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Advice needed; Chargeback on finished piece? How long is too long?


I'd love to get some advice if possible in the following situation.
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Question about Kickstarter project

Hello everyone!

I've received an invitation to be part of a BL novel project. I'd be celshading the characters, by the way.

I have never done anything apart from commissions, so I understand very little about commercial works.

It's said that 45% of the funds will go to artists, and I believe it's 2-3 artists working on it (the background artist, the artist in charge of the cel shading and the lineart artist, which I believe it's the project owner).

If any of you guys have any knowledge about that, I'd like to know how these things usually work.

• If I were to work on it, I should probably ask for payment upfront for each CG in order to avoid scam, right?
• After the game is released, and if it's successful, do I have the right to part of the money?
• If yes, how do I ensure I will be paid? Is a contract needed?
• If not, should I charge extra for commercial rights?

Overall I just really wanted to understand the procedure and what to do in cases like this to assure I will not be scammed :c

Thank you so much in advance!

EDIT: The Kickstarter thing has already started! They have donations of over 5k+ dollars by the way.

EDIT2: I've contacted them asking about the financial part, and they've told me they'd pay me upfront. They also said they'd be fine with a contract but I have no idea how to do those? LOL someone help please? ; x ;
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Pregnant artists. Comfy positions? Advice?

I'm having a little trouble being 6 months pregnant at this point to find comfortable positions and ways to draw while sitting at my desk.

Is there anyone here that can give me a little advice, and maybe share personal experiences for others that may one day be in a similar situation?
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Not sure what to do with clients backing out of "commissions"

Edit: I derped up with wording, so editing to clarify |D

So I have posted here before with advice about specific clients, but this is the fourth time someone has backed out on me after agreeing to (and starting!) a project. I should mention that my commission process is highly unusual; at the moment, I only charge for materials and offer labor for free. I have a couple reasons for this: first, since I am still learning I don't feel that I can offer accurate time quotes. I do give a time range that the project will be complete (usually a few weeks, although it depends on the project), but I don't feel comfortable setting hard deadlines. This is not to say I won't consistently work on the project, but I don't want to make a promise I may not be able to keep. Hence I compensate my clients for this risk by discounting labor.  Second, these commissions are great learning experiences in terms of timing myself and figuring out how to give accurate quotes for both materials and time. I also favor clients who attend conventions more than I do because hey, free advertising! Finally, the money they save on labor is more money we can put towards high quality materials, and I much prefer to work that way. Sometimes I will have the client purchase tools as a small compensation for labor, but it's not always necessary.
They get a commission at a steep discount in exchange for giving me the opportunity to experiment and build my portfolio.

So far I have worked exclusively with friends. I'm hesitant to open these to the great wide internet because frankly, I'm putting out a ton of effort for these projects and I want to work with people I trust. I thought working for friends would be less risky, but apparently not. Most recently, I had someone back out of a full body cosplay because he spontaneously decided to move across the country and no longer has the money to spend. This is fine except I've already put in 13.5 hours into research and pattern drafting.

I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is even possible, but I'm wondering if there is a way to offer these sort of commissions outside my group of friends without getting burned. For starters I'm thinking of requesting all material funds up front instead of letting people do payment plans, and I’m also considering a cancelation fee. I don’t know how to figure out a cancellation fee, but maybe that will make people take it more seriously. To be honest I’m kind of confused that this is happening; every time someone takes one of my bigger projects to a convention I get notes asking about commissions, so I assume my quality of work is at least OK? I just wanna build cool cosplays, and I want to do it so badly that I’ll give away my time.
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advice about alternate versions

Hi, I wanted some advice about a situation I found myself in. This time it isn't a big deal, but I was wondering what people thought in case it happens again in the future. I don't think I've seen a post about any similar situation before, but sorry if I'm wrong.

I've been working on a long term project with multiple alternate versions. Part way through the project, my client asked if I could add more versions, which I agreed to for a fee. At first, I didn't charge them for one of the versions since it was just a combination of two of the other versions (so I wouldn't have to do any actual drawing for that version).

I didn't start on these extra versions for awhile, so I actually forgot I didn't charge them for that one.

Fastforward a bit, and I send off the roughs of the alternate versions for approval to start them. The client asks for some changes which weren't charged for as they fall under the first couple changes being free that I lay out in my TOS.

However. At the time, it didn't occur to me that one of the changes would mean I would have to paint something on that version that I had originally not charged for. I should have asked for the payment for that one right then, but I ended up completing that version before I realized what happened.

