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WHO: Peridotkitty http://www.furaffinity.net/user/peridotkitty

WHERE: Furaffinity.net and Skype

WHAT: 42 page comic with a Cover ( $1500/$3150 paid )

WHEN: June2015- Present(March 2016)


  1. All payments

  2. First payment (Jun 14 2015)

  3. Second payment (Jun 28 2015)

  4. Third Payment (Aug 13 2015)

  5. fourth payment(Sep  29 2015)

  6. Incomplete cover work(From Peridotkitty's Trello): [COVER] NSFW

  7. Incomplete comic work(From Peridotkitty's Trello) [COMIC WORK][COMIC WORK 2]


I work on an anthology comic project  with my fiance which is set to be published. Both of us work on comics for this as well as hire other artists. Artist hired receive a retainer fee( I pay this) to start them off before moving forward. With hiring artist we also gather funders to be a part of the comic.

There were three funders for Peridotkitty's comic (names are hidden at mods' request)

Funders were invoiced through my paypal (I work under LLC) and funds were sent to the artist.Payments for hired artist were sent monthly until the full project amount was paid unless the artist failed to produce enough progress in a timely matter at the funders discretion, that progress being a minimum of 2 completed pages per month. Now if certain uncontrollable life situations occured, we are understanding and  funders are notified of what's going on to give the artist appropriate time to recoup and catch up. If the required progression does not occur, then a refund is requested.

Bi-weekly check ups were also required in order to make sure proper progress had been made and to keep the funders happy. Help to the artist for anything was always offered and provided if needed including editing, storyboarding, and scripting.

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Who: Eroishi

Where: http://eroishi.deviantart.com/

What: 2 digital art pieces (1 nsfw and sfw)

When: December 6, 2015 - February 12, 2016

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/wRZi4


I requested 2 pictures, 1 nsfw and 1 sfw pic. Things went smooth until two weeks later, I messaged him about the payment I sent him. He told me that he never received the amount. I got worried and asked how he resolved the situation before since he told me that something similar happened for his patreon account. However, he simply said that the money was never received, leaving me to figured that he didn’t bother to resolve the solution. During the process, I called PayPal and they told me that the he received my payment. I told him to contact PayPal or find a way so that we can chat together, but he refused to comply, only to agree to talk to PayPal.

I messaged him again after 3 days and he didn’t reply.

So I waited. Since he never replied within a month, I could only assume the worst, which was that he’s lying to me and I was scammed. So I called him out for being a scammer, and he said that it was because he “had no internet” and had to wait until early February to get it back. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

After two weeks, I asked him to give me a refund, but he refused. I questioned him again about showing me proof, and he had to wait for the internet to return. So I waited two days. During the process, I showed him my screenshot that I have proof of sending him the money. He said that everything is correct, yet he kept telling me that nothing was received. I asked him politely to the best I can to update me on the information he was trying to tell me. He finally showed me his end of the transaction to see that he “didn’t receive the payment”. So I proceeded to calling PayPal again (for the third time) and informed them of the situation. They refused to check and only said that he indeed received the amount I paid him.

I sent him (and it was panic) a few emails to connect on PayPal together to resolve the situation together. Instead, he refused to reply to any of emails. 1 week later had passed, and it came to the drastic solution that he’s not willing to work with me at all. I had to resort to threatening him to contact PayPal immediately on what’s going on. He instead replied, declaring me a liar for the exact same proofs we showed to each other. This confirmed to me that he had scammed me for a simple $36 two picture commission.

Since I had paid with friends by mistake, I’m not able to get my money back. This was a mistake on my end. Also, I feel that I learned not to freak out when a situation like this should ever happen again. And I also believe I shouldn’t be sending multiple messages at once out of panic (which may led to this). I also wondered if it was really on PayPal error if he really didn’t receive the payment I made to him. However, he refused to comply with my suggestion of calling PayPal again.

