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WHO: MintyMudi (twitter), MudiCommissions (twitter), Mixeddisaster (FA, relatively inactive)

WHERE: Twitter DMs, @MintyMudi

WHAT: An adopt purchase, turned into a traditional badge trade.

August 9, 2016 – Present Day

PROOF: Here's an Imgur album, but I will link appropriate images accordingly: http://imgur.com/a/JN1yv

EXPLAIN: On August 9th, 2016, I posted several characters for sale, and MintyMudi expressed interest in one of them. I was asking $20, and they offered $15 and a small doodle, which I accepted. They sent me the $15 promptly. http://i.imgur.com/q7shtqO.png http://i.imgur.com/QAwRZvM.png

ETA: Minty has come to me with an apology and acknowledged their behavior following my previous communication with them. This shows a willingness to improve and admit fault, and I'm pleased that they did so. http://imgur.com/nzOJQvu

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WHO: SugarNSpiceCostumes or as she goes by on social media, Corpse Cat

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sugarnspicecostumes/

WHAT: The product was a full fursuit, $1,918. 2 full bodies, 2 sets of feet paws (indoor/outdoor), 1 set of hand paws and of course a head and tail. The quality of the suit was to be the same as the ones advertised on her FA page

WHEN: I made the first payment for the suit in 2015, she claims that she started it in April 4th of 2016. I was the only suit she was working on (so she told me, which I have screenshots of and will display)

PROOF: This is a small section of screenshots. To screenshot our ENTIRE chat it would be too many links, but this is times where she's ignored me, times where's she's lied to me, and times where we discussed the product quality, when it would be completed, and the price/payments. I blurred out her paypal and the addresses that are there

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WHO: Victoria10717 known as "FurFancyCostumes" on Furaffinity

WHERE: Links to their Furaffinity accounts

WHAT: Fursuit handpaws, feetpaws, bodysuit with tail attached (fursuit items)

WHEN: First agreed upon commission on the 16th of March 2016, it was also agreed upon that said items would be delivered to me by June 17th 2016, this is still ongoing however and they have not started the commission as I am writing this 16 February 2017, I finally worked up the courage to ask for a refund 2 months ago

PROOF: Proof can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/RAgOm
Proof is in the form of screenshots of conversations I have had with the maker

EXPLAIN: This all started after I purchased a fursuit head off the fursuit auction site "furbuy" from someone who bought it from the maker. I decided I wanted to upgrade it to a partial so I reached out to the maker as I needed it done for a specific date which I wouldn't be able to finish the parts by due to life circumstances, this was my only reason for commissioning the maker at the time so I'd have the partial to wear to an upcoming convention.
The maker agreed and assured me it would be there in time for the convention http://imgur.com/rCI396A so I went through with the commission and paid. http://imgur.com/HZDcMjl

I know artists don't like being bombarded with questions from commissioners so I gave them space and just assumed that they would work on it. Time passed and I hadn't seen any progress at all so I contacted them and they told me it was fine and will be done. I contacted them again 2 weeks before the date they assured me they'd have it completed by (as shipping from the USA to Australia takes 2 weeks) and by this point I knew they wouldn't have it done in time, which I was upset about but I let it slide.

Time continued to pass and I was getting more stressed and worried about the commission, I was constantly given sob stories for why the commission wasn't worked on (moving house, relatives dying etc.), which I gave her more time because of, however I was noticing too that she was working on commissions that were paid off after mine.

It became difficult to get into contact with the maker as they began ignoring my messages, I tried switching over to email on numerous occasions which were ignored completely, whereas with notes I would receive occasional replies.

Late September to early October I messaged her asking what was going on and she told me that she was working and making great progress and I started seeing a lot of work from her that she was doing on others commissions suits and I became confident that soon she'd do my commission as she was posting progress as well with her assuring me my suit would be worked on soon http://imgur.com/rrnAKmd so I decided to add a bodysuit to the commission as they also assured me it wouldn't slow my commission but be done with it.

Time continued to pass and more and more I noticed other commissions being done over mine and when I tried contacting the maker I was ignored. Eventually I decided I was putting too much time into this and it was making me too stressed so I wanted to put an end to it and as they had breached the agreement many times I believed I was entitled to a full refund and all they responded with was to follow their "trello" http://imgur.com/oT70pkB to try and get me to no longer ask for a refund. On other occasions I had told them they hadn't made a slot for me on trello which they ignored so even looking at that list, I had no idea where I was on it or if my commission was even being considered in her queue

Then the maker proceeded to provide excuses and reasons as to why they couldn't or hadn't worked on the commission http://imgur.com/AZ7StD9 then claiming that I hadn't paid it off before others she had placed ahead of me, this continued for a little longer with conversation difficult as they continued to ignore my messages

http://imgur.com/OhKbuo8 Finally I was able to get them to agree to send a refund and at this point I was so over it I didn't care about the 35% anymore, so I waited. I hadn't heard anything in over a month later after them claiming they'd send the refund that never came. So I proceeded with the Paypal claim, in order to actually receive a refund. I called PayPal customer service and explained the situation to someone there who told me that I was entitled to a full refund as they hadn't made a proper effort to work on the commission, regardless of what their TOS stated they had broken the agreement.

