Jan. 18th, 2016

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WHO: Tolenderwolf

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tolenderwolf/


WHEN: March 22nd 2015 - 12th April 2015


Facebook Messages (Multiple Messages)

PayPal Reciept( Note: Real names, shipping & CC details censored

FA Notes (Multiple messages)

EXPLAIN: Auto bought & paid for a two character YCH auction by Tolender as I'd previously won one from them before with good results. I waited for a month with no results and poked them about it. Got the reason being they'd been sick, No problem for me I can understand that.

A few more months go by with no result in art surfacing. I poke him in person at a convention while he's at his dealers table got a half hearted response,

I message on may 14th for more information. Tolender responds saying he's been promoted at work.

Again this is fine. Then on June 28th 2015 Tolender posted a journal apologising to those he owes art saying that over the next three weeks he will deliver on his art.

Come August 2015 with still no signs of art. I contacted him in the hopes of a refund. However his PayPal was closed after it was reported by someone for using it as payment for adult artwork.

I waited for responses from Tolender & received nothing. I opened a dispute with paypal in an effort to recover the funds. On September 2nd 2015 PayPal resolved the claim in my favour. PayPal Resolution

Jan 19th 2016: Tolender has been in contact again apologizing for not doing the work. He has since offered to do the piece for free. The offer was accepted.


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