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WHO: kgosiarts / reverseinversefursuits

WHERE: Kgosiarts @ FA (old account)
Reverseinverse Fursuits @ FA (current account)
Facebook page

WHAT: Fursuit partial (faun legs)
WHEN: Feb. 15 2015 to Nov. 3 2015

Initial contact
Agreement on details and payment
Payment sent
DTD is sent and arrives
Issue with fur order
Asking for an update
Flood happens
Contact stops
Sent messages over FA (read, not replied)
Contact on Facebook: One, two, three, four


A long, long time ago…

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WHO: Puppygas/AmyToes

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/puppygas (FA), http://amytoes.deviantart.com/ (DA) -> Has adult content

WHAT: 7-version plus bonus mystery art YCH (8 images in total)

WHEN: 9/19/2014 (Autobuy) -> 9/22/2014 (Payment) -> Present Day

PROOF: (Identifiers and explicit adult details have been redacted to the best of my abilities)

The YCH I autobought: http://sta.sh/0hja80pytsq
Details of YCH: http://sta.sh/01u6pvchmrej
Paypal payment: http://sta.sh/01ri84mz71o
Last interaction with Puppygas: http://sta.sh/01nhv3vbk1uu
Last journal entry of Puppygas: http://sta.sh/02dh8oem9oxy
A note I sent 4 days after that journal was posted: http://sta.sh/01228bx1se1h

EXPLAIN: On 9/19/2014, I autobought a YCH piece from Puppygas and sent over the details for it. On 9/22/2014, after reviewing the details, Puppygas gave me a Paypal address to send payment to. I waited a while, but heard nothing back. On 12/10/2015, I got Puppygas' DA name and sent her a note through that site, to which she showed me a few pics and asked me to be patient. Eventually, on 12/14/2015, she gave her last response after I asked her to fix a few things about the pic. After that, no responses to my other notes on DA and FA since then.

I really did not want to make this entry, but for a pic series that was to be completed by the end of December 2014 with constant progress updates, only to have to fish out her from the progress sketch showed to me followed by finding out only one sketch (not even a complete picture) was completed in the year and 3 months after I first bought it, I can't stay quiet about it anymore. I do not want my money back at this time, but I do want what I paid for to be completed.

Her last entry on DA was on 2/1/2016 and I sent her a DA note a few days after that. Perhaps it was bad luck that I missed her, but it would be even worse luck if this YCH remains unfinished.

She should've had at least told me other ways to contact her other than FA and DA. I tried those, the email address I sent my Paypal payment to and I got no response as of today.

I want to point out that she's not a bad artist, but her lack of communication with me is the reason why I'm posting this.
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WHO: Riikai

WHERE: Deviantart

WHAT: Full body YCH + a bonus chibi.

WHEN: March 2nd 2015 -> present

PROOF: When I AB'd her YCH
I sent her a message with references + told her I paid
Proof that I actually paid it
I am listed on her YCH that I paid for her AB
I asked her to put me on her To-do-list
I asked her for some updates
I finally asked for a refund

I first saw Riikai’s YCH via watch list, and I ran over in my head if I wanted to buy it or not, and then I bought the AB. She was very kind and allowed me to send the references and I sent the points immediately. I was highly understanding of her current To-do list, as it was large... so I told her not to rush it. A few months later, I noticed I wasn’t on her to-do list at all so I asked her to put me on her todo-list, which she promptly put me on. A few months later, I noticed she didn’t have her to-do list on her DA anymore, so I asked her for any updates. After no response, I asked for a refund, which has gone read but unresponsive.

I must admit that I am also at fault for not asking for updates either. And me asking for a refund didn't exactly sound pleasant either. However, at this point I really do not care for the YCH anymore and would prefer a refund, but at this point I don't expect it.

I honestly wouldn't have minded if she had stated she was busy with school or had a reason for it, but because she hasn't given me any excuse... or actually responded to me after telling her I paid... I can't really give her the benefit of doubt anymore.
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WHO: Akili-Amethyst

WHERE: http://akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/

WHAT: A digital piece, and a signed print of said piece.

WHEN: They asked for the commission details Aug. 12, 2013
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Who: thegalen/philistinefruits/2-Devils

Where: Current Deviantart, abandoned Deviantart, current twitter.

What: A single character full colored commish

When: The exact payment date

Proof: The payment show the exact date for asking commish

I've lost the chat for the proof, but maybe he forgot, so I re-ask again via email, but so far he didn't finish my commish, I ask again, but this time say will refund but didn't do so.

Then I saw his new Deviantart account, but as he already knew I was coming to ask the progression, he block me at DA & Skype, and I'm also ask for refund, but rejected.