That's when they finally replied however I still am yet to receive a refund from them as they claim they "don't have the money to refund".
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WHO: TheBoredPotato

WHERE: http://theboredpotato.deviantart.com/

WHAT: It was an adoptable auction that they bid on voluntarily ($950)

WHEN: January 21, 2017 onward (has not been resolved)

PROOF: http://ninjakato.deviantart.com/art/Beast-Adopt-No-24-Auction-CLOSED-658794416 (the piece may not be visible to anyone who is not on dA but the description will show.
Proof of their AB'ing the adoptable -- https://i.gyazo.com/245494f2ce97915a214b66738f21fbfc.png
Verification -- https://i.gyazo.com/c5336bb1afa0f9bbba935a8f71268e6a.png

EXPLAIN: On January 21st I posted an adoptable auction which started with a bid of $45 and it grabbed the SB fairly quickly and kind of sat for a while. Then suddenly throughout the day there emerged a bidding war between a one TheBoredPotato and another bidder which got up to some pretty insanely high prices. I had never had anything I drew or made exceed $300 at most so needless to say I was completely floored and chuffed all the same to see this happening.
TheBoredPotato seemed to be serious about their bids as they kept going, claiming they were running out of money but then somehow had gained more money in the middle (*see the bidding chain above) and it kept going on and on and on.
When it finally hit $700 the other bidder noted me asking me when I was going to put up an AB price so they could AB it and I told them I'd cap it at $850 since I was still reeling from what was happening. By the time I went to cap the auction at $850 TheBoredPotato had already bid $900 https://i.gyazo.com/49187c9d4b8808aa886686941b09fef9.png and then bid $1,000 https://i.gyazo.com/24f334d52099b16249be4b18c043040c.png which needless to say nearly made me faint.
Anyway, I capped the auction at $950 and TheBoredPotato agreed to pay that amount and I thought everything was sorted -- the other bidder was gutted she didn't win (I know the other bidder) but accepted the loss.

After they won I noted TheBoredPotato to get the payments started and gave them my PayPal so they would know it was me when I invoiced them after finding out the amount they wanted to pay and so on -- https://i.gyazo.com/2a406eb137270d6d692268b5bb4d06b7.png
They agreed and sent $150.00 right away via the Gift option on PayPal --  https://i.gyazo.com/456e6088369a678e704698cdd8c3ab9e.png without my invoicing them but I had no reason to believe they weren't legit -- after all, they bid nearly a grand on something, I figured you'd be legit enough if you bid that much.
They also stated they were basically minted -- https://i.gyazo.com/bb502fd0a83a96da5c791f660baff926.png claiming their parents paid them 1k a week; I should have seen that as a red flag but rich people exist so... I just assumed.

Anyway, after the $150.00 I figured I'd invoice them for the next payments so I could track them but they never told me when I could invoice them so I waited, then on the 22nd I got another $100 http://sta.sh/027nzr3nsbzv which they sent again via the gift option.
At this point I was a bit uneasy about it but all the same they seemed legit and had even had a bit of a discussion with me about how much they'd wanted a piece of artwork from me and that after they paid this adopt off they'd commission me -- https://i.gyazo.com/46445f158107a091bd9958f9ebe5bdc0.png (this was the 21st still but still relevant).

