http://www.computernurd.deviantart.com

WHAT: "Your Character Here" Pixel Doll ($5.00 USD)

WHEN: The records I have show that I paid for the pixel doll on June 25th, 2015. I later requested an update on August 31st and a refund on November 11th, both of which were never responded to. I haven't heard from the artist at all since the initial transaction.

PROOF: Here is the comment chain where the initial transaction occurred. I then requested an update and, later, a refund, but I never received either. Here is proof that I paid for the commission.

EXPLAIN: As seen in the screenshots provided, I paid for the commission via the friends and family option when the artist requested it, so I understand that I am as fault here as the artist for failing to protect myself. I know better than to trust an artist this blindly now, so I consider it a lesson learned, but I found it suspicious that, within a week of the lost contact notice that I posted, the artist deactivated their account suddenly. The last time I visited their page before it was deactivated, there to-do list had at least three other commissioners on it, so I doubt that I'm the only one who has been scammed.

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