To be clear, I have received full payment for both the original project and the addition of the extra versions. The project isn't over yet, and I haven't sent anything but small watermarked files, but would I be right in thinking I can't ask for compensation now and should just eat the cost? It isn't a lot of money, but it could maybe happen again and so I'd like to know people's thoughts.

Sorry if I described it in confusingly vague terms, I don't want to seem like I'm pointing a finger at the commissioner because they are an excellent customer.

ADVICE: "Inquiry by PayPal" Claim

Hello all. You may remember me from past PayPal claims such as this one, where I had to call PayPal constantly from May to September for theft. I'm back again with another thrilling PayPal saga to boggle over because I do not believe 2016 wants to leave me feeling fine.

About three weeks ago I finished a fursuit, posted it for auction and within an hour someone autobought it. I've had this happen a handful of times so I was very excited, except my heart dropped when I saw that the person who was buying it was also bidding on a few other auctions. I sent them an e-mail and they quickly responded, they were in fact a real person, and promptly paid for their item. I mailed the partial out the next day and they received it, very happy with the result.

Fast forward to today, the day before Christmas Eve. At 3PM my PayPal balance was $0.00. At 11PM it was -$902.84.

A claim was placed on my account and, unlike any other claim I have ever seen before, the reason for it was "Inquiry by PayPal". I thought this was something my client had placed and sent them a serious e-mail. After a brief exchange (me more confused and them relaxed) it turns out that they didn't issue it and that PayPal did it.
Except... Did PayPal issue it? I asked my client and they paid with their card through PayPal. The payment was processed instantly when I received it earlier in December. It went without being questioned for nine days.

I gave PayPal a call, a very rude representative told me to call back tomorrow because "I don't know anything about that and you're asking the wrong person." So apparently their own representatives in the resolution center do not understand what's going on.

At this point I'm completely lost. This is a very large sum of money and I cannot afford to just lose it and have my client keep the fursuit while PayPal shrugs it off. I replied to the claim with a tracking number, supposedly my client is unable to do anything from their end. I asked them nicely to call their bank and see if they're reading the transactions as fraud activity.

Has anyone else ever gotten this or know what I should do? I'm not around this weekend due to the holidays. Google search showed some people had it resolved in 24 hours, some had it open for weeks. The buyer is not a minor and did in fact purchase it with their own card. The account I'm using has been active since 2001 so it's not anything on my end.
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Paypal Chargeback Question

I've tried to research this question, but I'm having a hard time finding any straight forward answers.

I had a chargeback on one of my invoices yesterday. The invoice is back from Oct 9th, and the item was delivered to the customer Oct 13.

I responded to the dispute with all our correspondences and the proof of delivery, and the image itself. However, they refunded the client's money anyhow. I promptly got a hold of the client and they informed me that their paypal had been hacked, and a lot of fraudulent charges were being made with their paypal, so they had to close their paypal account and visit their bank to file a claim.

They replied to a couple of messages I sent them on FA, and seemed apologetic, but when I asked for an estimated time I could expect the money back, they stopped responding.

Another thing I'm not sure about is the fact that had paid two invoices with me just a couple days apart, and only one of the invoices was disputed.

I'm not sure how all this works, or how I should go about this. Really, I'm thinking I should just let it go, especially if she just had an unfortunate incident occur like this. I can definitely imagine she has a lot on her plate as it stands, without me adding to it.

But any insight would be nice!

Thanks guys.
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Advice Needed: Resolution for Commissions

I cant find anybody who would give me an answer on this.. But what resolution of images seem best to give a commissioner?

I have a laptop that I work off of, and I understand that the resolution of my screen tends to make everything way bigger, even most websites dont fit properly on my screen.. Its not bad its just a slight difference.. Anyhow, I tend to draw on my screen at the same size I would if it were paper. Where I can see most every detail when fully zoomed out/original size. I noticed that other artists tend to draw like... two or three times the size that I do but I always felt that was a personal prefrence thing.. Until recently.

I  have heard a few concerns that my art tends to be on the small size, and I dont want to give my customers any less than they deserve. So what resolutions would be best for commissions? Flat colored commissions? Fully colored and detailed commissions? Whats the average expectation?