After a day or so no more payments came in automatically so I figured they'd let me know when they could pay more down, however I then got this in my inbox -- http://sta.sh/0m9lpl8c3er
Now, that didn't alarm me but then I got this as well -- http://sta.sh/0wk41xody9z after I replied to their initial note wishing them well (it sent a day later because it had landed in my drafts folder somehow so it didn't send).
I didn't want to seem like a skeptic because hey, things happen so I sent them and their family well wishings and then the plot thickened -- http://sta.sh/027tzh5zds7y
The part that tripped me off was that their profile says they are 15 years old -- https://i.gyazo.com/4e001cc9d09a6dd47e028364a8276514.png and I immediately wondered why a 15 year old kid would have to even think about fronting their parent's medical bills; more so if their parents were so rich they could give their kid 1k a week... It began to make little to no sense.
However, at the fault of not sounding like a douche canoe I thought it best to give them a bit of time since if something did happen they would need some time to assess their finances and life situation to see if they could continue paying.
On the 26th I finally sent them a note http://sta.sh/01q1d9mm2gsv to inquire about whether or not they could continue to pay and if they couldn't I'd refund them the $200 they'd already sent and give the adopt to the other bidder instead (the other bidder; who I later found out couldn't afford the adopt anyway since after losing they spent their money elsewhere respectfully).
They replied with http://sta.sh/01p5blmxg907, http://sta.sh/01bq6ypajaeh, http://sta.sh/02amvrfc3njl and at that point I realised I was likely being had and I had also inquired with the other bidder about taking the adopt to find out they couldn't afford it either. So, needless to say at this point I was a bit gutted that I had not only lost a $950 bid but was also being wrung out. It all felt a bit too fabricated but again, I didn't want to be a jerk about it so I just went with it as best I could.
Anyway, long story short I asked for the email they used for their PayPal to make sure it was the exact one I had on file --http://sta.sh/023iwhr0ulvu and then refunded TheBoredPotato their $200 on the 26th of January -- http://sta.sh/0t4dadlmw5b via the gift option on PayPal so they would get their full $200 back and that was that -- https://i.gyazo.com/b82b6cdd88a06fb8e9f0b6ff16b01d39.png

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WHO: @DalmyDoDat / @SpotmyTots / @FursaceClub > on Twitter

WHERE: Email / Twitter / http://www.dalmydodatcreations.com/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/DalmyDoDatCreations

WHAT: Fursuit underwear as a gift for a friend of mine

WHEN: Purchased on 03/26/2015

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PROOF: All screenshots are located here:  http://imgur.com/a/PVbWC

This happened almost 2 years ago, so some of my memories are a bit fuzzy but I will do my best to recount everything that happened.  The most recent issues were recent.  This is my first time posting an artists beware.

About two years ago Dalmy posted around about this fursuit underwear they had designed made for fursuits.  The photos were great, and it seemed to be really going well.  I wanted to purchase it for a friend of mine as a gift.  So I went and emailed to ask a question about the underwear and they replied very promptly.  Everything was set and I recieved and paid for my invoice. 1 It totaled $30 which was very fair. 2 And about 2 months later I recieved an email to charge an additional $10 for shipping costs which I paid soon afterwards. 3 4

After everything was all paid I eagerly awaited the delivery to my friend.  But soon, again almost two months later, there was a new email that arrived that said there would be shipping delays due to a convention & illness. 5 Of course, that doesn't bother me, as I understand real life happens.  In the email it was stated that orders would get filled after the convention so I didn't mind the extra wait.   Soon time passed and it's been another 2 months since the shipping delays email and I find out my friend moved and needed it to be sent to another location.  So I emailed Dalmy to try and get it updated and never recieved a response.  Then again, 2 months after that I tried once more to see if it was all set, but I again, never recieved a response or confirmation.  At this point it's been 8 months since the initial order.

I DM'ed their personal twitter to ask what was happening with the order.  I got a reply, and was being told they were being worked on.  12

About a month later another new email arrives talking about how people were getting frustrated with their orders not arriving and filing disputes.  7 One thing that struck me right away was that apparently their Paypal is now frozen because of the disputes that got filed.  There was also promise of them getting out to the new year.  At this point, I was satisfied and assumed that the deadline would get reached this time and everything would work out well.  It was at this point, on the same day, I emailed Dalmy on the email that sent the previous message and again let them know that my friend had a new shipping address and I wanted to make sure it got noted/updated.  8 I recieved no reply.

On April, in 2016, there was a single twitter post on the Fursace's twitter detailing that there will be promises of a video detailing refunds.  9 Nothing ever got made.

After waiting a few more months I started to ask for a refund, due to the lack of results.  My friend had not recieved anything, and emails and communication had ceased entirely.  At this point it was October 2016, it has been 1 year and 7 months since ordering.  10 But then I started to get mail returns on one of the email addresses. 11  I did not get any response.

I continued to ask on their personal twitter what the status of the refund video was, and eventually started to not get any replies at all.  12  Their twitter continued to be active.  And I decided to DM their buisness twitter to see if I could get any results.  16 I did not get a response at this point.

I sent another email (and a few of the addresses got rejected and mail returned again).  At this point I was very frustrated, and it had almost been 2 years at that point.  So I mentioned about going to post on Artists_Beware.  13  I did not recieve a response.