EDIT: Seems that he's active at twitter, have money to buy some games but didn't refund or finish my commish.

EDIT 2: After he saw this post, he's immediately finish my commish.
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WHO: Nayel-ie/Nayel/NayelFox/Nayelie Fox


http://www.furaffinity.net/nayelfox (defunct)

WHAT: Digital artwork, fully shaded.

Transaction was done in a single part, I traded $130 worth of Manga, all of it discontinued and rare TokyoPop manga for the commission.

WHEN: Initial Comission agreement/Payment Early May 2015 with repeatededly ignored/late replied ETA requests from June 1 2015 to 5th of January 2016

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WHO: Shakespeare @ WHF | http://klngandy.deviantart.com/

WHERE: Originally occured on WHF (Wolfhome forums), but contact eventually had to be moved to their DA since they'd been banned.

WHAT: Two minis (a type of commission of mine), and an adopt they purchased.

WHEN: Minis were ordered Dec. 3rd, and finished Dec. 6th, adopt was purchased Dec. 7th.

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inquiry about purchases, as well as finished product;

messages regarding chargeback;
http://sta.sh/0weoyrifv9e - their only response
http://sta.sh/01nf98k45ajc - was a little more blunt here, because I thought maybe if I mentioned making an A_B they might finally talk to me, and we could start working things out.

proof that WHF account & DA are linked;



They first messaged me on-forum asking for two minis which I happily agreed to, they sent refs and payment and I finished the commission three days later. They seemed very satisfied with the commission, and never asked for any changes to be made or showed any dissatisfaction with the work, I thanked them for commissioning me, life went on. They posted in a thread of mine some days later asking to buy an adopt for an off-site friend of theirs, I said that'd be fine, and they promptly sent the payment with a note attached.

Things were great until come January 27th I woke up to two chargebacks issued by them under the reason of "unauthorized payment." I immediately messaged them on-forum to ask why they'd issued the chargebacks, to which they simply responded it was their bank and that it'd be resolved within 48hrs. I said alright, and asked to be kept updated. I was going to wait until Friday (exactly two days later) before I messaged them again but decided to give them until Monday, just in case. In those days, nothing changed and I heard no news from them.

I messaged them on Feb. 1st asking for an update since nothing had been solved, and the message is still sitting in my unread folder. I found out a little later they'd been banned from the forum, so I moved to their DA to keep in contact and sent the same message to them there, asking for an update to see if they'd heard anything from their bank. The message had been read but wasn't responded to. I sent them another two days later warning them if they proceeded to ignore my messages that I'd have no choice but to assume everything was intentional and make an A_B on them, but that I didn't want to and would much rather try and work things out between each other if they'd just let me know what was going on.

The message sat unread for three days before I sent another, but having checked on their account, they'd logged in since it had been sent. I sent them one final message two days ago, hoping that maybe if I was blunt and they saw the "A_B" warning in the first sentence before DA cuts off the text and you have to click on it to read more, they might want to finally talk to me.

They didn't, I guess. The message is still unread, but they've logged on since.

As of 2/9/2016, the chargeback issue hasn't been resolved and I've heard nothing further from them.


The same day I posted this (2/9/2016) later in the day, the chargebacks disappeared. Shortly after I was negative $40 for the chargeback fee, $20 per chargeback. The dispute had ended in their favor. I contacted paypal and let them know what was going on to try and, at the very least, reverse the $40 charge. They did do it once I explained that the person even said that it was their bank/accidental.

They encouraged me to send them all the proof I have, but that it could take up to 80 days to be resolved. The good thing is, it sounded hopeful that this time it'll end in my favor. The bad thing is, of course, I have to wait awhile.


http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kingandy/ - their fa has been located thanks to thekingtheory & exo_formicidae!

proof is that the same character is linked to both galleries;
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Three weeks ago, I submitted a lost contact notice on an artist that I commissioned in June 2015. Because the artist has now deactivated their known account without contacting and/or refunding me or their other commissioners, I'm escalating this to a beware.

