Sep. 11th, 2015

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i commissioned an artist on FA for a chibi back in june and paid upfront. they said that they might get it done quickly, which was a bonus but not necessary. however, now this artist is completely ignoring me, and... i'm not on their current list of commissioners, either. i've sent them two notes asking for updates or a refund, and they've been read/ignored.

in a situation like this, what would be the proper way to proceed? i haven't needed to post an entry to the community before, so i'm unsure if it's something i need to mention to the artist beforehand. for example: "hey, can you please let me know what's going on, otherwise i'm going to need to post about this on A_B". i really don't want to come off like i'm threatening them, but i really have no idea what to do to make them respond at this point. it's so awkward, because they were so nice, and they're active elsewhere... but i'd really like what i paid for.

thanks for any advice you can give me!


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