I ended up publically tweeting at them to see if I could get them to check their DMs, because I saw them active on twitter again and that worked.  17 And I got a reply on their buisness twitter and they told me that they will post information about refunds after ANE.  So I thought it would be fine, and waited again. 16 And soon afterwards, after a week or so of again no posts or emails I tweeted at them a few more times to see if there were any updates.  14 15

There has been no further correspondence from Dalmy.  I did try at one point to file a dispute on Paypal, but because their paypal was closed from all the other disputes and also it had been about a year and a half since purchase, they rejected my claim.  At this point I just want my full $40 refund and to move on.

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Paypal gave me a refund. Do not order from these accounts, I have received no response from the artist at all.
I hope they're ok though.

Who: Vinceshop / F-So

Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vinceshop/

What: Palette adopt for $15

When: 29th of October I paid for it, it was promised by the end of November.

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WHO: xhyra/ adurrgtables

WHAT: an egg adoptable that I also drew the larger version of.

WHEN: Was purchased from me several years. Today he posted it to resell it without permission.

Him selling it without permission: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22519095/
My original submission: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13741056/
Me asking him not to resell, which he promptly hid: http://sta.sh/0uv18sjgu24

This was an egg adoptable that he purchased from me a few years back. I have always had the full that my Adoptable's cannot be resold for money. Only given away as a gift to someone or back to me if you no longer feel a connection to it. The adoptable was put up for resale today without my consent. I politely asked him not to resell it and the comment was hidden by him.
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WHO: Piranha.Petting.Zoo on Instagram | Karkass on Furry Amino

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/piranha.petting.zoo/ (set to Private now) & Furry Amino

WHAT: Piranha.Petting.Zoo/Karkass has been has been tracing/altering my art for her Commissions and Trades on Instagram and Furry Amino.

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Who: Vani / VanillaKitsune / @ashketchumsays / stripesandteeth
Where: Twitter
When: Commissioned them June 15th, 2016

I commissioned Vani on their Twitter back in June when they were taking a lot of sketch commissions there. I bought two sketches and received initial passes pretty quickly, but since then it’s been very difficult to get in contact with them much less get an update.

Break down of events and screen caps below cut.
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WHO: Aschenblute

http://aschenblute.deviantart.com/ deviantart
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aschenblute/ furaffinity
Also goes by derwolfsmantel

WHAT: Collab commissions between myself and Aschenblute: they never completed their portions. I covered the full cost of refunds in art myself, leaving me out of pocket for their half - $115USD for four commissions (3 at a full price of $50 and one at $30). A 5th commission with a mutual friend was also refunded for my half. Difficulties trying to get their half of the refunds back from them throughout last year follow.

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WHO: Dauxycheeks on Furaffinity but also goes by Xashy on Deviantart/Dao on IMVU

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dauxycheeks/

WHAT: Digital art. I got this piece with a friend in March of 2015. It was through text dialogue that was agreed that we would get the piece together. I then sent my friend my part of the money, & she sent it to the artist, at the time, the artist & I were also friends so she knew of this arrangement.

WHEN: In March of 2015


My friend & I discussing getting the piece & confirming sending payment (x) (x) (I’ve crossed certain things out for privacy reasons)

Me asking the friend if Dauxy has started working on our piece yet(x)

The statement from my Paypal of me sending the money to my friend(x)

EXPLAIN:  On March 27th, 2015 Dauxy put up a journal that she was taking $25 tentacle wing-its(x). A friend of mine, who is friends with Dauxy, messaged me via Skype & asked if I would like to get a couple piece together with 1 of her characters, after talking for a bit we then decided to get a three way piece instead. I agreed, & wired her $25(As in, I sent my friend the money & then she sent Dauxy the full amount in one payment).

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Subject: Artist Beware - Squidribs
Current Mood: sleepy
Picture Keyword: pic#125110774
Picture Keyword: pic#125110774
Text: WHO: Iprie/Squidribs
Where: http://iprie.deviantart.com/

Late Nov 2013/Early Dec 2013 - Waist-Up and Chibi Commissions

Proof: http://imgur.com/Z5E0zhL

Explain: In November 2013, Iprie hosted an adopt auction with tiers for extra art if the bids went high enough. I won the bid at $42 and paid an extra amount to get the second tier, thus ensuring I got both waist-up and chibi artworks. Payment was sent (http://imgur.com/EjveVMH ) and I gave information on the characters I wished to be drawn. Months passed by and in April 2014, I decided to get in contact with Iprie again to check on the status of my commissions.
http://imgur.com/8A2CH1a They apologized for the delay and some more months passed by before I contacted them once more. http://imgur.com/B93R1ZY There was no reply so I bumped again a month after. http://imgur.com/BFUIv5A They had remained fairly active in this time span with personal artwork and favorites, along with buying commissions.