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WHAT: http://imgur.com/IsHqBOW
the commission was for a 16 page vorish art series involving 2 mlp ocs

WHEN: i first contacted the artist on April 7 2014, i sent money for the full series on April 9th 2014, i received the first page on October 14 2014 i have not received any more

PROOF: http://imgur.com/E9qRwMi

EXPLAIN: on April 7 2014 i contacted the artist to ask for a commission. we worked out the details and on April 9th i sent the full price for the series. after that point i sent several notes asking for updates
on October 14 2014 he finally sent me the first page but since then i haven't received any more pages
after the images shown on the previous picture he stopped responding at all to most of my notes and i tried on both deviant art, and furaffinity
the event that made me decide to post here was on January 19 2016 i attempted to send a message to him on furaffinity and found out he blocked me
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WHO: Jace Wallace / Wakkawa

WHERE: http://jace-wallace.deviantart.com/ & http://wakkawa.tumblr.com/

WHAT: $150 digital painting commission

WHEN: November 26th, 2014; sketch received and payment sent December 12th, 2014

Initial order: http://i.imgur.com/8VBVvr0.png

Proof of payment: http://i.imgur.com/QV4EzFw.png


Well, it's finally time for the official A_B post. I asked for advice back in June, and since the situation is more or less "resolved", it's time for me to put it all together and post this as a warning to others.

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I apologize in advance for how bad some of these captures turned out; my laptop’s quality isn’t that great.

Who: Mitha

Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mitha

What: Fursuit head commission

When: First note on FurAffinity regarding commissions was sent September 19th and the conflict occurred until the end of her FurBuy auction October 25th at 10:30pm
Situation: So I found Mitha randomly scrolling through recent uploads under the fursuit tab on FurAffinity. I saw her work, liked it and sent her a note about a possible commission. Keep in mind I’m a broke ass college student, my money is limited right now. So Mitha made a deal with me, I would buy the 2 sets of fur needed for my fursona, foamy to go around the eyes and 5’ thick foam to shape her muzzle and then I’d only have to pay her $250 for basic labor charges (not including shipping).

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/EvepWm5.jpg

So I went out and spent roughly $100 buying supplies to send to her, all the way in Alaska. Before they arrived she began basic construction on my head. As she was moving along in the process she told me that she had found 2 extra pieces of thick foam to use for the muzzle, so whatever I paid for the 5’ thick foam I should dock it off the $250 since it wasn’t going to be used on my head, to which I happily agreed but then changed my mind; saying that she could keep it as a tip for how great she was to work with and how fast she was moving. And about a week later the head was finished.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/iOjLOtk.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/gj4ELaH.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/zI4uz24.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/wExzZt3.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/PAXSjDe.jpg

Everything was fine until it came time for final payment. I had a last minute complication come up and I was in dire need of extra cash, so I brought up her original proposal of me keeping the $20 I spent on the 5’ thick foam. To which she told me no because I was replacing her own stock of foam with everything I bought. I was confused and a bit irritated because as a commissioner is was not MY job to replace her materials, even though I had bought some to send to her. She also lied and said that she did end up using the 5’ foam I sent her for the lower jaw, which is complete bs because she had the lower jaw formed and attached LONG before she asked me where I had bought the 5’ foam from due to is good quality

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/1mX616U.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/eNlAuco.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/9Msh8fq.jpg

She then started to argue with me about how she didn’t quote me for all the other materials she had to use like the duct tape, 2’ inch foam, tread, fleece etc and that the 2’ inch foam was $20 in itself “yet it wasn’t on the list of materials” I sent her. If she had wanted me to buy those extra materials she should have said so when we first agreed for me to buy some of the materials. The $250 I was paying her is supposed to help cover material cost as well as labor, so she had no reason to bring the other materials up.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/4rWl27i.jpg

At this point (October 15th) the head 100% was completed. When I realized I wasn’t going to win the argument against her about gaining the $20 back I agreed to send her the requested $250 + $30 for shipping that I owed and requested her PayPal info. Well several days went by and I heard nothing from her, which on my end looked like she was avoiding the conflict we just had all together. I sent her MULTIPLE messages asking where she was, what her PayPal info was, letting her know that I was trying to send payment and if she was avoiding me due to conflict etc.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/uR8eY9B.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/BuWyxZL.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/ny3vGA3.jpg

When I finally got a response I was suddenly being accused of harassment and that I had not paid for the head yet, even though if you look at previous statements of proof part of the agreed payment was me sending her materials to use which basically equaled out to a down payment on the head. She also pointed out that I was trying to short her money, which I had stated multiple times that I was fully prepared to give her the amount she was asking for and then she proceeded to cancel my commission. Which irritated me even more because the head was already fully finished, the only thing left was to mail it.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/OdNfbJn.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/pqZRsTj.jpg

