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Hello there.

I've been suggested to come here on Artist Beware to explain what has been happening regarding to character and art stealing on a friend's site. It has been happening for a while, and it hasn't really been solved, still. I mostly don't know what I could do, only by myself, and I'm trying to get as much help as I can.

I joined this friend's site, a chat service, which also serves as a character database. But, there's a huge problem with said site. There are... A lot of characters being used without permission, and most of the time given different names and even races, some of these being related to a "closed species" created by one of the users in said site. Most of the time they're not even properly credited, just a link to the place where they took the picture from. I tried to talk about it with the owner of the site, which I know, but I've been pushed back every time I tried to get them on the topic, and most of the time it's not that easy to keep a hold of them, especially as of lately.

Sorry for any grammar error, English is not my main language.

And thank you for any help\advice.
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