As 2015 came by, I was growing very concerned with the lack of communication and response from Iprie. I noticed that others were concerned as well. Growing further worried from this finding, I eventually confronted Iprie, now known as Squidribs, in March 2015 via Twitter and email. The artist responded and apologized. http://imgur.com/vnv5jYd They promised to refund me and finish the art. The refund was received, and wips were sent along. Unfortunately, there was no further contact from either of us. As possibly noticed from my previous bewares, I went silent in the past during this time period due to dealing with improving my health situation. That is my fault. The artist however, did not contact me again, and also did not respond to my note that I sent in January 2016. http://imgur.com/F3tsTQL

There was no reply, so I had sort of given up, when to my surprise, I found Squidribs actively posting on Toyhouse in May 2016. I reached out to them, and they again apologized for the lack of communication and art, explaining they had a downward spiral in their health and promised to try and finish the artwork this time. http://imgur.com/yX3I6Gp Toyhouse was agreed to be the place where we would contact one another, so I bumped up the note and asked for updates in June with no reply. Due to that, I bumped again in early July and received an apology for the delay in receiving artwork. http://imgur.com/cliUWku http://imgur.com/c4yrdiN
Three months passed by and I got in contact with Squidribs again to check on the art and engage in some unrelated chitchat. http://imgur.com/03Y8GHI The note was read, but there was no reply. I sent another bump afterward, and that one was unread and not replied to as well. http://imgur.com/HtudeHu

During this time, the artist was very active on Twitter, and remains so. I have tried to reach out to them on the platform as well during August and September. http://imgur.com/K1zQyJa http://imgur.com/AvRVqsc At one point, I was tweeting to Squidribs while they were actively tweeting on Twitter, and yet they did not reply to me. Squidribs was also quite active on Toyhouse during this time period, inquiring after people's adopts and showing up in threads. http://imgur.com/LttWJAB http://imgur.com/GmHP8Rt http://imgur.com/VDtFvpA Squidribs was also designing various characters and seemingly considering doing gift art for some people. http://imgur.com/7mrx7zL The artist did not get in contact with me however, and at this point, realizing that they did not intend to finish their work, I posted an informative PSA to the community. It was to make aware of this particular artist's services concerning owed work. Afterward, I tried to note them again and received a response. http://imgur.com/tXcf82H They apologized once more for leaving owed work uncompleted and promised to keep in touch. As can be seen in the link, this went well for a couple weeks, with me checking in every nine or so days and receiving a small wip of the chibi. At one point, I was even noted by the artist to inform me they were suffering from the flu. This initiative was promising.

Unfortunately, it has been several weeks now, and while they have been active on Twitter and log into Toyhouse, they have not been in contact with me. I have sent them a note about a week or so ago, and it remains unread still. As such, I feel this warrants a beware, as it appears that Squidribs does not intend to complete owed work and will continue avoiding and running away from their responsibilities.

To Summarize:
-Commissioned artist for waist-up and chibi in Nov/Dec 2013
-Communication was highly sparse, and entirely initiated by me except in one case, with artist often apologizing for lack of updates through long stretches of time
-Confronted via email and gained brief contact, but lost it again, which was both our fault
-Regained contact on Toyhouse but eventually lost communication again due to what appeared to be avoidance from the artist
-Wrote a PSA for the community to inform people and confronted the artist again, receiving yet another apologetic reply
-After the promising contact, I am seemingly being avoided again, which has led me to realize that Squidribs will not be completing the artwork and is providing empty promises.

Thank you for your time, everyone.
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WHO: xbeansrepublicx, Bean, king beano beano, _Selshocktattoo_, beanscraftsforever

WHERE: https://www.instagram.com/xbeansrepublicx/

WHAT: 1 Full colour single character commission

WHEN: Commissioned artist on Sept 20th 2016. After a lot of back and forth, asked for a refund on Dec. 7th 2016. Opened a Paypal Claim Dec 22 2016. Refunded by Paypal on Jan 2 2017.