She refuses to answer any of my messages in regards to what she now planned to do with my fursona’s fursuit head as well as having a civil conversation about what was going on. I was advised from a friend to wait a day, let things cool down and then try again to get in contact. But much to my horror someone commented on a recent journal past asking if I was no longer getting the fursuit head because it was LISTED ON FURBUY. Sure enough, she had gone and listed my fursuit head online without any regards to me.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/9uOLKJm.jpg
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/WLSllzM.jpg

All my attempts to talk to and with her had failed, including getting a refund for the materials I bought for her which she had said she would send the fur back with my head. So I turned to authorities and informed her that I planned to do so. But of course because she lives in Alaska there was nothing the law could really do about it here in Texas. At this point she had blocked me on Skype, FurAffinity and had prevented me from bidding/ commenting on the auction. I couldn’t just let someone else walk around in MY fursona. So what did I do? I had my absolutely AMAZING friend Matt bid on the auction for me. I’m pleased to announce that we won the auction, thankfully, and she arrived at my house safe and sound.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/7IdhroC.jpg

If she was so dead set on selling the commissioned head than she should have at least taken the eyes out and painted them a different color or done something to alter the head so it wasn’t exactly like Sasha. But no, she went and relisted my fursona for someone else to come and buy. So this is a post to let people know that if you commission her and somewhere along the line a conflict comes up you run the risk of losing your fursona’s identity to someone else because she’ll just go and resell your character online. This was a VERY close call and this post is just to let people know what I went through because I don’t want anyone else have to experience the same pains I went through.
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WHO: Kiu (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kiu)

WHERE: Furaffinity

WHAT: Painted bust.
WHEN: Beginning of June 2014

Payment proof: http://i.imgur.com/ZjfX9gj.png

EXPLAIN: I had watched Kiu after I saw a bust that she had done for someone. Sometime later she had posted a journal about being open for a bust slot, so I nabbed it. I was in the process of waiting for a ref from another artist of an adopt that I had bought earlier that week. Since I never received the ref after a few days, she messaged me asking if she would go with my second option. I told to Kiu go ahead with it.. That was the last that I ever heard from her. I have left her a note, a shout, and even tried to email her by the email address I received for sending money to her through Paypal.

Shout: http://i.imgur.com/NzTeFA8.png
Note: http://i.imgur.com/QGbCLyU.png
Email: http://i.imgur.com/M5Qnoik.png

Update 1/22/2016 I am posting this as a beware for anyone that might recognize the style of this artist and want to commission then. I have decided after over a year and a half that it was time to just make this into a beware. I am pretty sure at this point the artist has pretty much vanished. I have talked to a friend of mine, and they had mentioned that a friend of theirs was ripped off by them too. Yes, I know that I could have contacted my bank at anytime about this, but my bank altogether is already a nightmare to deal with.
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WHO: Tolenderwolf

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tolenderwolf/


WHEN: March 22nd 2015 - 12th April 2015


Facebook Messages (Multiple Messages)

PayPal Reciept( Note: Real names, shipping & CC details censored

FA Notes (Multiple messages)

EXPLAIN: Auto bought & paid for a two character YCH auction by Tolender as I'd previously won one from them before with good results. I waited for a month with no results and poked them about it. Got the reason being they'd been sick, No problem for me I can understand that.

A few more months go by with no result in art surfacing. I poke him in person at a convention while he's at his dealers table got a half hearted response,

I message on may 14th for more information. Tolender responds saying he's been promoted at work.

Again this is fine. Then on June 28th 2015 Tolender posted a journal apologising to those he owes art saying that over the next three weeks he will deliver on his art.

Come August 2015 with still no signs of art. I contacted him in the hopes of a refund. However his PayPal was closed after it was reported by someone for using it as payment for adult artwork.

I waited for responses from Tolender & received nothing. I opened a dispute with paypal in an effort to recover the funds. On September 2nd 2015 PayPal resolved the claim in my favour. PayPal Resolution

Jan 19th 2016: Tolender has been in contact again apologizing for not doing the work. He has since offered to do the piece for free. The offer was accepted.