Advice needed: Is a DTD an unreasonalbe request and shipping money issues

SO about three years ago I took a materials-only pokemon head comission for a friend, and it went great. Her younger brother loved it and wanted one of his own, so we began planning a full body pokemon cosplay for material cost only. The project kept getting put on hold for one reason or another, usally me being in school or him not having the $300-$500 needed for materials. Now that I've graduated college I have the time for side projects, and now that he has a regular job he has the funding to get started. He was about to send me money via paypal when I asked when he would be sending a duct tape dummy. Long story short, he can't get anyone to help him with it despite living with two people. The three of them are my friends, and they want my boyfriend and I to visit their city (four hours away) so I can make the duct tape dummy.  My boyfriend would need to come because I don't have a car or insurance, so he'd have to be my unofficial taxi. I don't want to waste a weekend driving four hours one way to help with a one hour project; on top of food and gas (I'm diabetic and they never keep food that I can eat) we'd also have to get a hotel because my boyfriend is extremely allergic to their cat. I think it's sort of rediculous to ask that in the first place. They also offered to come to our apartment, but even though they're our friends, hosting them can be really exhausting. Again, I don't feel like going to such effort over a duct tape dummy NOR do I wish to inconvenience my boyfriend that badly. If my friend's brother really and truely can't find someone to help him, I don't think I should do the project, and I told him as much. I know he was excited about getting the costume and he's upset that I've canceled, but what am I supposed to do? I don't feel comfortable working off measurments alone because this costume involves a lot of shaping, and I don't have a dress form to work with. He is tall and extremely slender, so I don't know anyone locally who could act as a body double. Is a duct tape dummy really that unreasonable to request? I know they're standard in the fursuit community, but I don't know about the cosplay community.

My other question involves the shipping of materials. Back when we first started planning, I sent him a thorough list with all the materials we would need, their prices, and sources to purchase them. His sister works at Joanne's and the fleece we needed went on a really cheap sale, so they purchased $50 of materials and brought them down to me during a visit. It's so much fabric that it takes up an entire moving box, and I've been storing this stuff for over two years. I didn't ask them to buy it and I certainly didn't ask to bring it down, but nevetheless here it is. When I told them I was canceling the project, I said I wanted to mail them back the materials and they could either a) paypal me the shipping costs or b) let me keep some materials and I would pay shipping. They haven't responded, and now I'm not sure if this was inapproriate to ask. My apartment is teeny, so keeping a huge box of stuff really has been an inconvenince for me. I have no use for 90% of the materials and I don't feel I should be responsible for keeping them when I didn't ask to buy it in the first place. I'm fairly sure they're already mad because I won't arrange a trip to make the duct tape dummy, and this is icing on the cake.

If it helps, I'm not terribly concerned about damaging the friendship at this point; it has been declining for months and I just want to move on from this project. I have other cosplays I'd like to work on, and I'm tired of being on hold for this pokemon costume. I did tell him that when he had both the dummy and the money I'd be happy to work with him, but for the time being I had other things to work on. Am I handling this right?

Artist Advice: Paypal

So I'm new to the world of sellng art, as in just this week did I decide to sell adopts. I made a Paypal account, set it up from what I thought, read up about creating invoices, everything was going smooth until I made my first sell. At first it wouldn't let me accept money, so I upgraded to a business account. Things when fine after that, but I want to make sure I'm doing things right.

My first question is, should I have upgraded to a business account? I plan to sell more adopts in the future mind you.

Also What is the right way to set up an Invoice? One that doesn't expect me to ship something.

Sorry if I posted this wrong, I'm also new to this community.

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Advice Needed: Morally Permissible Practices Regarding 'Inspiration' and Adoptables

[Resubmitted as a more general post per mod request; sorry for messing up the first time! Didn't know name mentions extended to usernames, I'm a derp.]

I need advice/help in figuring out why I'm so bothered by something.
A few months ago, an artist I used to watch had posted an adoptable for sale, based on the protagonist from the game Bloodborne. They did the same a while later with the Dark Souls 3 protagonist, citing 'inspiration'.

In the beginning, when the artist had only posted the first two designs based on the proganonists of these games, I was not bothered. They were recognizable, but it seemed permissible.
However, the artist has been posting more and more designs from the Souls game series, as they 'sell like hotcakes', and they have been creeping towards outright plagiarism [and as a professed fine arts major, should know better]. I could recognize all of the named characters immediately without even clicking on the submissions. They haven't bothered to change their original names in the submission descriptions or even fiddle with their outfits at all, save for removing their pants, really. The only major difference is that they're furries and not humans.

