Jan. 7th, 2016

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WolfyDarkPaws requested a commission last year around October when I was very busy, I told them I would only be able to really start working on their picture January 2016 but they would have a spot in my waiting list. They were alright with this and paid me in full before hand, even though they were aware no real progress would be done until January.

A month later, about November or so I managed to sketch out their commission and email it to them. They are very grateful and excited for the picture and told me to continue on.

Fast Forward to January and now with less work on my hands I start working on their commission again. However this time when I email them a WIP I received no response. Concerned about this I went to check their FurAffinity as an alternate means of contacting them but they seem to have disabled their page and so far I have found no other way of contacting them.

This raises the following issue: I was paid in full and if the commissioner cannot be contacted in the next month the abandonment clause of my ToS states I can drop the commission and refund them, however some degree of progress was already started on the picture, should I still do a full refund or should I keep the equivalent of the progress so far.

If you have any information on WolfyDarkPaws or advice on how to handle the refund situation do let me know.
Thank you!

EDIT: I finally managed to communicate with the commissioner again. It appears it was a case of emails not being recieved. Thank you for your feedback!


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