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EXPLAIN: Mostly covered in the "proof" section. I commissioned Beano, they started the piece, but never showed me the finished version. I asked for a scan and tracking number, they didn't provide either. They said they received the packages back to their address damaged. I asked for photos and they did not provide them. I never saw the commission completed. I asked for a refund, they agreed but did not issue it. I had to open a dispute with paypal in order to get my money back.
It's concerning because Instagram is so easy to switch usernames and dodge customers. They don't appear to use any other site so it would be easy to change their handle, but there's nothing I can do but post about this one. :/
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New account: Rattalons
Unread note
Proof of being the same person: 1 2

So on the 20th of this month I had not heard anything back from her and neither DA or two FA accounts had been active for just over two weeks so I didn't decided to message her on FA. Shortly after sending said note I decided to try searching for her else where and by search I mean go through the first two google pages. To my surprise she wasn't hard to find at all. But I did find her under a different name of DA though. The link to the same stream page on both the 0cean FA account and the new Rattalons DA account confirm it to be her. After going through the account I discovered she had been active there for the whole while her other accounts were dead. In fact she was online an hour before I found said account. I've seen she has done an art trade and a free sketch stream as well as personal art.

I wanted to wait a while and see it she would respond to my note of FA just to be nice and give her a chance. Well the note still has not been read and the old accounts have not been active in almost 4 weeks now. I may try messaging her new account, but at this point I feel like this may have been an attempt to run and may happened if I confront her about it again. So yeah...guess those last three pictures are never going to be done.

Edit 12/29/16: So I need to clear up a lot because apparently there was a huge misunderstand of what was happening. So firstly no this wasn't her trying to run off or anything. She had just migrated to DA more it seems. Although an update on her FA page would have helped, but that's all I can really fault her on. I recent the third piece of art today and was told the last two are all most finished and should get to me today or tomorrow.

I feel as though I jumped the gun when posting the original beware about her. I've been scammed before by an artist who did the similar things as this and I guess I only got paranoid that it would happened again. 0cean is a nice artist and since I can't delete my beware here I'll seems have to update it and let everyone know that I was wrong about the whole situation.

Update 1/21/17: Well I guess I should update this because I've been forgetting to for a while. I'm not up to 4 of the 5 pictures promised. That's good, but it seems the artist is back to doing adopts, ych, and personal art. Haven't heard anything from her since Dec. 31. Honestly at this point I'm just thinking fuck it, I got 4 of 5. If the last one isn't done by the end of this month I'll decide to ask for an update or just tell her to forget about it and move on. All in all really disappoint in the artist. I know they've had personal life problems and such, but I just never thought I'd be waiting over a year. Granted had I not received the sketchbook itself I would have just file a paypal claim and moved on. Lesson learnt.
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WHO: Wormskin On Furaffinity
WHAT: Commission Type Was Half Body Digital Art
WHEN: May 1st, 2016 - Present day
EXPLAIN: It started off when I saw his artwork on the front page of FA, I loved their art style and wanted to get a commission from them. after contacting the artist and explaining to them what I wanted (look at the above screenshots) they sent me an email and I paid for it. 7 months later and I haven't heard from this person, I even sent them a note asking about the art but it was never opened.


I really don't know what to do at this point, I'm out of $41and the artist has seemed to just drop off the face of the earth. if ANYONE has any info on this person please note me on FA.

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WHO: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jonsie/
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/meilkei (this account has been disabled)

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: A custom 'Keijin' which was/is their closed species - Paid $150

WHEN: May of 2015, payment was sent on May 22nd 2015

Everything, from the beginning until now, is in these screenshots. Oldest is at the bottom just like how you would read it on FA.
This was when she was still on her Keiiba account, where the original transaction took place.
Here's the sketched of my commission
This is from the past 2 weeks or so from her new account JONSIE.
These are refs that I had sent her when she asked if she could do art of my characters instead. I believe she sent me a message on facebook asking about it.
And lastly, proof of payment.

I'm not really too sure what to put here that's not already in the screenshots, but long story short I had followed her and her art around for quite sometime. We were actually even friends at one point, not super close, but you get the idea. I've always loved her art and she's always been a kind person with a good reputation so what could go wrong? I can't remember if I've ever commissioned her before this point, but other people had and always got what they paid for and in a pretty timely manner. When I first saw her species floating around I kind of fell in love with them and wanted one of my own and once she started to offer customs I jumped at the chance to get one. And the rest is pretty much in the messages. This has been going on since May of last year, and I've tried my best to be patient and understanding because I know life happens. I even opted for different kinds of art to make up for what I had paid for and never even received that. I actually just counted this as a loss after a year of waiting until she messaged me two weeks ago.

So here were are a year and seven months later I have nothing to show for the $150 I paid to her.
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Who: Babbuful on Furaffinity


Commissioned group picture

May 24th 2016 - November 26th 2016


May 24th- Ordered Commission

Also May 24th- Paid Commssion

June 25- Checking in

At this point I request the characters to be changed and she agrees to it.