Is it morally acceptable for an artist in the furry community to sell adoptables that are no different from copyrighted characters, save for being furry versions of them? In fursuiting [an adjacent part of the fandom], for example, it's not considered okay to rip off someone's style, let alone entire characters, and suits based on existing copyrighted characters from pop culture are recognized as cosplays [as opposed to original/owned-by-suiter characters]. Designs that are similar to others within the fandom are met with much skepticism and scrutiny.

Is it okay to rip off of copyrighted characters from video games, etc., even though those characters were created by another artist and are owned by that artist and their company? This money clearly isn't going towards helping FromSoftware pay the artists that did the work to conceptualize these characters, so it bothers me a lot. Please help, AB! Is there anything that can be done? SHOULD anything be done? Or do these count as a form of 'design cosplay', if that is even a legitimate term for adoptables/art designs intended to be sold?
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Advice Needed: Using a Character that Kind of Sort of is both My Own and Not My Own

Hi AB! I've been religiously following and reading for a while now, but find myself in something of a predicament.

So some time ago my best friend and I would do role-plays of our characters, mine being an archaeopteryx, and his being a snow leopard. Well, not too long ago we had to part ways, but I still loved the role-plays we did, so much that I wanted to make new stories while keeping the same characters.

The complications came with the use of his character. The thing is, I don't know whether it is okay for me to use (if I own the character) or not. This character was initially created by him, in terms of the character's name and the fact that it is a snow leopard, but I designed it from scratch, as well as contributed to the character's personality, and if I were to continue using it, I would overhaul the character even further, so that its personality is entirely my creation.

I absolutely would never consider using this character if there hadn't been signs that my friend didn't much care for it; I know it wasn't his 'sona, and he didn't seem to care at all about it when we weren't role-playing together, though I still do not think this would justify me using it, if it were the wrong thing to do. I don't just mean legally either, I do not want to do something scummy. I know how devastating it would be to find out somebody stole/started using your character without you knowing. However, I am caught between feeling like the character is mine because I was solely responsible for bringing it to life, but also knowing I wasn't the one who initially created it, and unfortunately I am not on speaking terms with my friend and am unable to work it out with him. Although the design is mine and I feel I can still use that, it is very significant to me that I am also able to retain the character's original name, but regardless of that, I just want to do the right thing.

EDIT: Hi all, thank you so much for the responses! While I am still unsure as to what my final decision will be, the advice definitely has me leaning towards changing what isn't mine about the character. However, I feel I must make this edit to talk a little bit more about the circumstances of our friendship. I didn't wish to say too much about it, since this is not the place to bring up relationship drama, but it has been mentioned as a reason keeping the character could cause greater tension, when the truth behind our friendship was a bit different than that.

Let's just say the friendship wasn't ended for malicious reasons, on either of our ends, and the reason retaining as much of the original character as possible is so important to me is directly because I want to honor his memory in a positive light, by continuing using these characters which were such a positive aspect of our friendship, when we were still friends, and although I cannot be for certain since we are still not on speaking terms, I am confident he would know my using the character is not out of malice, or an attempt at backstabbing. I do not say this to argue towards using the character as is; I still want to do the right thing and will change it if I absolutely must (I also realize my reasons may be too sentimental and more hindering my judgement than anything), but it has always muddied the water for me, and made it difficult to come to a final decision.

Advice: Purchasing fixer upper head

Hello there lovelies!

I've found myself in a bit of a sticky situation, and I'm looking for opinions on what the best source of action would be at this point.

So, recently a friend of mine decided they were selling a fursuit head of theirs. Since the character itself is a very beloved one of theirs, they wanted the head to go to someone they trusted. They offered it to me for quite cheap just to ensure it goes to a good home

However, the head itself has some problems
The fur on the muzzle is shedding badly. It has bald spots and needs to be replaced yesterday. The lining in the head was removed due to the fact that it was actually a quilted lining and was trapping heat inside the head. The shaving also needs some touch ups, and several pins were found inside the head after my friend recieved it

It also needs to be changed from her character (who is fairly well known) to a more neutral one

Now, I'm a fursuit maker myself, and making these changes would be abysmally easy for me. However, the original maker does not like other people tuching there work in any way, shape, or form, and makes their customers sign a contract stating they will only return to them for repairs. They also make anyone who purchases any costumes secondhand sign the same form.

The current owner of the head and the maker had a falling out and no longer speak. And Based on the issues above, I don't particularly want to pay to send the head back to them, especially if I can make the fixes on my own

Is attempting to purchase/deal with the situation surrounding this head worth my time, in your opinion?