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WHO:     Kahuna Otter/ Sugarfactory / SugarAussie

WHERE:    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sugarfactory/

WHAT:      Digital art on a physical item: It was a two sided, two character dakimakura (silk full length pillow) that was to be shipped to me in the UK.

WHEN:      - Slot was confirmed and paid for on 28th August 2015
        - Refund was offered on 2nd December 2015
        - Final contact before starting Paypal dispute 10th January 2016.

PROOF:     I hope it is okay, these are all filtered in my post in links as it will make a lot more sense with the explanation part.


Lengthy explanation... Sorry.. )

Edit: I have been successful with the disput with Paypal

Thank you for all your kind comments though
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Where: Her abandoned Deviantart, Her current Deviantart, her Furaffinity, Her Inkbunny.

What: An idea of color palette on my original character

When: Around September 2015

Proof: I ask my friend to use my money to send to her.

Explain: I commish to her based from this journal (in case of hide/ delete her evidence, check here), it was suppose to be full color commish, but then this conversation coming, not only block me at Deviantart, and block me at Skype afterward. I use PayPal reminder, but she keeps rejecting it.

EDIT 1: When I saw this, I knew that she have enough money to refund to me, but no, she reject at PayPal.

EDIT 2: Though it was unsatisfied, she's refund 20 USD along with the lineart to me. At this point this situation is resolved.


Jan. 6th, 2016 10:18 pm
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EDIT;; Art has been finished,and can be viewed here. (finished Jan18th 2016) Things have been resolved!
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18823351/ (NSFW WARNING)!!!

WHO: Aphrodisiac,

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aphrodisiac/

WHAT: 2 Character colored sketch

WHEN: I sent payment on July 24th, 2015

July 23rd: Proof of accepting my commission,agreeing on price http://i.imgur.com/uDSsbTR.png
July24th: Proof of payment received - http://i.imgur.com/FhAIP6N.png
Proof of posting adopts, YCH, etc:
http://i.imgur.com/Oi3uCES.jpg (adopt), http://i.imgur.com/TQNSD1u.jpg (Xmas ych)

EXPLAIN: I contacted Aphrodisiac for a colored sketch commission of my girlfriend and I back in july, of a colored sketched. I had commissioned them twice before this, and the turn around time was super quick. Took no longer than a week on both, so I wasn't worried about a turn around time. Payment was sent July 24th. I heard nothing from them until I messaged them a few times asking for updates, in all cases there was none. I felt a little uneasy, as their postings slowed down, and the only submissions they were posting were YCHs, adopts, and another commission journal (September 25th, taking four $50 references, while having 7 colored sketches still not done, http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7065590/). This was the first of may warning signs, I sadly chose to ignore. From september on they posted constant drama journals, and a lot of personal journals. I asked for a refund, which they do not take, so I was denied. Long story short, it's been 5 months, with 0 progress besides this WIP sketch i was sent on December 3rd (http://imgur.com/YsyhFc7)

They posted a journal (Today, dec 28th) offering journals here (http://i.imgur.com/eFhZoye.png), where I didn't really understand what they ment as it basically sounded like they were saying that they would partially refund you if they had started your commissions, and then sell whatever they started as a ych for more profit. Another user commented as well calling them out on this, then they hid all the comments but these (http://i.imgur.com/ggygjrw.png) where they say it is okay to basically steal $10 from people who request refunds. Shortly after deleting the journals. After my comment they sent this (http://i.imgur.com/NccJ8uf.png (BOTTOM BIT FIRST, my reply is on top),where they replied very passive aggressively, and unprofessionally. (http://i.imgur.com/i5fhQSz.png)

Long story short, I would recommend against commissioning this artist, as they have been very bitter, and unprofessional.
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WHO: SilverDeni

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/SilverDeni http://silverdeni.deviantart.com , trade was agreed on in a stream

WHAT: A very long overdue two-character art trade

WHEN: The stream where we talked about a trade was sometime in December 2012, I don't have an exact date saved anywhere though. Sent notes to ask about the trade during the years, it's 2016 now and I have yet to receive even a sketch.

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WHO: RenX (http://renxart.tumblr.com/ (NSFW)) aka Rnzzz (http://rnzzz.tumblr.com/ (NSFW) , http://rnzzz.deviantart.com/ (NSFW))

WHERE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/RenX/profile (NSFW)

WHAT: 2 Commissions. Traditional art.

