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"Artists Beware"

A Community to Warn of the Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Commission World

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Name:Commissioner & Artist, Warning & Kudos Community
Website:Our LJ Community
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Artists Beware FAQ

So You've Been Posted Here... Now What? (Please read this if a beware has been made about you before responding to it!)

Artist's Beware Report Template

Welcome to Artists_Beware!

Our purpose: A place to voice positive or difficult experiences with commissioners or artists. This includes both paid transactions and art trades. Customer and artist reviews, lost contacts, and reports of art theft (as long as there are commissions/trades involved!) are welcome. Positive reviews are in a monthly format; a moderator posts and members then comment regarding their positive experiences. Separate positive review posts will not be allowed.

This community is also open to discussions and questions on how to conduct business between artists and their customers.

Posting guidelines:

You do not need only an LJ account to post to A_B. We accept G+, Facebook and Twitter accounts as well, thanks to LiveJournal connect widgets for each of these social media services.

1.   NO FLAMES. We understand that this person (or persons) have upset you, but please keep personal attacks and vulgarities to a minimum. Anything you can say, you can say in a civil, adult manner.

2.   Please keep your posts coherent and concise! Include names, dates, the situation as it stands, and other evidence of the transaction (emails/screencaps). Use LJ-Cuts when you can. Better yet use our Report Template to better your chances of keeping your post on track.

3.   If you would like to post the image(s) under discussion, LJ-Cut it. If it is a graphic sexual or violent image, please state a warning (i.e.: NSFW).

4.   If you wish to make a discussion post, please search the tags prior to posting. Many common questions have already been discussed.

5.   Please do not post about yourself unless you have some extreme circumstance that may call for it - such as losing all of your customers' contact info in a computer crash, sudden and/or long-term hospitalization, etc.
     If you are slow with commissions in general, slow with mailing, or have any other relatively common issues when it comes to dealing artwork, it is recommended that you provide this information to your customers at the time they commission you for work, rather than leaving it here where they may not see it.

6. No proxy posts. If it is not a general scam post, an advice post, a question or the like, we can not allow posts made by third parties regarding a transaction. This is for many reasons, a major one being that only the people involved will be able to answer questions easily and give information.


1.   No screening or deleting posts or comments (INCLUDING YOUR OWN). Ever. If you notice someone doing this, please message one of the moderators, include the username if you can.
     If your situation is resolved, do not edit your post with strike-through text. You may add updates to the body of your post in order to provide evidence, additional information, or if the situation is resolved, as long as the initial warning remains intact. This rule is exempt from the 3 strikes rule, and can earn you an immediate permaban at our discretion!

1a. Understand that by posting here, your post will be copied to ab_archive for the purposes of archiving. Deleted posts may be restored to artists_beware at our discretion.

1b. Anyone who gets a warning and then deletes their comment, thus breaking the rules twice in a row, will be immediately suspended for five days and encouraged to spend some of that time reading the rules before being allowed into the community again.

2.   Whatever happens in the community, stays within the community. Do not go to the offender's LJ or art site account and harass them, or contact them any other way if the matter under discussion does not regard you personally. THIS COULD GET YOU IMMEDIATELY BANNED!

3.   No trolling, name-calling, or personal insults. If a person is being abusive towards you, do not respond. Contact a moderator immediately.

4.   No criticism of artistic quality or monetary value. This is not a critique community. A bad transaction is still a bad transaction, whether it involved $3 or $300, a stick figure or the Mona Lisa.

5.   Do not comment in a post questioning its relevance to this community. Posts are moderated. This means that before members can see the post, a moderator has verified that it fits the rules of this community, and is not something that has already been covered (if discussion-minded). If you have concerns about a certain post, please contact a moderator directly through private message or email.
     Additionally, criticism of a person's writing ability is not allowed. Posts which lack basic coherence are not approved in the first place. While clear, concise posts are encouraged, there is no standardized format as long as the basic information is present.

The moderators employ a 'three-strikes' system to enforce the rules (depending on the severity of the rulebreaking, some offenses might earn an immediate permaban):

     1st strike: You receive a polite reminder of the rule(s) you broke.
     2nd strike: You will receive a warning and two-week ban from the community.
     3rd strike: You will be permanently banned from the community.

There are no exceptions; if you see a troll or something incredibly offensive, email the mods. We will determine if rules are being broken and can handle it ourselves. Do not screen the comment or respond to that person!

Those wishing to see a list of all moderator posts can go here.

(Please feel free to contact all of us, but please make sure your PM settings will allow us to reply to you!)

kayla_la - Lead Moderator
Send PMs through LiveJournal - WARNING, may be slow to reply to PMs, very busy

Send PMs through LiveJournal

Send PMs through LiveJournal -OR-

Send PMs through LiveJournal -OR- ab.mod.arph(AT)

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