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Advice on Commissions and TOS

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here so I hope my post follows all of the rules, and I hope I can post this.

I love this website and I admire how everyone deals with situations here and it shows valuable lessons on the art business. I recently decided I would love to open commissions myself as an extra hobby, to share my art with those who would like it. My only issue is, because of all of the things I have read here, I would love to write a proper Commission Info page and TOS to cover me, but I don't really know where to start. I know the general info to add, but I don't really know how specific to go so I'm covered. I see so many different issues here and I was wondering what the most common are, so I can use these?

Any more information about starting this would be happily received! Thank you in advance :)

Kellie x
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Copyright/Trademark Logos?

Update: I would considered this semi-resolved as I have contacted the COMPANY as well working to make my own logo to not represent their in any way. My question still stands, however, it their selling of this logo that is copyrighted/trademarked is legal.

I am at a bit of a loss here.
Someone made a logo of something that has a character copyrighted/trademarked to a highly known company.
Recently, when using said logo completely re-drawn by me and not knowing the creator of said logo, was approched saying I couldn't use that logo at all because I am using their artwork.

But I am not using their artwork I am using the design which they (to my understanding) cannot copyright/trademark because it has the copyrighted/trademarked character. How much of this can be enforced? How much claim can be made? What are the restrictions? They are making money off their logo to my knowledge without the concent of the company in turn with is violation and theft?

I am really confused on what steps to take.
From what I came to undestand since COMPANY owns intellectual property rights/copyright/trademark the person who made the logo cannot copyright/trademark the logo since it is already owned. Thus they cannot take any action against someone using this logo unless someone is actually using their artwork. But they are trying to tell people not to use the logo while themselves selling T-shirts, Folders, accessories of this logo which again has the copyrighted/trademarked character.

What can I do to imrpove this? I don't want to be called a theif because I used a logo. I just want to know what is the stand here?
For now I have modified the logo to less represent theirs to not cause conflict.

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Advice on selling photoshop brushes?

So basically I've decided to start selling photoshop brushes I've made. However I am unsure how to do a TOS for them, what would be a fair price for me and the buyer,and where I can post them without worrying about the sets disappearing but also having a way to link or send them to someone who purchases one.

I also am confused about how to advertise them or where to post them so people see it.

Currently I have a set of 5 brushes made from one base ready for selling and I am working on a light ray themed brush set now. I currently only have paypal available to take payment but I'd be open to other suggestions for online money transactions as long as they can be started for free.

Any advice would be super helpful right now.

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Advice: Being ignored??

On May 31st last month, i created a YCH comic and a user had autobuyed it the same night after bidding against other people. Seems all fine and dandy. They were pretty happy and excited to see their OC being in the comic and mentioned that they wanted to work close with me via contact to ensure that it looked perfect to them, along with changes made to it if it looks off. After the user sent responded to my Paypal invoice, I immediately started on it and worked with them. After drawing the first three panels, they mentioned that the third panel's hand looked off, the breasts were too large and the outline on the clothes looked off on their OC. Because i didn't wanna hop on FA everyday to respond to their messages, i decided to ask if they had a Skype. They did and i added them. They then told me the hand and breasts were off, they also said this on FA.

Granted, i never specified anything in my auction saying that the sketch won't be altered and I know i'm at fault for that and will add that for future reference. I never had to make changes on a body for a YCH until now. For the issues about the hand, clothes and breasts, the breasts were drawn to match with the sketch 100%, as always. The clothing outline they're talking about is probably them referring to the folds in the clothes. I can't draw folds that well but i do my best so they don't look flat. As for the hand, i drew it with some changes because it looked off in the sketch with some minor errors in my eyes that i didn't notice. In addition, i'm still getting the hang of drawings hands and fingers (I use my own as a reference and they're pretty small compared to the average hand). Here's the hand they were not too happy with, by the way. http://i.imgur.com/rGcmblW.jpg

Since then, i made changes to the body to match more closely with their OC. But, i haven't heard any response from this person after i told them this with a screenshot of the changes. Their Skype shows that they live in Australia and i know timezones can be an issue. What's really bothering me is the fact that they HAVE read my messages on FA after i sent the Skype message to them but they never responded.

Here's the message in question from FA, below it is a picture showing the message has been read.

And this is the conversation i had with them via Skype.