WHEN: Initial conversation and payment for both commissions during the beginning of April 2015.

PROOF: The artist's mother tongue was Spanish so I contacted them in that for all our e-mail conversations. Here's (1) Me telling them when I can send the payment. And (2) Me the next day telling him I sent it.

EXPLAIN: I started commissioning RenX in February last year. For the first couple of commissions he (and it is a he despite the profile) got things done on time and we had no problems. Starting from November 2014 I paid them for one drawing and it took them two months to get it done. In February this year I paid them for another commission again and, like last time, it took them nearly two months to finish the drawing. Still, I didn't think much of it in either case since I've dealt with multiple artists and I know sometimes they run into personal issues where they don't have time.

The actual problems began in April this year. I asked RenX if he had time to do two commissions for me and he said yes, so I sent him the details for both and said I'd be paying him in a week. Within a few days he answered with a very rough sketch of one of the commissions and remained quick to answer until I sent the payment of $240 a week later.
After the payment his answers completely stopped and he started ignoring my e-mails. I never got the sketch for the second commission either, which according to him he had already done. After over three weeks without an answer (I had sent him three e-mails in the meantime) RenX answers back in mid-May saying that he was busy and he'd have them done soon. Two more weeks pass with no answer and I finally send them one asking if I can get a refund. He answers back a few days later saying it's not possible because they no longer have money in their Paypal account, but that they'll do my commissions in June. [Proof] [Proof]

June comes and goes with RenX not contacting me and only answering to the second e-mail I send at the end of the month, says he's too busy and hasn't had time to do anything. I answer them and for the rest of June and July I receive absolutely nothing. I didn't even waste any time sending them another e-mail until August since I knew it would be pointless. [Proof]

In August I decide to check this site and see RenX still doing commissions like normal and advertising his services despite the fact that he has done nothing I paid him to. I finally decide to send him another e-mail mentioning this and they answer the same day saying, for the millionth time, that they have been too busy to do anything. I answer and once again they completely vanish until I send another e-mail at the end of August, which he answered at the beginning of September, telling the same old tale and saying that if he didn't do the commissions within a month he'd give me my money back. [Proof] I ask him when he can do the first commission and naturally, they do nothing and start ignoring my e-mails again.  Around September I also checked his profile and noticed some people also wondering where their commissions were. I contacted one of them who told me they managed to get a refund through Paypal's Dispute system, unfortunately that wouldn't work for me since I had let too much time pass already. I was also in touch with another person who never got their commission completed either.

In October, rather than e-mailing RenX I decide to post in his Hentai Foundry profile and he answers by e-mail the same day saying he had problems with his e-mails and that I should send him the commission details again. I ask for a refund again and he refuses. I send him the details for the drawings again to see if he'll get them done this time. On the same day I also notice he erased the comment I left on his profile alongside the others of two or three different people asking where their commissions were. Surprisingly, I actually get a sketch three days later and for a moment I think I'll get them done already. However, that's short lived and RenX vanishes completely again for the rest of the month. He sure spends a lot of time in his profile advertising discounts (and even in the Hentai Foundry forums (NSFW)) and mentioning he's open for more commissions, though! [Proof]

Finally, in mid-November, after a month with no answer, I decide to post in RenX's profile again. My message is quickly erased and he blocks me from commenting [Proof] (NSFW). He e-mails me moments after repeating the same speech where they have been too busy. At this point I tell them again to give me a refund despite knowing nothing will happen and to no one's surprise he hasn't answered ever since.

I don't know what's going on with them, but after 8 months there's no excuse for their behaviour. I posted this on the Hentai Foundry forums (NSFW) and I hope more people see it here and don't waste their time and money commissioning this person. He's all about reputation and stopping people from exposing him, the moment the latter happens he's quick to appear, delete any messages, block people and vanish again.

Update, January 10th, 2016: I mentioned this some days ago in the comments but I reckon I should post it here instead - I contacted Paypal last week and they told me an investigation wouldn't be possible since it had been too long since the transaction. However, they did say they might begin one if they receive more complaints related to RenX.

As of today, RenX still hasn't contacted me ever since the e-mail he sent in mid-November (11th of November, to be precise) that I mention in my entry. They're still taking and posting commissions, however.


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