July 27th- WIP but it's wrong

November 16th- WIP Still wrong and will "have it done soon"

November 26th- No response

May 24th- Ordered Commission
I had ordered a group picture for me and friends to have while making sure it was simple. No bg and only a colored sketch. Easy enough I hoped. It cost $80 dollars.

June 25- Checking in
She had said it would only take a few hours to start on, but after a month passes she hasn't worked on it. Okay fair enough. Art can be hard with a life.

During this time she rants on journals of how hard it is and how people are insulting her for taking so long. I have doubts on this but she has deleted these journals already. Even one about leaving Furaffinity.

July 27th- WIP but it's wrong
Awhile back on skype, I asked to change the characters and she agreed to this. So when she showed me a wip of the art, I told her it was an older one, she says she hasn't updated the art yet.

November 16th-
I again ask about my art from her and she says she has the file of it and will post to trello. However, looking at it, it's the exact same wip I had seen in July. She merely reuploaded it!

Afterward, she says she will have it done by Saturday or Sunday.

November 26th- No response
I think I have the right to ask about my art more frequently now, and what a surprise, she is ignoring me.
She has also been known just to vanish out of nowhere from time to time as well.

I feel as though I have been more than patient, and I really love her art style, but she does not know how to properly organize and must learn to not lie about getting art done.

If she doesn't respond soon with a better wip (just a new sketch) and properly work on it, I will be asking for a refund. Anyone who has gotten art from her should do the same.
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WHO: 0cean/Loreisle

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/0cean/

WHAT: 5 colored digital pictures.

WHEN: Aug. 17th

PROOF: Proof of payment.
Proof of agreement to her terms.

EXPLAIN: So originally I bought a sketchbook commission slot from the artist for $100 back in October of 2015. After paying for the sketchbook I had given her a list of my characters I wanted in the book and choosing a book we both like I made sure to keep a somewhat constant communication with her. Eventually the artist went through a huge rough patch that including moving and a few more personal things. This delayed my commission severely, but I was more that understanding. I did check in with her every so often and was kept up to date. (1, 2, 3, and 4.)

Eventually I did receive my sketchbook, but since it wasn’t everything promised in the original agreement that artist offered me 5 digital color pictures and I accepted. I gave my first four back in August of this year and later gave the fifth a little while later. Since giving my ideas I’ve kept in contact and check the status once in a while. (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.)

For the last few months the artist has been doing multiple ych’s and getting them done in a few weeks. One of which I myself bought and had before any of the five pictures. (12) I try to be patience and not rush artists when I commission them, but it just upsets me to see others get their art a few days later where as I’ve been waiting months.

Honestly a beware on this artist is really the last thing I wanted to do. She was one of the first I ever commissioned and has always been pleasant to work with whenever I do. Not even sure if this will even count as a beware. As of now I have one out of the five and have been told the others have been sketched out. (13 and 14)

Current Mood: pointless

UPDATE 12/2/2016: Artist has uploaded second picture of the list. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21886371/

UPDATE 12/28/2016: Okay so I doubt anyone will see this update. I submitted an update post to the mods and am waiting for approval, but in the meantime I have something new that came after I submitted said update. I finally managed to a reply from 0cean and this is what I get.

Firstly I want to say this may just be me, but the whole note came off as entirely rude. I also want add that this reply came after I had to track her down on a DA account she did have listed anywhere. She did even respond to the pm there, but to one I sent a week ago on FA. So after not hearing anything for almost a month I get a rude note.

If that isn't bad enough I found she was very active on this new account doing free art stream, adopts, art trades, and personal art. Funny thing is that nowhere on any of her account do it mention lost programs in fact her accounts haven't been active in almost 4 weeks. Clearly if she was active there she could have done some kind of update. I get everyone has a life, but clearly she had the means of updating people.

Edit: So little edit to my last update. I go to her DA to find this journal. So yeah wow, she claims I'm stressing her out and trying to rush free art. So to clear a few things up it's not free art. As this beware stated I paid for a sketchbook commission that was supposed to include so color sketches which were none, so she offered the five drawing as replacements. Just that, so yes technically I did pay for them.

Second maybe her definition on rushing and mind are different. Since I accepted her offer back in August I'm messaged her once a month excluding Nov. about updates. I guess it could count as two for this month since she did respond to my FA note so I messaged her on DA. Even so that 4 times in the span of about 4 and a half months. Not what I would call rushing. I understand art can take time and I'm very patience. When I note her I only ask for updates on where she is, simple as that. At this point I'm tempted to say fuck it and write this one off as a lost. Definitely don't recommend her and I can imagine I'm blacklisted from commissioning her.