Since then, I haven't heard a single word from this person. There are times i see them online when i'm going to bed and they never really reply to my messages. They seem to read them on FA with no problem, so why not respond?? I haven't attempted to finish this comic because if i do, I know there will be changes that have to be made and i need their approval first before i go on ahead.

I never had this situation before with anyone and this is really concerning me and messing up my flow since i do YCH's in the order it was purchased and it feels strange having to skip this to work on other ones before this one. But i have to ensure every customer i have is a happy customer.
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How long do I wait?

I am kinda at the end of my rope with this guy so I'm hoping to get some less livid perspective.

I started a YCH auction a while back that two people fought over. The winner was outbidding the other participant by pennies (my fault there as I did not set a minimum bid but still kinda douchy) so the other participant eventually gave up and let the guy have it. All was fine at first. I asked for his references and his PayPal so I could send an invoice.
Nothing. No reply.
Ok.... maybe he mass purges his comments? Many people do that. So I note him. He had no idea who I was and had totally forgotten in only 4 days that he had even bid on the silly thing. I reminded him which seemed to jog his memory and he finally coughed up his reference and e-mail address.
I sent along the invoice, saying that I would start the picture once the payment came through. Now normally I don't like to do this but this guy was practically beating me upside the head with red flags so I decided it was time to cover my own tail. I waited another 4 days.
So I noted him again thinking maybe I got the wrong address? Still need that invoice paid up so I can start!
He claims he never got it.
So I screen capped the invoice, including the section that showed the e-mail address he sent me, and even removed the due date on it in case it was causing some sort of issue.
No reply.
It has been two weeks now, both messages are being listed as unread in my outbox, and nobody has seen hide or tail of this guy in at least 5 days. Considering he can't seem to remember the auction only 4 days later and then can't seem to find the invoice, I am starting to wonder if this is even worth it.
Is there something I am doing wrong with the invoice? I am having a really hard time figuring it out since he won't answer any of my mail! What do I do? The last time someone took this long paying me, he got hit by a bus and went missing for two years (and STILL to this day has not paid me)!
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Advice: How do you launch a professional career as a freelance artist?

Hey there, I'm going all over the place trying to gather info! I'll preface by saying I'm in the US.

I've officially made it to the point that I earn my living from commissioned work, primarily noncommercial (which makes a little nervous). I've been researching how to establish myself as a business, prepare to do taxes, and such, but the deeper I go the more terrifying things get—likely due to misinformation!

I could really use some guidance from people who already file taxes as a business! My question is super vague, but honestly.. I'm just at the fundamentals and totally overwhelmed by research.

Establishing a business name, and everything that comes with it seems freaking terrifying. For example, I read somewhere online that you need to "Complete a W-9 Form When You Get a New Client". Every time!? That seems realistic if you do large commercial projects, but what about these very small projects with tons of different clients? That's a lot of paperwork.

And, you need licenses/permit..? I've never even heard this for freelance artists.

It seems like there is an awful lot you'd have to do, and it's totally daunting. I feel like I may be getting the wrong info, too.

Can anyone set me straight on how I get started officially declaring myself as a freelance artist and the legal bits involved?
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Charity Auction Advice

I was thinking about setting up a charity commission auction to go towards orlando shooting victims / the community. I think oneorlando.org is set up by the mayor and looks credible?

Anyways what I had in mind was something alone the structure of:
- artist(s) can offer different kinds of noncommercial, for personal use commissions within a time limit
- bids will happen within a timeframe by anyone who's interested

I've seen this done before but never actually organized anything along this scale.

So questions:
1) In the end who would handle the money?
When I did charity commissions before by myself, I had commissioners send the sum to me and I donated the entire lump sum via paypal charity holiday event because it added a 1% to the total. It took me 1-2 months to finish them all though, which was super exhausting.

I think most of the commissioners last time knew me and trusted me to donate the full amount (I also have records of all transactions, but wasn't sure if I needed to post them publicly).

With multiple artists this seems like it might get messy?

I was thinking of having commissioners donate straight to the website and send a confirmation, but then if the artwork wasn't delivered then they would have no recourse.

2) Is there any legal issue/TOS that would need to be written up in order to do this? I was thinking just within artists that I know(?) and not a huge open to everyone approach. But even then I'm unsure about what it would mean.

3) Organization - where is the best place to hold this?
I think I/friends have the biggest following on dA, but with dA journal comments being editable, would that be an issue? It does keep a log of previous edits though.

Sorry for the amateurish questions!
I'm just trying to gauge how large of an effort this would be before getting any bigger ideas.

Thanks for reading!