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Beware: Akili-Amethyst

WHO: Akili-Amethyst


WHAT: A digital piece, and a signed print of said piece.

WHEN: They asked for the commission details Aug. 12, 2013

PROOF: My receipt for payment made through RocketHub.

The E-mail I sent giving the details for the commission, just the top to show the date.

The note I sent on DA after I commented about not being on her commission list, and she asked me to note her the details cause she lost them.

Here is her public commission list, I feel obligated to also point out that it hasn't changed much since I was put on it, I think 1-2 names removed and 1-2 names crossed out.

EXPLAIN: On April 8, 2013 I contributed to a RocketHub fundraiser started by Akili-Amethyst's boyfriend/manager. After I sent the details for the commission I wanted I waited and on one of her journals she mentioned the commissions and I asked if they were all listed, because mine wasn't on the list. So she said she didn't have the info and asked me to send it through a note. So I did.
As time goes on and I'm waiting I keep seeing a lot of art posted, but no commissions. I got worried so I kept checking. In the amount of time that I have been waiting she has completed less than a commission a month and only about 1 in 3 of them were ever listed on her commission list. It has gotten me fairly depressed and I finally decided to ask for a refund, I didn't expect to get one and may have come off a little harsh. Note chain read bottom to top.
She hasn't responded to the last note, despite being active on DA, and I doubt she will. It seems that I don't want the art anymore, and she doesn't want to refund, so I guess it will end with her keeping the money and me posting this beware. I just wish I was the only one who had to wait all this time, for nothing, it hurts worse knowing that others are still waiting.

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Howdy, you've left a third party's email uncensored in the large Rockethub campaign screencap. Could you please censor that properly?