In response to my last edit about the Journal it seems it wasn't about me. She just happened to have posted it about people from an art stream shortly after I asked for and update. Huge mistake on my part there.
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WHO: Jinxsis (FA) / Jinx_in_boots (Twitter)

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jinxsis/ (FA)
https://twitter.com/Jinx_In_Boots (Twitter)

- 1 Art Box
- 1 Custom Messenger Bag
- 1 Custom Bandanna (for someone else)
- 3 Halloween Badges (Made / Shipped)
- Update to Old Character Reference Sheet

WHEN: January 2014 - October 2016

1/5/2014 - http://sta.sh/01lgl1khf2jw

1/17/2016 - http://sta.sh/087h0ghdhov

10/24/2014 -
Refund Payment Rejected: http://sta.sh/023sa6euym2x
Note asking why it happened: http://sta.sh/01wou4o46eji

10/6/2016 -
Asked about Ref redo: http://sta.sh/01hbsaehhbrd

10/7/2016 - Changes needed: http://sta.sh/01iucqs55vl3

11/21/2016 - Blocked on Twitter

When asked why it happened from the bf:
Pt. 1 - http://sta.sh/01pz49lg1cs8
Pt. 2 - http://sta.sh/017eg7x0eyht


Jan. 5, 2014 - Initially commissioned them to do a Art Box / Custom Messenger bag for me for $75.
Was contacted later that it could not be finished so refund could either be given or trades for the amount owed up to 4 items, no matter what they would be.

Jan. 17th, 2014 - Initially commissioned for a custom printed bandanna for an ex-friend of mine. Was told that also could not be completed and refund was set to happen so refund could either be given or trades for the amount owed up to 1 item, no matter what they would be, and included with offer above.

Oct. 24, 2014 - Refund was offered, but then was receded and not sent due to them not being able to at the time. Again, the refund was switched to the offers stated above with at least 5 things I would want to get no matter what they are.

Oct. 7, 2016 - After the purchase of another character from someone else, I had asked for a small reference sheet change based on a character purchased from someone else. Was told that it would take 2-3 weeks for them to finish.

I had also asked about doing two reference sheets: 1 for a reference sheet for a character I am getting a suit of and 1 edit for the reference sheet above at 0ct. 7, 2016.

On Nov. 21, I had found out I was blocked on twitter when going to contact about the reference sheet to ask if it was completed as of yet so I could send it to a maker. In wanting to know why I was blocked, I had asked my boyfriend to contact the artist and ask what the reason I was blocked if they needed to get in contact me with a commission. They had said they did not need to tell me and would contact me when the commission was over with.

At this point and time, I did not wish to get the commission anymore as not only am I not able to contact them on the main handle I handle my commissions I get from others, but without giving an adequate reason to this block. The time had also been too long, and as a business transaction, as this is treated for only at this point, I only want my refund from this artist.

I am in the process of getting the refund back and was told it would be after Thanksgiving. The guess, since I am not able to contact them myself, nor have they contacted me, is Friday November 25th, 2016.

Was told to my bf that I would be refunded within exactly 2 weeks. Keeping aware and if it is not fufilled by the allotted time, it will be taken up with paypal and chargeback will be filed.

Clarity needed for amount to refund: http://sta.sh/025yfc2xbae5
Amount Clarified and Time for Refund Given: http://sta.sh/01htskdo0p90

Jinxsis had stated to my bf that they would give me the refund by the night of Decemver 9th. They still have not given back the refund, even when she stated she would have been sending the refund this week by the previous claim.
By December 12th, the paypal charge claims will be filed on them by the end of the day. I hopefully will get my money back by then.

Asked on clarity of refund / problem to why she didn't send it 12/09/2016 or 12/10/2016:

Jinxsis has not contacted myself or my boyfriend about the refund being sent through paypal since Sunday, so a charge back on the most recent purchase has been filed. Hopefully with this, the refund will happen and this can be resolved.

Paypal Dispute:

So, after chargeback was completed and paid for the $10, my bf had asked about the account and if it was able to have the rest of the money sent that Jinxsis had said above (proof of clarity for 12/09/16 - 12/10/2016). However, as it seems, they do not have the money anymore and will be sending the money within a few days (again). So the money will be sent a few days before the holiday.

It is confusing at this point and feels as though they are stalling to give back a refund at this point. I still have not had any personal contact with them at all, as said that they would do. So, once more, I have to wait for a refund for hopefully 2-3 more days.


Still, there was no communication directly to me about any of this situation and delay of refund dates have happened.

As of today, December 27th, 2016, I have received back my refund for all items I had previously commissioned. It is considered resolved.

Never again will I commission this person and if you do, please be weary of communication as well as their intake of commissions. I hope no one else has to go through this.


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